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The Complete Beach Packing List: Family Beach Vacation Checklist

Summer is almost here, and there are plenty of activities to do before your next beach trip! This beach packing list can help you get organized in a flash, whether your holiday destination is near or distant or whether you’re only spending a day at a nearby beach! We’ve put up a list of everything you’ll need for a family beach trip, from sunscreen and protective gear to sun-safe munchies.

It’s a beautiful day at the beach! You’re ready to pack your beach bag because the sun is shining and the waves are calling. But, hold for a second, what should we bring? Beach basics for kids differ from adults, so it’s crucial to know which products will ensure a fun day on the sand for everyone.

Packing for a summer trip may be taxing and turn into a high-level mental workout, which is made even more difficult if you’re traveling with children. Imagine your home has been temporarily transformed into a dressing room with items strewn around. Everything is repeatedly taken out, stacked, packed, and unpacked. And before you know it, you’ve crammed a week’s worth of goods into your carry-on bag for a one-day excursion.

We’ve compiled a fantastic family beach packing list, along with a downloadable checklist that includes everything you’ll need!

beach packing list family

1. Portable Speaker

Okay, it’s not a must-have, and it depends on your beach setup, but when we have a beach to ourselves, nothing beats blasting some family beach party sounds on a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

A waterproof speaker is an excellent alternative if you enjoy listening to music while relaxing at the beach. If you’re near other beachgoers, ensure the music is kept at a reasonable volume.

Traveling with Bluetooth speakers is a terrific idea. We have several enormous UE Boom speakers, but the smaller ones are more portable for everyday use and make an excellent beach speaker!

2. Bathing Suit

This one should go without saying, but the swimsuits you choose to wear or the clothes you clothe your children in can help protect you from the sun! Choose UV-protective swimsuits with long sleeves and shorts or full-length bottoms for children. This will help you avoid getting sunburned!

3. Trash Bag

It’s tedious but necessary. After a few snacks and a trip to the ice cream stand, you’ll be surprised at how much garbage your little family can generate in a single day at the beach. Having a dedicated space on your beach for a medium-sized trash bag is a terrific way to keep your area clean and ensure that all of your rubbish is taken with you.

Take a trash bag or a spare plastic bag with you to collect all your unwanted items so you can easily throw them in the garbage bin on your way back to your car or hotel after meals, changing nappies, or cleaning messes, so you can easily throw them in the garbage bin on your way back to your car or hotel.

4. Beach Bag

While waterproof pouches can be purchased to go with your beach bag, we’ve never seen the need for anything more than a regular ziplock bag.

This bag is fantastic for the beach, from holding your valuables to protecting your sunscreen from pouring through your bag to a place to collect the kids’ beach finds.

You’ll need a lot of kits while going to the beach with kids. We’re huge believers in packing light for day excursions and vacations, but the beach is one of those areas where traveling light frequently leaves you wishing you’d taken those things with you!

Carrying everything over the sand will be easier with a vast beach bag with various compartments and zipper pockets! It will also assist you in locating your beach essentials in your many pockets.

5. Portable Charger

While the best part of a family beach trip is unplugging and enjoying each other’s company, a portable charger might be a valuable extra thing to carry if you need to make sure your phone and other devices are charged. A small, compact power bank is an excellent choice.

6. Protective Sun Gears

They’re UV-protective shirts that you put on over your swimsuit. The finest type has long sleeves and a front zipper, making it easy to remove and keeping your arms shielded from the sun.

7. Sunscreen

Any beach or outdoor vacation requires sunscreen! And don’t believe you won’t get sunburned even if it’s cloudy outside! With the light reflecting off the sand and the sea, the risk of sunburn is much higher at the beach.

Before leaving your house or hotel room, apply your first layer of sunscreen. Before you can start working in the sunshine, you’ll need some time.

Reapply every few hours, but ideally, take a break from the sun before doing so.

Choose a sunscreen with a high UV protection rating, such as one with a 50+ rating. A reef-safe sunscreen is also a terrific option if you’re concerned about the environment.

We cannot emphasize enough to children the need to have an adequate supply of UPF 50+ sunscreen on hand for a day at the beach.

It’s ideal for getting everyone covered in their first layer before heading to the beach and then reapply every few hours, or even more frequently if the kids are going to be in the water a lot.

8. Reusable Water Bottle

Suppose you don’t drink enough water while at the beach, you’ll quickly become dehydrated. You might think that you don’t need to drink as much because you’re swimming in the water, but this isn’t true, especially if you’re out in the sun for most of the day.

Refilling a reusable water bottle at a public water fountain or keeping a giant water dispenser in your cooler to fill each family member’s bottle during the day is a terrific choice.

If you’re not utilizing a family-sized chiller for water bottles, ensure sure everyone’s water is in a well-sealed insulated bottle. Because sand tends to get into everything, choose a bottle with a cover that can be flipped over the cap.

9. Sunglasses

You don’t want to forget about these safety precautions. With a nice sun hat and sunglasses, you can keep the glare out of your eyes and prevent sunburn on the tops of your head.

Use stretchy sunglasses like Baby Banz and sun hats with an adjustable head strap to suit little heads better.

10. Baby Powder

If you aren’t going to the beach with a baby, you might be asking why you need baby powder. So get ready for your mind to be blown. Maybe not, but it’s a brilliant beach hack you should try.

The use of baby powder dehydrates the skin. Sand will fall right off your skin if you apply a generous amount of baby powder to your feet, legs, hands, and arms.

family beach trip packing list

11. Sun Hat

Wide-brimmed hats are excellent for people of all ages since they shield your face while also offering a layer of protection to your neck and shoulders. Hats made for use in the water are a terrific option for kids!

12. Wet Gear Bag or Plastic Bag

At the end of your beach session, have a plastic bag or a wet gear bag ready to gather all of your wet bathing suits, vests, towels, and caps. This makes them easier to handle and ensures that you don’t get all your non-wet gear wet by putting it all in the same bag.

13. Beach Towels

If you don’t have a picnic blanket or rug to bring, absorbent beach towels are not only fantastic for drying off between swims, but they also serve as a place for you and the kids to sit on the sand.

If you’re going to get wet, it goes without saying that you’ll need something to dry off with. We’ve tried cutting corners in the past by sharing towels, but if you can afford it, a towel for each child is a tremendous benefit, especially if they’ll be in and out of the water frequently. So there are no disagreements; make everyone’s towel a different color or design.

14. Change of Clothes

Remember to bring a change of clothes for after your swim. Driving home or returning to the hotel in sticky, sandy, damp clothes is the last thing anyone wants to do.

Also, if you’ve been at the beach all day or the afternoon sun is setting, you can become cold, so bring a long sleeve t-shirt or a light jacket for each family member just in case!

While most youngsters will need to be dragged away at the end of the day, worn and spent, some will want to call it a day far sooner than you expect! If you’re not staying within walking distance of the beach and need to take a cab or bus home, it’s a good idea to have a change of dry, sand-free clothing on hand (don’t forget your ziplock bags in case of an accident!)

15. Portable Cooler

With all that swimming, playing, and time in the sun, you’ll be hungry, so bring your portable cooler and pack a few snacks or a full meal for your day out.

Snacks such as fruit, crackers, or granola bars are excellent choices. Use small reusable containers or pack each food individually in a Ziploc bag to separate them in your cooler.

With a cooler, you may bring refreshments that might typically deteriorate sitting in the hot sun, such as sandwiches, wraps, rolls, cheese & dip, and a variety of other delicious options!

If you plan on spending the entire day at the beach, bring a wheeled cooler box with ice or ice packs. Although the ice will melt quickly, it will keep your drinks and nibbles cooler for much longer. These types of coolers are great for the beach if you have the space.

16. Beach Chairs

Beach chairs are necessary for your beach excursion if you don’t want to sit on a towel or blanket in the sand. Camping chairs work nicely, or if you prefer to sit low on the sand, you can acquire tiny beach chairs that support your back instead. These fold up compact and are easy to transport.

17. Flip Flops

A pair of flip flops or sandals are a must-pack item for a beach day! You may easily remove them to walk on the sand, or you can keep them on and trust that the sand will fall out again. Rather than wearing closed-in shoes that end up with half of the beach inside, wear open-toed shoes!

The Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals are my favorites for beach days, vacation, and everyday wear. They also manufacture versions for children and men. Because they’re made of yoga mats, they’re pretty comfortable!

18. Flotation Devices & Swimming Accessories 

If your children aren’t strong swimmers, a beach flotation device is necessary.

Even if you don’t want to go deep in the ocean, a safety device near the water will be required with young children. Their age, swimming ability, and propensity to flee will determine the amount they need! Ours were hesitant at first but were willing to join us in the water with a rubber ring or arm floats under adult supervision.

However, even with adequate supervision, small children can attempt to flee; a good suggestion is to check if they will wear a puddle jumper or safety jacket near water.

A flotation device, such as a swimming vest or arm floaties, might give little children or toddlers extra confidence when visiting the beach.

When they’re in the water, you’ll still need to keep an eye on them, but it can make them feel safer as they explore the shallows close to the shore.

19. First Aid Kit

Anywhere you go with kids, someone is sure to get wounded! The most prevalent offenders are cuts and graze from sharp items in the water.

We always carry a small first aid kit with us when we travel; make sure it’s well-stocked before tossing it into your beach bag, which should include waterproof bandaids.

Beach injuries do happen, and if you’re swimming somewhere famous, there’s a good chance a lifeguard tower with first-aid supplies will be nearby to assist you.

20. Swim Goggles & Flippers

Water in the eyes irritates a lot of kids, and who can blame them? Especially when it’s seawater that’s salty! Protecting their eyes from the stinging saltwater with a pair of goggles or a swim mask with a snorkel can be a lot of fun.

If you plan on snorkeling during your beach vacation, having flippers and adequate snorkel gear is also a must if renting is not an option or if you want to utilize your equipment.

If your children like swimming at the beach, goggles are required to protect their eyes from the saltwater.

You can use the standard goggles they would typically operate at the pool and for swim lessons, or we have found ours love the full-face googles at the beach; if you are going anywhere with fascinating rock pools and sea life to explore, you may also want to consider full kids snorkel set for the beach.

Pro tip — pack spares! Goggles, like the sock monster in your washing machine, seem to vanish into the depths of your beach bag, never to be seen again.

21. Lip Balm

Remember to apply lip balm! Those hot days quickly dry out your lips, and the sun is also tough on them. Choose one with an SPF of at least 15 for added sun protection!

22. Beach Umbrella 

A beach umbrella or a beach tent are fantastic options for giving shade to the family while they are at the beach, especially if you’re going to the beach for a few hours or a whole day!

Remember that if you choose the umbrella way, you’ll need something to keep your umbrella securely in the sand; heavy-duty sand anchors are a good option.

23. Beach Shoes

Beach shoes, sometimes known as water shoes, can help keep young feet from getting burned on the hot sand. They’re also helpful for shielding feet from sharp things in the sand, such as shells and rocks, or for exploring the surrounding tree-lined sandbank without risking harm.

Our kids love flip-flops, while others prefer crocs, so it’ll genuinely come down to personal preference. Anything that you can easily slide on and off to get you to and from your lodging or mode of transportation to the beach.

Keep your shoes covered from the heat during the day; nothing is worse than squeezing your feet back into boiling rubber!

If you’re on a rocky, shelly, or slick beach, the youngsters should probably wear shoes into the water. Instead of trainers, numerous superb hybrid shoes are ideal for providing traction on various surfaces and are specifically designed to get wet! Ideal for your outdoor-loving children.

24. Beach Blanket 

A beach blanket is an excellent technique to keep sand from getting into things while you’re at the beach. Instead of relying on your towels to function as a sitting area when you need them, make a space to relax and store your things!

This will vary depending on the season and location, but one thing we’ve learned from many winter beach vacations is that as the kids get out of their chilly, wet togs, they need to warm up quickly.

In many instances, an enormous beach blanket or slipping into one of mom or dad’s woolly sweaters has been our savior for the kids to rapidly warm-up and feel cuddly while you pack up all your beach gear and head home.

25. Beach Cover

If you’re going to take a break from swimming or need to go to the restroom or a kiosk, a beach cover might be a fantastic option if you don’t want to walk around in your swim trunks!

If you’re not utilizing a family-sized chiller for water bottles, ensure sure everyone’s water is in a well-sealed insulated bottle. Because sand tends to get into everything, choose a bottle with a cover that can be flipped over the cap.

26. Beach Toys

So many options! Your children’s ages will largely determine this and the amount of luggage space available — when it comes to beach toy sets, the sky is the limit! Just make sure they come with a carrying bag, preferably made of mesh.

Don’t forget to bring the bucket and shovel, frisbee, football, or any other fun beach accessory that the whole family can enjoy. We’ve done this several times because we didn’t consult a beach vacation packing list and ended up forgetting these items.

Bucket and spade sets are always in style, but be realistic about how much you’ll need (at a minimum, we recommend one bucket per person if space allows!). We insist on at least a pair of strong, highly sturdy beach shovels and a foldable pail when the area is at a premium. An inflatable beach ball might help you save room.

27. Wipes for babies

When was the last time we sang the praises of baby wipes? They continue to accompany us well after the days of babies. You name it: runny noses, spilled snacks, minor bleeding, and post-ice cream wipe-up. They are beneficial no matter where you go in the world!

28. Haircare

This is a definite MUST for kids with long hair! Because wind and seawater don’t always get along, having long hair tied back and a detangler brush to minimize tears when it’s time to brush their matted hair is essential.

Another excellent tip for everyone, especially the ladies, is to use a leave-in conditioner before going to the beach. By restoring nutrients in your hair, you can help protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.


These are the goods you won’t want to leave behind when packing your bag for an extended family beach vacation that goes beyond a day excursion to the beach:

  • Tank tops and t-shirts
  • Shorts \Dresses \Underwear \Jacket \Socks \Sandals
  • Pajamas for summer
  • For restaurants/going out, dressy clothing and shoes are required.
  • Sneakers/walking shoes


For your family beach vacation, don’t forget to include the following necessary hygiene and personal care items:

  • Toothpaste / toothbrush
  • Perfume / Cologne for Deodorants
  • Shampoo and Conditioner (Shampoo & Conditioner)
  • Brush/comb
  • Face cream/moisturizer
  • Lotion for the skin
  • File for your nails
  • Makeup
  • Hair ornaments
  • Aloe vera gel is a type of aloe vera that is used (for sunburn)
  • Hand sanitizer is a product that is used to disinfect the hands.
  • Razor
  • soap for the body
  • Hygiene products for women
  • Medication \sContraceptives
  • Suppose you’re going on a beach vacation with a baby or toddler. In that case, you’ll need to bring diapers, wipes, nappy rash cream, baby food, feeding accessories, bottles, formula, bibs, swaddles, and any other essential care products you’ll need for the duration of your trip.


Having all the necessary beach stuff packed will help you enjoy a fantastic family vacation or day out. These simple hints can also assist you in making the most of your beach time:

  • If it’s particularly hot outside, go early in the morning or late in the afternoon rather than in the middle of the day to avoid the worst UV rays.
  • Before you go, double-check the latest information and beach conditions.
  • Always swim between the flags and don’t go beyond the safe zone, especially if you’re swimming with children.
  • Even on dark, dreary days, sun protection is vital!

With so many options for bringing, packing a beach bag might be stressful. We’ve put together an Ultimate Beach Packing List for Families that will ensure you have everything you need, plus some fun extras, to make it the best beach day (or week) you’ve ever had! Now is the time to get ready! Where will you spend your next beach vacation?

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