About Us

Hi, I’m Bhavesh Bhati thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve been traveling and exploring epic locations around the world for the last four years. I’m always looking for real adventures like treks, waterfalls, and Offroading!


The aim of our TRIPZTOUR is to provide current, useful, and real information to help plan your visit while emphasizing the importance of buying local and traveling responsibly. Traveling to new places is always a unique, intricate, and beautiful experience, and our mission is to make sure it remains as such for current and future generations.

With this in mind, we carefully curate the places, experiences, and businesses we recommend, always preferring local vendors and tour operators where possible. We refrain from sending you to “hidden” or “secret” spots, as this can often (unintentionally) lead to these places being damaged and visitors injuring themselves getting there.

We also share useful  Travel tips that make your travel easier.


As avid travelers ourselves, we rely on the adage that knowledge is power, and we try to present the information we have gathered to you in the most easily digestible and visually engaging way possible. However, we are always open to suggestions and love to hear from our readers so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.


The Dream that I saw in my childhood and love for travel arrive here. When I found some lack of information about secret places like weather, is this place safe, prices, tips, direction that the idea come in the mind of TRIPZTOUR. Then I start traveling more to share real information with our visitor.