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Can You Use Airpods On A Plane? TSA 2023 Rules

So, can you use AirPods on a plane? Do AirPods function in airplane mode?

While preparing for your next journey, you’ll want to make sure that you have a good time and that your flying experience is as pleasant and pleasurable as possible.

This is when travel necessities such as a fully charged phone, airpods, and headphones come in handy. If this is your first time flying with AirPods, you may be wondering if you can use them and if they will function.

Here’s the quick answer:

Yes, AirPods are permitted and will function properly on flights even if your phone is in airplane mode; however, most airlines advise against using AirPods or any other gadgets during takeoff and landing.

This essay will cover all you need to know about flying with airpods, including how to use them on airlines and if they will fit on any plane.

Do AirPods Work With Phones on a Plane?

Do AirPods Work On Airplane Mode

Several travellers are concerned about whether their airpods would operate while their phones are in aeroplane mode.

Absolutely, as long as Bluetooth is permitted on flights, airpods will function normally even when in aeroplane mode.

The Federal Aviation Agency has agreed to allow using AirPods on aircraft, just like any other wireless headphones (FAA). Nevertheless, they do not allow utilising cellular data, thus you will be needed to convert to aeroplane mode during your journey.

Can You Use AirPods on a Plane Without WiFi?

Yes, you can use AirPods without a WiFi connection. Your phone should be turned off or in airplane mode while on the plane. The latter allows you to connect to external Bluetooth devices through Bluetooth. That is exactly what you should do with your AirPods. Just enable Airplane mode and Bluetooth on your phone.

The most recent Apple AirPods enable Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to connect to non-Apple devices. If you have an Android smartphone, you shouldn’t be concerned about compatibility. For Apple devices, this Airpod uses a unique protocol, making the connection simple and quick. The H1 processor allows you to connect two Apple devices in under five seconds.

Do AirPods Work On Airplane Mode?

Absolutely, and connecting your AirPods to your device is a breeze.

Following departure, switch on your smartphone and select airplane mode to turn off cellular data.

With your iPhone, chances are you already know this, but here’s a fast reminder to navigate to the Home Screen. Hold your charging case near your iPhone until a setup animation appears, then tap connect.

On Android, turn on Bluetooth and navigate to Settings > Connected Devices > Bluetooth. If you have AirPods or AirPods Pro, open the case, place it near your Android smartphone, and click the white button on the back of the case until a pop-up message appears on the screen.

If you’re experiencing difficulties connecting your AirPods during your flight, check sure they’re completely charged, that Bluetooth is switched on for the device you wish to use, and that you’ve reset your phone or laptop before connecting them again.

If none of these methods work, consider resetting your AirPods and reconnecting them. Your AirPods will then operate normally.

Can AirPods Work On Airplane TV?

Yes, you can use AirPods to watch TV on an aircraft. In-flight entertainment systems include Televisions with 3.5mm headphone ports located just beneath the armrest. You will, however, require an AirFly converter to utilize your AirPod. The AirFly adapter allows you to pair your AirPods through Bluetooth.

Insert the AirFly adapter into the headphone port to connect. This will enable the adapter to enter pairing mode. From there, you may link your Airpod and listen to your music.

Can I Fly with AirPods Pro?

Yes, you can use AirPods Pro while flying. The noise cancellation feature on the AirPods Pro allows you to hear what you’re listening to without interruption. It also allows you to sleep deeply, keeping you well-rested on your long journey.

We propose AirPods Pro since normal AirPods cannot withstand engine noise and air resistance. To clearly hear what you’re listening to, turn up the volume on your AirPods. As you are all aware, listening to overly loud music for a lengthy period of time is harmful to your ears.

Passing Through The Checkpoint Wearing Airpodes

Taking airpods past the security checkpoint is not restricted.

The TSA has no particular laws that prohibit taking or traveling with airpods since they are tiny and pose no potential safety risk.

The TSA requires only gadgets bigger than a mobile phone to be placed in a separate container. Nonetheless, you will be forced to place your airpods with your other items for screening, but you do not need to take them out if they are within your carry-on luggage.

Can You Use Airpods On a Plane? Airlines Rules 2023

American Airlines

Yes, you may use AirPods on American Airlines flights. These airlines provide high-quality monitors at each seat, and their in-flight entertainment system is Bluetooth-compatible. This function allows you to connect your AirPod to the in-flight entertainment system and enjoy yourself before landing. The good news is that no wired connection is required.

Bluetooth-enabled in-flight entertainment systems are available on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and the new Airbus A321XLR. The airline worked closely with Thales to guarantee that each seat has seat-back displays that enable Bluetooth.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines, located in Atlanta, features an integrated in-flight entertainment system that includes Bluetooth wireless communication. The airline is putting Bluetooth to the test on its first Airbus A321neo. This aircraft features a 13-inch HD entertainment system with Bluetooth connection.

As a result, passengers on this flight may pair their AirPods with Bluetooth and utilize them while on board. Any Bluetooth device may be connected to the in-flight entertainment system without the use of cables.

Southwest Airlines

There is no issue in carrying any Bluetooth-enabled devices through the flight.

Ryanair Airlines

Indeed, Ryanair enables passengers to use their AirPods while flying. Throughout their flight, passengers are permitted to use Bluetooth headphones and Apple AirPods. Nevertheless, unlike other airlines, Ryanair does not offer an integrated in-flight entertainment system. As a result, you’ll be reliant exclusively on your smartphone or laptop.

British Airways

Yes, British Airways allows the use of AirPods throughout a flight. You may use your AirPod to connect to your smartphone or the plane’s in-flight entertainment system. When the flight crew provides security briefings, you must remove your AirPods.

While you may use your AirPod and the in-flight entertainment system freely and safely during the flight, British Airways discourages passengers from using them when the jet is taking off or landing.

Can you use Bluetooth headphones on a plane?

Can you use your phone on the plane?


Which AirPods Are Best For Travel?

There are several reasons why AirPods are so popular and useful for traveling. They are lightweight, easy to use and carry, and operate best when linked to practically any device.

Airplane cabins are louder, and if you’re a fan of AirPods, don’t forget to pick up a set of noise-canceling AirPods if you want to listen to your favorite podcast, listen to music, or watch movies without interruptions.

If you want something that is noise canceling and lightweight that is less expensive than the AirPods second generation, consider the Sony EXTRA BASS Noise Canceling Headphones.

You might also consider the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones, which provide great sound quality and simple Bluetooth pairing and are compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Where Should You Store Your AirPods While Not In Use?

If you are not intending to use your AirPods during your travel or if you only brought two pairs, the easiest location to store them is in your carry-on luggage.

Nonetheless, AirPods are permitted in both carry-on and checked luggage without limitation; however, there is a greater chance that your AirPods may be lost or broken during transit in checked baggage, therefore it is preferable to keep them in carry-on baggage.


AirPods function well on airlines, and you may use them on any plane without issue; just don’t try to connect them during takeoff or landing.

You can connect your AirPods to your devices, whether they are Android or laptops; but, most airlines’ in-flight system seat-back TVs will not support and connect with your AirPods unless you use an AirFly.

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