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Can You Bring A Water Bottle On A Plane? TSA Rules 2023

Can You Bring A Water Bottle On A Plane ?

Yes, You can bring water bottles or any liquid containers less than 100ml (3.4oz). Empty reusable water bottles are allowed through the TSA security. However, there are some rules and regulations that you have to abide by if you want to carry water bottles on the plane. If you are bringing filled water bottles, the officials at the security checkpoint will dump them before going through the checkpoint. You can buy any quantity of water after going through the security. 

The airport security liquids regulation is arguably the most popular rule that passengers do not understand, resulting in the security agent seizing their liquids, including bottled water.

can you bring an empty water bottle on a plane

TSA Liquid Rule Regarding Empty Bottles

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is a body of the United States Department of Homeland Security whose primary mission is to ensure the safety of those traveling into, out of, and around the country.

Liquids, creams, aerosols, and gels cannot exceed 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters per container, according to the 3-1-1 Liquid Rule. Toothpaste, shampoos, lotions, conditioner, gel deodorants, sprays, makeup, and other personal care products are restricted.

Consumables, like bottled water and other to-go products like peanut butter, must meet TSA regulations when packed in a carry-on. The liquids should be taken out from the carry-on list before going through the security checkup. You can bring an empty water bottle on a plane in carry-on luggage or checked luggage.

If you don’t bring a reusable bottle of water instead of bottled water, you won’t be able to fill it up to 3.4 oz of water. TSA security will ask you to dump the water and scan the bottle when it is empty.

When boarding the plane, your water bottle does not have to be empty. It merely has to be open during the security check at the airport.

After security, look for a place to refill your empty bottles, such as water fountains or a friendly bartender. Many airlines still supply complimentary water so that the air steward may assist you.

Types Of Bottles Permitted

Not every water bottle can be considered equal, and thus, there are certain kinds of bottles that are allowed to carry, whereas some of them are not.

Empty Glass Bottle: You can bring an empty glass water bottle on a plane by carrying it in your carry-on bag or handbag. 

Stainless Steel Bottle: You can also bring a stainless steel water bottle in your carry-on bag irrespective of its size!

Similarly, plastic water bottles and hydro-flask, which are pretty heavy than other water bottles, are also allowed if they are empty. 

What Is The Maximum Size Of Bottle Permitted?

Your empty water bottle has no size restrictions. As long as it fits in your carry-on suitcase or personal item bag, you’re good to go.

You might be able to bring frozen water through airport security, but you’d have to live close enough to the airport to get it through before it melts.

If it melts, you would have to obey the liquids rule of 3.4oz or less.

Exception Of Babies

Generally, TSA rules are mandatory to be obeyed by every passenger, but for parents traveling with their babies, the rules can get lenient up to some level.

Parents are allowed to carry expressed breast milk or ready-made powder milk in a water bottle, which can be more than 3.4oz/100ml limit, to feed the baby during their journey. 

Parents are allowed to carry sufficient water with them for their progeny. Boiled water and sterile water are permitted. 

Water and other liquids for the infant do not need to be placed in your liquids bag; nevertheless, you should separate them and notify the security agent that you have them because they may require additional screening.

You must have the baby with yourself while passing through the security checkpoint. 

Exception Of Fishes

Passengers who wish to transport live fish on board an airline are exempt from the liquids prohibition. Water can be more than 3.4 fluid ounces in this circumstance, but there are a few additional requirements:

The fish must be swimming and alive!

They must be kept in a clear plastic or glass container that is spill-proof.

It would help if you informed a security officer that you have the fish since they will visually inspect it. Check with your airline to see if live fish is permitted, and check customs restrictions if flying internationally.


TSA Rules are applicable on the quantity of the liquid you are carrying in your carry-on baggage, not on the size of the container nor on the kind of liquid you’re bringing. As long as your water bottle is empty, you are allowed to get it in your hand luggage. Hope you know all information related to Can You Bring a Water Bottle on a Plane.

Some exceptions are there in the case of passengers traveling with a baby and peddlers flying with fish. They will be compensated for the number of liquids they can carry. 

Still, the final verdict will be in the hands of TSA officials at the security checkpoint. You can feel free to carry any empty water bottles. 

FAQ’s:-  Can You Bring a Water Bottle on a Plane ?

Q1. Can you bring a stainless steel water bottle on a plane?

A1. Yes, you may take your reusable stainless steel water bottle on an airplane with you. You should be fine as long as your stainless steel bottle was empty when it passed through the security checkpoint.

Q2. Is it reasonable to drink water on a plane?

A2. Air travel may quickly dehydrate you, so drinking enough water before and throughout your flight will help to lower the risk of dehydration and make you feel less sleepy. Alcohol dehydrates you, so try to avoid it or keep it to a minimum.

Q3. Can you take cans of soda on a plane?

A3. Yes, you can bring soda cans or any other form of beverage on a plane. These can also be found in bottles. However, you won’t be able to take them past security (assuming they aren’t tiny cans), so you’ll have to buy them in the airport lounge before flying.

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