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Hello Hello! Thank you for making one of your most exciting trips thus far – TRIPZTOUR. I am Bhavesh Bhati, the founder of this venture and I am an absolute hodophile! Having explored and visited multiple adventurous spots for about 4 years now, I am perpetually thrilled at the thought of treks, kayaking and off-roading. Although a firm believer that spontaneity results in some of the best trips, a lack of quality information on useful tips and tricks motivated me to do all the research myself. And what more? I’m here to share with you unreservedly everything you need to know before planning your excursions. For an adventure freak like yourself, I’d say you’ve landed in the perfect place! 


We at TRIPZTOUR have always been vocal for locals. Trust us, the real adventures are always complete with local gems and indulgences. Whether we’re talking ultra-fun conversations with the natives, the lip smacking food they have to offer or the phenomenal guides they can be..they’ll help you make your trip a wholesome one.  

With this in mind, we carefully curate places, experiences, and businesses, always preferring local vendors and tour operators wherever possible. As avid travellers and adventure buffs ourselves, we know the uniqueness, excitement and undeniable adrenaline rush that comes with adventurous travel and rest assured, we’ll make every one of those trips unforgettable for you!

Need some handy dandy travel tips? We’ve got you covered! 


Discover excellent adventurous spots 

We provide you the real details and in-depth particulars about popular as well as lesser known places that provide venturesome experiences. 


With the numerous jaunts we take, we know the tips you’re looking for. From safety concerns, prohibited items to must-haves, TRIPZTOUR is truly a one-stop destination for everything you must know. 

Recommended Travel Gear

What’s an escapade without the exciting Travel Gear? We’ll give you nothing but the best suggestions on things as significant as tents and shoes all the way down to the best torches and fire starters. 


We at TRIPZTOUR swear by the adage that knowledge is power, and we try to present the information we gathered to you in a very systematic, organised way. However, we are always open to suggestions and love to hear from our readers so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. We’re all ears!