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Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane

A plane journey is all about exploring unfamiliar places. But travelling to unknown destinations may lead to any bad experience, so we need to prepare ourselves for such situations.

The main motive while travelling is to keep personal safety in mind. It’s our responsibility to pack self-defence tools and weapons. Although packing for air travel is tricky, packing as per Transportation Security Administration will result in a favourable situation. Can you bring pepper spray on a plane:- Let’s know through this article.

TSA prohibits items that cannot be carried on a flight; such items include acids, bleach, knives, scissors or any other hazardous items.

TSA also restricts the carrying of liquids, gels, pastes, sprays, aerosols but passengers can carry these items up to a prescribed limit. As per the guidelines of TSA few tools and weapons are allowed on aeroplanes for self-defence purposes but this list does not include pepper spray.

Pepper spray is a kind of self-defence tool. As pepper spray contains various gases it has to satisfy special norms of TSA. Keep in mind that guidelines related to pepper spray may differ for every airline.

 By reading this article you will know about air travel and pepper spray

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane

Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane 2021

Self-defence sprays contain tear gas which is harmful and dangerous for lives, thus it is completely prohibited. There are chances that the spray may catch fire and explode on the plane.

Even though pepper spray is prohibited but TSA allows passengers to carry the spray up to a certain quantity. Also, it should be noted that proper precautions are taken while carrying it. Pepper spray should be carried in an airtight bottle properly sealed so that there is no chance of leakage

Some of the airlines that prohibit carrying of pepper spray –

  •       Singapore Airlines
  •       Qatar Airlines
  •       American Airlines
  •       Delta Airlines
  •       SpiceJet Airlines
  •       United Airlines

TSA Rules and Regulations

As per TSA guidelines, our luggage has to undergo a screening process. At the time of the process if the monitor triggers an alarm then our luggage gets confiscated and you may not be allowed to travel. To avoid this situation it’s better to pack our luggage as per TSA norms.  

 According to airport security following luggage is allowed on a plane –

  •       Checked baggage
  •       Carryon baggage
  •       Handbag or purse

Passengers can carry one can of pepper spray in checked bags within the prescribed size and strength limit. It must be noted that you cannot carry it in a carry-on bag or handbag or purse. If security finds spray in any of the bags other than the checked bag, sudden actions are taken against passengers.

4 fl. Oz or 118 ml container of pepper spray is allowed to carry in a checked bag, provided that the container should be properly sealed to avoid any accidental situation.

The size of the checked bag should not be more than 23 kg and dimensions should not increase 158 cm. In case of spray has more than 2% then it is prohibited in checked baggage also.

It should be noted that the Transportation Security Administration allows carrying pepper spray in checked bags but the airlines have their own rules and regulations related to carrying pepper spray or not. Some of the airlines that have prohibited the carrying of pepper sprays are as follows –

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane as per American Airlines

 As mentioned in the above paragraph every airline has its own set of rules regarding pepper spray. American Airlines is very strict and careful about the safety of their passengers so it defines a few sets of restrictions.

American Airlines permits 140 proof alcoholic beverages in your checked baggage and any type of liquid in carry-on baggage. For liquids, the airlines define the (3*1*1) rule, which means 3.4 ounces of liquid in one plastic, transparent, quart-sized bag for every person.

 But you cannot fly on an American Airlines flight with pepper spray or any other kind of defence sprays. As pepper spray contains various gases there are clear chances of an explosion, to ignore this accidental situation pepper spray is not allowed on a plane.

If security at the time of screening find out that prohibited items are brought in luggage then the passenger is asked to remove it. In case of a severe situation, the security may consider this act as a federal crime and the passenger will be punishable with five years jail.

For additional details, you can visit the website of American Airlines.

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane as per Delta Airlines?

The norms of Delta Airlines regarding airport securities are crafted in a clear and straight manner. It properly states what you can or cannot bring on a plane.

As per Delta guidelines, some items are restricted to certain limits while few items are fully prohibited. The completely prohibited items by the airlines are flammable substances, batteries, explosives, aerosols or any other harmful substances.  

Apart from the above items, pepper spray is also not allowed on a plane. If any passenger is found with pepper spray or any other prohibited goods, they are punishable with imprisonment.

For more information visit the Delta Airlines website


Packing becomes simple when you know all the necessary details regarding the items to be carried by specific airlines. The first time travellers should be more conscious about packing the items, in case of any doubt or confusion should consult a frequent traveller. Proper safety should be taken to carry pepper spray on a plane to avoid accidental discharges.

To avoid any difficulties remember to pack your pepper spray as per TSA guidelines. If the airport security does not allow pepper spray, ignore carrying it in your luggage.

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In odd situations if pepper spray is not allowed by airlines, you can find it in any retail store after arriving at your destination; also you can ship it directly to your destination.

We hope that this article has cleared all your dilemmas regarding pepper spray. Now you can easily pack your baggage and begin your wonderful journey.

“Have a Safe and Happy Journey!!”

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