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Can I Take Phone Charger In My Hand Luggage

Of course, that is a yes. You can definitely carry a charger to wherever you want. Just make sure you take it, do not forget to get it back after checking in.

Before you go through the whole length of the guide provided below in paragraphs.  Can I Take Phone Charger In My Hand Luggage find the result below? Here is a small token of relief for you. Few pointers that may help you get the glimpse of the guide below:

Can I Take Phone Charger In My Hand Luggage

  • Yes, you can take your charger in the hand luggage or carry on bag
  • Never put your charger in the hold luggage
  • To avoid confiscation, kindly check with your airline whether they allow mobile chargers or not.
  • If possible, avoid carrying the chargers or power banks. Instead, take a USB port, do not hustle yourself keep it sorted.
  • Check the voltage, if you are going for an international journey then make sure you have carried the right voltage charger. For say, the US supports 110v while other countries function on 220-240v.

Is Mobile Charger Allowed In Check In Luggage?

For many reasons on earth, that is the handiest place and the safest one. However, you have to recheck with the respected airlines you are travelling with. Never keep it in the hold luggage though there are fewer chances of your bag getting missing. Considering the cases of missing packets, you might need to be careful with your necessary equipment’s safety.

One more thing you need to be careful about is the battery of your phone. Mind it; you will never get a chance to charge your phone in the flight. That is not allowed, and they do not even provide that facility. So as simple as it is, charge your phone well before the flight. To avoid rush and stress.

Can I Carry Mobile Charger In Flight

Can I Carry Mobile Charger In Flight?

Now you might think of an alternative to the phone charger just like Ana… when she was also getting on a flight for the second time she was informed that her charger might face the checking issues. For the safer side, she kept the power bank. Her power bank was like any other power bank with lithium-ion on batteries. The flight on which she was getting had a policy of prohibition to such power banks.

She had to get it confiscated sadly. She was sad and angry. The flight support cell told her she should have confirmed with them before carrying the power bank. If the lesson learnt well, then you will not end up like Ana… Right? Can I Take Phone Charger In My Hand Luggage here you get information from ana stories? 

If you are uncertain about carrying the charger of any sort, you may like to simplify it by carrying a USB port to charge your mobile phones through a laptop. The best option for short travel journeys ending for a day or two. No hustle no bustle. Just a USB and all sorted you are.

You can also try to keep them wisely. Not like the tangled one which takes even more time to straighten them and get them inspected. Keep your stuff organized.

A phone charger is electronic equipment. It will also put you in some trouble—the issue regarding the voltage. Yes, though you have your own charger it may not work in foreign countries like the US. The US operates on 110v than other countries which function on 220-240v.

Can I Bring 20000mAh Power Bank On Plane?

Usually, the output voltage of the power bank is 5V, so the approved capacity would be 20000mAh. That means power bank under 20000mAh is allowed.

You need to check the voltage supported in the places you are travelling to trouble yourself later.

Though the adapter is also a good option in case, you lack sockets. You can carry a multi-socket adapter which can solve your problem. However, you need to make sure the voltage supports the adapter. Also, get it confirmed whether it is allowed on the flight you are travelling on. Can I Take Phone Charger In My Hand Luggage with this you get answer of power bank allowed in-plane or not? 

Ana has set an excellent example for you, you might like to thank Anna for this, but she also had some issues with the carriage of chargers. Sometimes it was the phone charger and then the power banks. The adapter did not work well for her as she did not pay attention to the voltage. Do not be like Ana but be thankful to her for sharing the experiences.

Flying is not easy, and people always panic whenever they happen to get into some problems. Problems are the only way to learn new things and grow. Those who are flying for the first time do not feel bad if you have to leave any belonging which is not allowed in the flight. Just leave it was said and do not think much. You do not read the details carefully, so bear the responsibility. Make space for mistakes and learn from them.

Also never put the charger in your hold luggage it can be troublesome for you and the flight check in a team as well. Electronic items should be avoided in the first place but if you have to carry them. You need to get them checked. So avoid confiscation and chill out with the carry bag you have. 


Here we provide all information for the answer to Can I Take Phone Charger In My Hand Luggage. If you have any story or incident that happen with you and we should know about that then please share your experience in the comment section.

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