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Can You Take A Stroller On A Plane? What You Need to Know

Traveling with infants is a completely different ballgame. Everything from packing to organizing your trip might become substantially more difficult. Of course, flying with infants is the most stressful aspect of the trip. Lengthy overhauls at some of the larger airports, in particular, might involve carrying your youngster along the long corridors between terminals.

A stroller may be useful when traveling with a baby or small child. Not only can you go quicker, but your youngster can occasionally fall asleep in the stroller, making their and your travel easier. A stroller might also come in handy if your sightseeing entails a lot of walking. Traveling with a stroller can make navigating airports and new destinations much easier, but can you take a stroller on a plane? 

On the other hand, carrying something as cumbersome as a stroller might be unsettling, especially when traveling. With airlines throughout the world tightening their belts and treating additional luggage with greater disdain, it is critical to be aware of the regulations and practices around traveling with a stroller. Traveling with a stroller can make navigating airports and new destinations much easier, but can you take a stroller on a plane? 

This blog will assist you in doing so. I have addressed some of the most common concerns about traveling with a stroller and the procedures of major airlines regarding stroller check-in. Continue reading…

Can You Take A Stroller On A Plane?

Can You Take A Stroller On A Plane

The straightforward answer is yes. You may check it in as luggage. Most airlines do not charge extra for strollers as a courtesy, but it is best to clarify before traveling with a low-cost airline (see the policies of some popular airlines below).

Nowadays, most airlines (both local and international) provide gate check-in for strollers. That is, once you arrive at the aircraft’s ladder point (or door in the event of an aero bridge), the airline crew will load it with the check-in luggage. When you arrive, ask the cabin crew to get it.

This is an excellent service, and you should take advantage of it if it is accessible (best to check at the check-in counter while collecting your boarding passes) because there is less possibility of the stroller being mistreated when it is checked in at the gate. 

Furthermore, you may use it throughout the airport till you depart. The same is true at the arrival airport. It also eliminates the need to wait for the stroller on the luggage carousel.

When Should You Bring A Stroller?

When Should You Bring A Stroller

Even the lightest strollers are cumbersome (around 5 kg). A baby or a back carrier (for somewhat older infants) may be preferable for short journeys and local flights. They attach to your body and may be folded and stored simply. However, it might be backbreaking if the parent is out and about for an extended period of time and with babies older than 18 months.

Some airports and shopping malls supply strollers to make your transportation or shopping experience more comfortable. If you have booked a trip with a long layover, you should look into the particular facilities for babies. It may even allow you to avoid lugging a stroller completely.

If you’re traveling with two or more kids and your plan includes a lot of sightseeing, the stroller is a must-have. A stroller may make a tremendous difference, especially when visiting major cities, zoos, and amusement parks. Many strollers also include extra storage that may be used to hold or replace the nappy bag.

How Do You Protect Your Stroller When Flying? 

It’s not simple to protect a stroller when traveling, especially if you’re checking it at the ticket desk. You have no influence on baggage handlers, weather, or checked luggage. However, there are several precautions you may take to protect your stroller:

Purchase a stroller bag: Choose one that is both robust and portable. The durability of a stroller should not be compromised at any cost.

Finish up: Wrap the stroller with bubble wrap and tape, or only the handlebars and frame in pool noodles or self-adhesive bandage wrap.

Take off the stroller’s accessories: To keep the stroller’s hood, cup holders, and tray safe, remove them if they can fit in your carry-on.

Check it at the entrance: Check the stroller at the gate if possible. In this manner, you may use the stroller throughout the airport without fear of it being damaged or misplaced.

How Do You Travel With A Carseat And Stroller?

If you’re traveling with an infant or a kid under the age of two, most airlines will let you bring both for free in addition to your regular luggage allowance. Because they will most likely be transported in the hold, consider fully safeguarding them with a cushioned bag or utilizing a lightweight bag and cushioning with nappies/diapers.

I have collected the detailed facts about different airlines and their rules regarding carrying strollers as a carry-on luggage.

Airlines Stroller Policy
American Airlines One stroller may be checked for free per booked passenger.

Over 20 lb/9 kg strollers must be verified at the ticket window.

Before boarding, all other strollers must be inspected at the gate.

Only 1 stroller can be checked at the gate if you have both.

Southwest People traveling with children will be allowed to check one stroller and one Child Restraint System or car seat per child free of charge
Delta The cost of checking in the stroller at the gate is free.
Jetblue When you’re ready to board the plane, you can check your stroller for free at the gate.
United Airlines Once you’re prepared to board the plane, you can gate check your stroller for nothing.
Frontier Airlines Strollers can be brought to the gate but must thereafter be checked if you’re travelling with little children.
Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines will not charge you for your stroller as checked baggage. You have the option of checking your stroller at the gate or at the check-in counter together with your other checked bags.
Hawaiian Airlines While strollers can be used without checking in, non-collapsible strollers cannot.
Spirit Airlines One stroller per child was free to be checked at the gate by Spirit.
Air Canada Air Canada strongly advises the use of compact, collapsible umbrella-style strollers, which you can check in for free at the gate. Strollers that are large or cumbersome must be checked in at the baggage desk.
British Airways Any airport will allow you to take a small, completely collapsible, lightweight stroller to the aeroplane door and pick it up there.

What Can You Take On A Plane For Your Baby?

Is it possible to carry water for infant formula on a plane? Is it possible to bring milk for your infant on the plane? Can you carry a breast pump with you? It’s a lot to remember to pack everything you need when traveling with a newborn and knowing precisely what you may bring on the plane.

Formula, breast milk, juice, and water for newborns are “allowed in reasonable quantities at the security checkpoint,” according to the TSA. If you have any of these goods in excess of 3.4 oz. and any baby food, cold packs, gel, or liquid teethers, notify the TSA agent. 

These baby things must be screened separately from the rest of your belongings. They are sometimes easily screened by X-ray, and other times they must go through additional screening processes.

Most airlines also accept various baby things that aren’t considered carry-ons, such as a car seat, bassinet, breast pump, and cooler bag for breast milk.

Final Words

It doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful to travel with a stroller. It’s as simple as checking your bag or backpack to check your stuff as baggage. It’s easy to even check a stroller at the gate.

The secret to making everything go smoothly is to do a lot of study to make sure you have the information and tools necessary to keep your child safe. But keep in mind that you must also adhere to the numerous airline and airport restrictions.

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