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5 Overwater Bungalows In Belize For Next Trip

I must say, you are here to get authentic and reliable information on the top overwater bungalows in Belize.  But I am pretty sure, you should have a question about whether any overwater bungalow is available in Belize or not. Buddy, feel happy and cheerful as the answer is affirmative yes. There are a number of overwater bungalows built up over the water of Belize. 

You probably have gone through or explored a couple of adventure places over the world, but I believe that such a feeling of getting closely attached with nature residing at any overwater bungalows, will surely turn out your speculation towards the unveiling gems of nature existing on the earth. It will give you a totally different experience on the bed over the water and other spectacular scenery. 

On this web page, I have included all the best among top overwater bungalows in Belize with every precise information, which would aid you in deciding the best among all. 


Incredible Belize overwater bungalows 

Just one request kindly read all the information that has been made out for you. So, just by keeping a little patience and scrolling down, you can get full access to every detail of overwater bungalows in Belize.

 Come down!Here is a list of the top 5 overwater bungalows in Belize. Let’s get started, one by one

1) Thatch Caye Resort, a Muy’Ono Resort

It is a private island located in the country of Belize, just a few miles from the location of Dangriga, formerly known as Stann Creek Town. It is claimed to be built up in Tahitian architecture; thus, you will get the authentic or genuine feeling of residing or staying in the country of Belize and will get an opportunity to absorb the actual culture and traditions of Belize people. 

Island can only absorb 30 guests at a time, so it is advisable to plan the trip accordingly. Also, you can find all the luxury amenities, like T.V., separate suites, tea or coffee service, internet service, and all other comforts people usually demand or expect in such luxury places. 

Thatch Caye Resort

Thatch Caye Resort believes in community engagement; therefore, it promotes social activities over the site. 

Now comes down to seeing the categorized descriptions:-

General information

Location/ Address- Sala St, Dangriga, Belize. 

Google Rating- 4.5/5 ( total of 75 reviews)

Distance from Belize City International Airport Via Dangriga – Around 70 km(35 Minutes)

Note- Kindly departs before 5:00 pm as the last flight to Dangriga departs at 5:00 pm. 

Total Overwater Bungalows = 1

Special Information

Amenities are provided by the Resort. 

They provide you a coco Lounge customized with a bar, breakfast space, free wifi, T.V, Telephone service, Yoga and fitness platform, or a separate area to keep fit and healthy, a natural saltwater pool, and  a Starfish Bar overwater. 


As I have mentioned earlier, they promote community engagement, so they provide you a community dining to enjoy the meal with little gossip, 5- Star PADI( Professional association of diving instructors) for people who desire to learn diving on the site, Kayaks for boating, stand- up paddle boards, and bike for riding lovable people. 

The amenities gist does not exhaust here. 

They also provide you a Gift shop where you can shop for the best things for whom you adore most. 

There are a total of 7 suites or rooms available with distinct categorical features.  

Room/Suites Amenities

It offers you a multiverse views option in rooms or suites like you can avail premier overwater bungalows, overwater bungalows, penthouse oceanfront cabana, premier oceanfront cabana, and exclusive oceanfront cabana. 

Premier overwater bungalows- If, in reality, you want to make your vacation paradise, then I must say you have to take this charge. You will get an incredible and untapped experience as you can freely enjoy the views of 180° from your own room by leaning on the bed.

And along with that, your room will be equipped with air conditioning but advisable to open the window to get pure air coming in from stunning blue water moving in natural flow that can be seen from the suites, separate bathroom towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash will be kept inside the bathroom for your own use, a king twin size bed will also be provided for your comfortable sleep and rest. 

Overwater Bungalows- This option is budget-friendly, and here, you will get all the inclusive amenities like an air conditioning room, a separate bathroom equipped with all essentials, etc.

If you are looking for space for two people, it might be an excellent choice as two guests can easily accommodate there as it is pretty spacious compared to others. 

Penthouse oceanfront cabana- it is an upper-level oceanfront cabana with an expensive balcony beautifully located, and natural beauty can easily be seen by staying in the room. It is equipped with an en-suite bathroom, king-sized bed, a sitting area, and a lounge area for relaxing.  

And at last there is one balcony with a sun lounge, and inside the bathroom you will get all essentials.

Inside the room, a filtered water station, a custom wardrobe, and a hair dryer which are installed to keep the hair dry after every bath.  

Premier oceanfront cabana- It is an oceanfront cabana with a private rooftop deck, quite spacious, and enables elegant views of the sea nearby and other scenery. This room has an en-suite bath, king-sized or two twin beds, window seats, and dining tables.

And a private roof will give an immense pleasure of being on the roof, and you can enjoy the scenery of water, forest, and pure air coming out there.  

Exclusive oceanfront cabana- It is the first level of the oceanfront cabana with a private balcony; probably going to be one of the best options, as here you will experience both the view of the oceanfront and the balcony. 

Apart from the other features, your room indeed will be equipped with all the other luxuries and essentials.  

More Exclusive: if you are looking for a honeymoon trip or wedding on the overwater bungalows, then I have to say this site is waiting for you. It is recommended; thus, you can mark it on your choice list. 

2) St George’s Caye Resort

St George’s Caye Resort is a private island where you can experience nourishing and pampering services on overwater bungalows. It is just 7 miles from Belize City. You will be provided a local staff or guide throughout the journey to get help in exploring the natural paradise over St. George’s Caye site.     

St George's Caye Resort

Here, Also, you get multiple adventurous and sports activities on the site and nearby locations. 

General Information 

Address/Location- St. George’s Caye, Belize

Google Rating- 4.6/5( Total reviews= 113)

Total Overwater Bungalows: 6

Distance from the Belize International Airport- 25 Kms

Covid- 19 Protocol: It is advised to keep the negative covid test report in hand at the International Airport of Belize.  

Special Information

It offers you multiverse options in terms of accommodation, like where you can opt for the best suites for your own convenience. 

Options in accommodation

  1. Overwater Cabanas 
  2. Oceanfront Cabanas
  3. Tropical Garden Cabanas
  4. Villas Suites
  5. The Villa 
  6. Now, come and know the specialty of each category.
  7. Overwater Cabanas will enable you an overall premium look and an opportunity to see the scenery of the Caribbean sea from the suite’s windows or from the open lobby cum verandah available in the form of a common area. 

It features the following amenities inside the suite: a private bathroom with bathrobe and other bathroom essentials products, air conditioning, beach towel, mini fridge, hairdryer, ceiling fan, and one king-sized bed where 2-3 people can easily sleep.   

Note; There are a total of Six Cabanas that have architected overwater of the Caribbean sea with a common access point. 

Oceanfront Cabanas is not built overwater but could give a panoramic view of nature on the Caribbean sea and other beauty nearby.

It is located on the east side of the Island, and good things probably would be that the sun gives you a natural alarm, as the light will go on your eye and push you to wake up from bed and take a walk to see the fascinating morning views of nature coming from the scattering light of sunrise. 

They facilitate the following features inside the suite, including a covering roof with easy access to air, private bathroom with both kinds of water, hot and cold, air conditioning, a ceiling fan, and a king-sized bed over which 2-3 people can easily take rest.

Tropical Garden Cabanas- it can give you a glimpse of the ocean via eye-catching palm trees. It will be one of the best choices if you want a suite with ocean views.

The suite features a covering roof, air conditioning, running cold and hot water in a private bathroom, a ceiling fan in each suite, and a king-sized bed to sleep. 

Villas Suites- It would be one of the luxurious collections of suites adjoining an oceanfront living room common for all persons in a villa. This villa consists of three suites suitable for the family of 4-5 members or a group of 4-6 friends who are exploring options in accommodation for a bachelor trip at St. George.

Villa features en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and all other essential amenities and services. 

The Villa – This option looks similar to the Villas suites, but there is one thing that makes it distinguishable, there is no such sharing living room; however, you will get one adjoining oceanfront living room accessible for one group of persons or to one family.

 And the other features and amenities are almost the same as Villas Suites.

 Activities you can perform over the Island.

Scuba Diving is a must-try adventurous activity over the Island of St. George as the coral reef counts as a UNESCO site and is located just a few miles from the site. They provide you a well-trained or certified scuba diver for your safety.

Belize locations- you can explore the nearby jungle, national park, and monumental architecture.

Water sports- you can go kayaking, stand-up board paddling, swimming, etc.

Fishing- If you like fishing then you must like this place because of this only as you will find out the variety of locations over there you can do fishing.

Spa- Smile may come promptly on your face and why it shouldn’t be!, as it offers you an immense option in a spa at the site for keeping the body relaxed and mind calm. 

3) Coco Plum Island Resort

General information: 

Location/ Address – Coco Plum Caye Dangriga, Belize

Google Rating- 4.9/ 5( total 167 reviews)

Distance from International Airport Dangriga to Coco Plum Island- 17 km

Special information:

It offers you a luxurious overwater villa, where you can enjoy the lively comfort of a 3 bedroom en- suite bathroom with a total capacity of 6 persons.

coco plum island resort info

It provides you exotic suite with amenities like a full kitchen, dining, spacious living room, and private verandah with an extended sunbathing deck surrounded by the sparkling water of the Caribbean sea. 

Some supplementary features include the balcony, extra lounging area, bluetooth speaker, and suite featured with a private bathroom and all other essentials.   

Activities you can do over here.



Scuba diving 



And traveling through the jungle and another unveiling area nearby. 

coco plum island resort

Note- Family-friendly and best triable. 

4) Glover’s Atoll Resort and Island Lodge

Well, till now, you may have gone through various kinds of overwater bungalows or had taken accommodation in suites near any beaches, but it might be astounding for you as it is built in such innovative architecture that will surely catch your attention towards it. 

Glover's Atoll Resort

It will give you a totally different series of options in accommodations. 

General information

 Location/ Address: NE Caye, Glover’s Reef, Belize

 Google Rating- 4.8/5( total reviews = 37)

 Distance from Belize city to Glover’s Atoll Resort and Island Lodge= 89 km

Special information 

Dormitories – It would be the accommodation option at Glover’s, and there you will find bunk beds, common cooking areas, and you will be provided reasonable utensils, lamps, and stoves, etc. 

Apart from the above, you will get a shared toilet; thus, advisable to bring a personal towel.

 Note: It will give you a feeling of enjoying a picnic at beaches overwater bungalows.   

Thatch Cabins- You will be provided the following inside the cabins: on the bed, you will get a bed sheet, a mattress over the bed, and all other essentials. 

Glover's Atoll Resort info

Note- Bring a towel and candle for lighting as you will find no electricity over there as the resort administrations promote accommodations naturally, just like people used to live a long time ago. 

5) Cayo Espanto

General information– 

Location/ Address- Cayo Espanto Island, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize

Google Rating- 4.7/5( Total review= 42)

Distance from Belize City to Cayo Espanto Island- 49.8 km

Special information

This overwater bungalow is built up on the land of 11,00 sq ft surrounded by the Caribbean sea at Casa Ventas.  

Cayo Espanto

Overwater bungalow features one bedroom, wifi facility all over the island, Turkish bathrobe, suite with air conditioning and ceiling fans, iPod docking station, satellite T.V., DVD, and other movie libraries, international cuisines, alfresco showers, daytime transportation between Cayo Espanto and San Pedro and much more.

Cayo Espanto info


I have included all together five overwater bungalows in Belize with specific information like what kinds of activities are provided by the resort authority and what is the resort’s specialty in terms of luxurious facilities and accommodations style of a suite. 

If I put an attempt to make the order of recommendation, then it probably would recount this as follows;

Thatch Caye Resort, a Muy’Ono Resort – It offers diverse accommodation options and luxurious facilities in or out of the suite.

St George’s Caye Resort has diverse accommodation options but has the upper hand in exploring or sporting options at the site.

Coco Plum Island Resort provides reasonably luxurious facilities and amenities within the suite and bathroom and gives you a balcony for the oceanic views.

Cayo Espanto is not too luxurious but provides you with facilities like a shared toilet, cooking area, bunk bed, etc.

Glover’s Atoll Resort and Island Lodge might not be suitable for people who expect electricity and luxurious facilities at the site as they will not provide you; instead, you are suggested to come up with your own towels and light like candles. I hope I have expressed the specifications and details of the top overwater bungalows in Belize.

Praying for healthy fitness, enjoy the vacation at your best overwater Bungalows!

Frequently Askey Questions 

Q.How far is Thatch Caye Resort, a Muy’Ono Resort, from the Belize City International Airport?

Ans- It is around 70 km and will probably take 35 minutes of traveling. You will find a flight for Thatch Caye Resort from Belize city via Dangriga. It is pertinent to note that the last flight to Dangriga departs at 5:00, so do visit in time. 

Q.2 What are the options available for accommodation at That Caye Resort? 

Ans- You can find a specified number of preferences in accommodations. You can opt for suites with ocean views, premier overwater bungalows, overwater bungalows, penthouse oceanfront cabana, premier oceanfront cabana, and exclusive oceanfront cabana.

Q.3 Does Glover’s Atoll Resort and Island Lodge provide you electricity in a site suite?

Ans- It might be bad for someone as you will not get any electrical services in the shared suite; in fact, they ask you to come up with your own towel and candle for lighting. 

Q.4 What activities can you perform over the St George’s Caye Resort?

Ans- Very valid question; you can enjoy the following adventurous and sports activities over St. George’s Caye Resort site, including scuba diving, exploration of natural beauty nearby, fishing, water sports, kayaking, stand-up board paddling, and swimming etc. 

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