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Can You Bring A Speaker On A Plane? Guides to Follow in 2023

There will always be times when travelers are concerned whether certain products and gadgets they own can be transported by plane. 

When flying, there are several items you should consider packing. You might be wondering if you can bring your fancy Bluetooth speaker on your flight. Will the electronics interfere with the flight controls, or can you bring a speaker on board?

We examined the matter and discussed every element of it in this post to address every question passengers have regarding traveling with speakers on airplanes, whether in carry-on or checked baggage.

The short answer is Yes!!! 

You can bring a speaker on an aircraft as long as it is not too large or heavy. Although there are no TSA or FAA restrictions on speakers, any speaker with a lithium-ion battery must be taken as a carry-on. Larger speakers may have to be transported as checked baggage.

Can You Bring A Speaker On A Plane?

Can You Pass TSA Checkpoints With A Speaker

There are times when you must bring ordinary travel gear with you on a flight, and it might be nerve-racking to bring anything with you that you are not used to traveling with. As a result, many airline passengers worry if they can bring a speaker on board.

Speakers can be brought onto a plane. Speakers are not restricted by the TSA or the FAA, and they are permitted on commercial airlines. There are various rules about speakers on planes, but you should have no trouble getting one on board.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are convenient to transport and are permitted on airplanes. The only limitation is that any Bluetooth-enabled speaker with a battery capacity more than 160Wh must be taken aboard with prior permission.

Due to the limitations on these sorts of batteries for air travel, Bluetooth speakers with battery capacities of 100Wh – 160Wh are limited to two per person.

Other than size and weight, speakers with a battery capacity of less than 100Wh have no constraints. A speaker that is too big to fit comfortably in the overhead space or under the seat cannot be carried on, but it is not prohibited from flying.

Before boarding, all very large speakers must be approved by the airline. This means that if you’re traveling with a huge speaker from a music system or a party speaker, you’ll need to get authorization from the airline and pay additional taxes.

The majority of speakers that a typical passenger might bring on a plane are permitted, while other speakers require special permission. All of this means that as long as it is totally legal, you should have no problem traveling with a speaker.

Can You Pass TSA Checkpoints With A Speaker?

According to TSA regulations, speakers are not forbidden. This means that while any normal speaker is expected to be allowed to pass through a TSA checkpoint without a hitch, a speaker may be inspected by a TSA agent on duty.

Speakers are completely safe to bring into planes and offer no harm or danger. The TSA is not concerned about any speakers that a typical traveler may bring with them, although they may be recognised on x-ray machines, which may result in a luggage search in some cases.

The majority of TSA checkpoints will let a speaker pass through undetected, but if authorities detect foul play, the speaker can be examined or confiscated.

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) of the United States states that taking your speakers aboard an airplane is not a concern. Speakers can be either hand luggage or checked luggage, depending on their components.

Portable and convenient speakers are permitted on planes. These speakers can be transported on board as hand luggage rather than as checked luggage. You may bring them on the aircraft, but you are not permitted to use them while on board.

Larger and more cumbersome speakers, on the other hand, can be checked as luggage.

Despite the fact that speakers are permitted on planes, the decision to allow an item or speaker through the checkpoint is made by the transport security and administration officer.

Can You Bring A Speaker Through Airport Security?

Airport security is a separate institution from the TSA, and every member of the airport security team must adhere to the airport’s standards.

This means that some countries or airports may forbid speakers from flying, even if the TSA does not. It is usually a good idea to check with the airline you are flying with to see if you are allowed to bring anything out of the ordinary, including speakers.

Anything that a traveler would not typically carry should be declared to the airline to ensure that it is permitted on the aircraft. Declaring things like these is critical since airlines have varied restrictions governing the shipping of items like lithium-ion batteries.

By declaring the speaker to airport security and the airline you are flying with, you increase your chances of being allowed to bring it with you rather than having it confiscated before you board the plane.

Can You Bring A Speaker In Carry-On Luggage?

Passengers are allowed to bring speakers on commercial airlines because there are no restrictions placed by authorities on these devices, but should you bring your speaker as carry-on luggage?

Speakers are permitted in hand baggage. If you want to bring speakers as hand luggage, make sure they will fit underneath the plane’s seat or in the overhead bin. You should be fine as long as the speaker you’re carrying fits inside the hand luggage size constraints.

If at all feasible, pack your speaker as carry-on luggage. Speakers are fragile, and they can be quickly destroyed by cold vibrations as well as being dropped or knocked too hard.

If your speaker has a battery, it is likely to be damaged by the cold and low air pressure environment within the plane’s cargo compartment, and it may potentially burst as a result of these conditions.

This means that it is always preferable to bring your speaker as carry-on luggage if it is small and light enough. All personal portable speakers should be allowed on board the plane as carry-on without any restrictions from the authorities or the crew

In reality, you can travel with as many lithium-ion batteries housing speakers and electronics as you want, as long as they all fit into your hand luggage. You can bring whatever you want in your hand luggage as long as it will not be dangerous on the plane.

Should You Pack A Speaker In Checked Luggage?

Yes, speakers are permitted in checked luggage as long as they contain no lithium metal ions or lithium batteries. Simply put, rechargeable speakers are permitted in checked luggage in addition to any other speakers.

Checked luggage is stored in planes’ cargo holds. It’s fine to include your speakers in your checked luggage as long as there isn’t too much wiring in there that makes it look suspicious.

The only significant challenge is getting it past the security checkpoint. You may need to provide extra information to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) about what is in your bag. They may remove the bag to inspect, but this should not be a problem.

However, there isn’t a guarantee that your speakers won’t suffer damage as a result of aircraft scanning and luggage handling procedures. If your speakers are large, you may end up paying a fortune for air freight.

Can I Carry A Portable Speaker In My Checked Luggage?

Portable speakers are not permitted in checked luggage.Because the rechargeable batteries found in majority portable speakers are harmful, they are not permitted in checked luggage. Most portable speaker batteries are constructed of lithium ions. Lithium ions are known to smolder and even catch fire in extreme situations, posing a risk to the aircraft.

The United States Department of Transportation has prohibited lithium-ion batteries from the cargo section of all passenger flights due to the safety danger they represent to airplanes. In 2019, the US government prohibited lithium-ion batteries from checked luggage.

So, whenever you travel with a portable speaker or any other equipment that operates on lithium batteries, put them in your hand luggage rather than your checked luggage.

Can I Carry Subwoofers On A Plane?

Subwoofers are permitted on a plane. As long as your subwoofer fits within your airline’s size and weight restrictions, you should have no trouble transporting it. Depending on its size, the subwoofer can be carried as hand luggage or checked as luggage.

Subwoofers are similar to speakers. Subwoofers must be small enough to fit beneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin to qualify as hand luggage. This means that the dimensions of your luggage must conform to the cabin limit criteria and the weight of the plane you are flying on.

Otherwise, you’d have to check them in as checked luggage. Because subwoofers do not include lithium batteries, they are permitted in plane cargo holds. However, the amount of wires and magnets within your subwoofers may cause the TSA to unlock them for a closer inspection.

Because of the possibility of damage that can occur when subwoofers are packed in checked luggage, I recommend that you pack your subwoofers carefully and label them as delicate.

Can I Carry A Soundbar On a Plane?

You can bring a soundbar on an aircraft. Soundbars offer no harm to passengers or the aircraft and are thus permitted on board. They simply need to meet the dimensions of the airline you’re flying with.

Some soundbars are extremely long. Soundbars are sometimes too long for placement inside your luggage or the overhead bin of your airplane, making them difficult to transfer. Because of the design and length of your soundbar, if the baggage kickers do not harm it, the loading and unloading operation may. As a result, there is a significant risk of your soundbar being crushed when checked in as checked luggage.


Before you take your speakers on a trip or journey, it is advisable to get information from your airline first. Some airlines may impose varying limits on speakers. If you are unsure about what you can take as hand or checked luggage, I recommend that you verify with your airline before you leave.

More information regarding allowed things and where to keep them can be found on the airline’s and other relevant websites. If you want to bring speakers or other equipment on board, check with the airline to be sure they will fit in the overhead bin or underneath the airplane seat.

As a result, before booking your journey, contact your airline to make the appropriate adjustments.

If you are experiencing difficulty moving your speakers on passenger planes, air freight is an excellent choice. It is actually easier and more convenient to utilize a parcel service such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS because their planes do not transport passengers and are not subjected to stringent security requirements.


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