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Can You Take Vapes On A Plane? Ultimate Guide 2023

Every year over three billion people travel on a plane. It could be for work or for enjoying a vacation with friends and family. And, if you’re reading this article, then I’m sure you’re wondering whether you are allowed to get vapes through the gates. So, can you take vapes on a plane? How should you store your vapes on a plane? or can you bring disposable vapes on an airplane?

I created this article to guide you about some do’s and don’t of vaping on a plane and international rules regarding traveling with vapes. Like regular cigarettes, you are not permitted to use vapes/e-cigarettes while traveling on the flight. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring a vape on a plane. There are distinct guidelines for vaping devices and liquids, so read on.

We hope with this information; you’ll finally be able to decide which vaping gear you can expect to carry with you.

Can You Take Vapes On A Plane:- TSA Vape Policy 2021

As per TSA Vape Policy 2021, they are flying with any electronic cigarettes that require you to carry battery-powered devices in your carry-on bags. Vape devices or batteries are not permitted in checked bags. Passengers are allowed to take 3.4 ounces(100ml) of liquid in their carry-on bags. At the same time, any fluid exceeding this limit has to be transported via checked luggage. 

Can You Take Vaping Liquid On A Plane

While going through the security proceedings, taking out your vape from a carry-on bag and getting checked by TSA agents is the safest method. TSA agents will have the final say whether you’ll be able to carry vape on the plane.

Here’s a summary of the rules and regulations from TSA:

  • No e-cigs any vape devices are allowed in checked luggage.
  • You can take your vape on a plane as long as it is in a carry-on bag on your person.
  • They check with the respective airline to ensure that they allow passengers to carry vapes on a plane as per TSA regulations.

Every airline has its own set of rules in regards to traveling with e-cigarettes. In general, passengers can carry vapes on board, but they aren’t allowed to use them during flight. 

Here’s some highlighted mentioned from a few popular airlines:

  • Easy Jet: “E-cigarettes can be carried in hand luggage but should not be used onboard.”
  • Emirates: “All Emirates flights are non-smoking, and that includes the use of e-cigarettes and vapes. No e-cigarettes can be used onboard Emirates flights.”
  • British Airways: “All electronic cigarettes can be transported in a carry-on or on one’s person.”

As you can see, even though the language is quite different, they all have the same context, i.e., never use your vape inside the plane under any circumstances and always carry them in any hand luggage.

Can You Take Vape On An Airplane?

Passengers are not permitted to vape on a plane. If you are thinking about sneaking a few puffs and remain unnoticed, think again. There can be consequences that may include arrest and fines up to 4000$. If the smoke from vapes is mistaken and sets off the detector, the plane will immediately process an emergency landing. Airlines take zero chances; they will divert the flight and land even on the slightest hint for any potential problem. So, never vape on the plane. You can take your vape but don’t use it until you are on the ground.  

Along with that, passengers are not allowed to charge vape batteries if they’ve bought them. There have been 48 instances of fire caused by vape batteries. 

Can You Take Vaping Liquid On A Plane?

As mentioned in TSA guidelines, passengers can take 3.4 ounces of liquid in their carry-on bag or hand luggage. Vape juice that exceeds 100 ml should be carried in the checked bag. If you’re having a brand new, wholly filled bottle of vape juice in your checked luggage, it may leak during the flight because the liquid has no space to expand due to it being filled. Before packing vape gear and e-liquids, ensure that the bottle is ¾ filled. Give some distance to the liquid inside the vape bottle to expand.

The same thing applies to e-juice in any vape tank. If you’re carrying a mod and vape tank in hand luggage or pocket, emptying the tank before leaving the ground is prescribed. Or at least travel with the vape tank that is half-filled. If the e-juice leaks out from your vape tank, and touches your skin, wash it immediately because it contains nicotine. 

FAQ’s(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can you bring a vape on a plane in carry-on luggage?

Ans:- Yes, you can bring e-cigarettes in your carry-on luggage. TSA requires you to pack them in carry-on bags only, not in your checked bags. So, this is a good thing for most passengers as they can keep it to themself. 

2. Are electronic cigarettes allowed on airplanes in checked luggage?

Ans:- No, a big no. It would help if you never packed e-cigarettes in your checked luggage because of the risk of catching fire due to batteries. This rule is applied to all e-cigarettes, vapes pens, etc. 

3. Can you bring a vape on a plane as a minor?

Ans:- No, the TSA will not allow you to take your vape in your carry-on luggage, even if you’re under 18.

4. Can you carry e-cigarettes in flight in India?

Ans:- No, from 2020, The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has banned e-cigarettes, vapes onboarding in Indian flights. 

5. Will the TSA take my vape out of my carry-on?

Ans:- Vaping devices and all types of e-cigarettes, along with batteries, should be carried in carry-on bags. Vaping liquid should be less than 100ml if you want to take it in your carry-on baggage. If found in your checked luggage, TSA agents will remove it. 

I hope this guide has been informative and has helped answer most of your questions about travelling on planes with a vape. It’s always a good idea to do some prior research as to the legalities of your destination.

I advise you to stick to the rules if carrying a vape on a plane and behave cautiously when required; your cravings may be irritating, but so is an arrest for trafficking banned materials or the hefty fine of 4000$.

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