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Can You Bring Candy On A Plane? What TSA Says?

Hello Everyone,  

You may relate to this.

Sitting on the same spot while traveling on a plane, people often feel bored, thus looking for something through which they can divert their minds. Some people consume cigarettes and smoke for relaxation, and some habituated people go for liquor and other incidental options.

But, all the options mentioned above are prohibited on a plane to keep the flight secured or free from the accident.

Then, we have left some limited options we can use on a plane and channelise our mind towards a positive world of fantasy and feeling rather negative world of thought and assumption.

Most of us love to consume candy when we don’t have to do any high-priority work and have to keep our minds relaxed and calm and when we want to create a positive environment around us.

And, I am not leaving the possibility that there could be some children who may travel with you, and if you don’t have any candy with you, then your children may put you in difficult situations; thus advisable to keep some candy for them( just for a laugh!).   

Hence, we have come up with a detailed reply to your question; Can you bring candy on a plane or not?

Come after me, have added crucial information for you and will definitely help you travel on a plane. 

Can You Bring Candy On A Plane? Guide to Folloe

Without any doubt, Yes.

Feel happy and joyful; you can keep candy while traveling on a plane in both carry-on baggage and checked-in as TSA prescribed specific rules pertaining to it. 

TSA rules say; 


Carry On Bags: Yes

Checked Bags: Yes

Cautions and Care or packing instructions- 

Do’s– TSA advises you to kindly keep the solid, liquid, and powder items in a dedicated compartment so that it becomes a cakewalk for the TSA officer to see the items kept in the bags in the X-ray machine and you can quickly leave the checkpoint. 

Don’t – Your items packed in the bag must not obstruct the reading on X- the ray machine and should not be messed up so that it can help the X- the ray machine detection.  

Can You Bring Gummy Candy On A Plane? 

Can You Bring Gummy Candy On A Plane

Yes, buddy, You can 

If you have heard from anywhere that gummy candy is not allowed in a carry-on- baggage on a plane, then I must say that is just a rumor and misconception, don’t take it seriously.

It may be seen as tricky, but its answer is relatively easy and digestible as nowhere does TSA prohibit you from carrying gummy candy on a plane, as TSA itself very clearly mentioned in its advisory rules. 

TSA Advisory Rules Says

Passengers can carry solid items under the head of candy as much as they want; however, that quantity must be under the weight and size limit compliance rules. 

Interpretation – Candy is treated as solid; therefore, you are free to travel along with gummy candy. 

Caution/Prohibited- There indeed is no such bar on the quantity of solid candy, but in the case of liquid or gel candy, you can only bring up to 3.4 oz in carry-on baggage and also need to pack in such a fashion, so it cannot create any difficulties for the TSA officer at the checkpoint.

Can You Bring Open Candy On A Plane? 

Can You Bring Open Candy On A Plane

Hmm, Hmm….

Ok, let’s discuss whether you can bring open candy on a plane or not. 

Well, TSA is not restricting any passengers from bringing opened candy as long as it is solid in form; as you know very well, gel, liquid, and paste cannot be carried openly. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that no matter whether your candy is opened or unopened, you can bring on carry-on- baggage as long as it is solid (like gummy, snickers, perk, etc.)

How Much Candy Can You Bring On A Plane?

Very valid question!

Until now, you have been clarified that you can bring candy on a plane in different forms, whether in gummy, gel, liquid, or paste, but the packing style and quantity limit is not the same for all of the late categories.

Let us know, How much candy is permissible in a carry-on- baggage? 


Solidno bar limit on the solid form of candy other than overall weight and size limit.

Liquid or gels- Only permissible up to 3.4oz in both carry-on- baggage and checked-in.   


Solid – Make sure that your packed items are packed in a separate bag or compartment so that a TSA officer can easily detect them in the X-ray machine.

Liquid/Gel- Pack in a manner so that gel or liquid items cannot go out of the pack and become cherry pie to show the bag to TSA officers for the purpose of checking.

You can read this page for a general article about taking chocolate on a plane.


Now, we are at the last section of this web page, the conclusion part, so come and take one revision of the above-discussed rules for carrying candy on a plane. 

  1. You can bring candy on a plane in both carry-on- carriages and check-in. 
  2. Even if you have candy in a gummy form, you can travel along with it on a plane, as it is treated as solid.
  3. There is no such bar on the quantity of solid candy other than the overall weight and size limit rules of the concerned aviation authority, but not in the case of liquid and gel.
  4. If you are planning to pack or carry liquid or gel, you have to put the same under 3.4 oz in both carry-on- carriage and checked-in.
  5. You are permitted to bring candy of both categories, opened or unopened; it will not create any adverse effect on the checkpoint. 

                     I hope, I have answered all your queries at one stage.

                                     Happy and safe Journey!


Q.1 Can You Bring Candy On A Plane? 

Ans- Absolutely. Yes, you are permitted to bring candy on a plane, as TSA explicitly says in its advisory rules; however, there is a special instruction for the gel or liquid candy in terms of packing and quantity limit. 

Q.2 How Much Candy Can You Bring On A Plane?

Ans- Well, to be specific, if candy is in a solid form, including gummy candy, you can bring as much as you want, just keeping in mind that rules for total weight and size are permitted on a plane. 

Q.3 Can You Bring Open Candy On A Plane?

Ans- Yes, no matter if your candy is opened or unopened, you just need to justify to the TSA officer about your situation that you are carrying candy and nothing else. 

Q.4 Can You Bring Gummy Candy On A Plane? 

Ans- Yes, even if you have candy in a gummy form, you can travel along with it on a plane as gummy is treated as solid and is very permissible as per TSA. 

Q.4 Can You Bring Snicker Chocolate On A Plane As A Candy?

Ans- Surely, you can freely bring snicker chocolate as candy on a plane as it is solid in form, and TSA permits you to bring candy in solid form without any quantity bar.  

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