Challenging Roads to Ride Around Italy

What sparks your senses while hearing Italy? It must be highly affordable dough magic, a country of delicately sung arias, wonderful countryside, and passionately beckoned conversations. If you’re an avid motorcycle rider and want to experience the challenging roads to ride around in Italy, the winding roads, coastal paths, and mesmerizing forests can spice up your riding mood. However, the Italian road trips are clement, and everyone loves strolling through the villages & cities and unbolting the country’s scenic beauty. 

Simply put, Italy will never disenchant you! The sceneries will always be beguiling, foods will be delectable, and culture will surely be ogled over. With the fascinating beauty of this country, it might be challenging to select the best areas for a road trip. Therefore, the article has come up with the top 5 challenging roads which will help you make the most of great memories. 

Top 5 Challenging Roads to Ride Around Italy

  • Amalfi Coast: Naples to Salerno

This challenging road can take you from the commotion of Naples, passing by Pompeii and Ercolano, and the eminent ruins. The road is highly winding on the twists and turns of the Amalfi Coast. But it’s advisable to bypass this ride during the sweltering summer season as you will get stuck in traffic as the tourists will flock to this narrow road. 

Fall and spring are better months to ride on this road. However, the whole uninterrupted ride takes 5 hours without any traffic to enjoy the historic sites and the most extraordinary sceneries. Did you know Italy is renowned for cruise riding? Driving on a challenging road is excellent, but a cruise to Italy shows a different perspective of the country.   

  • The Tremalzo Pass

In Italian, a little south of Stelvio pass is known as Passo del Tremalzo. The Italian army made this challenging road in WWI, and its gravel route may help you remember the route leading up to Thermopylae. The Italian military during the war took the Australian tools on the northern and southern sides as the Italians didn’t have enough time to build trenches. 

Instead of trenches, they created cart tracks, which established swift commutation of artillery. The challenging road of the Tremalzo pass is situated in proximity to Lake Garda and Trento. As far as the weather is concerned, Tremalzo pass has an extreme summer temperature and gets snow-covered in winters. But the 5500 ft. elevation of the Tremalzo Pass is highly risky because of rock slides. 

  • Arischia – Fonte Cerreto

This tricky yet fascinating road is located in Provincia dell’Aquila, Italy, whose length is 18 km. It’s a beautiful road in the shadow of Gran Sasso massif and carves through Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti Della Laga. Although the road doesn’t remain sun-soaked all the time, this park is the most prominent safeguarded location in Europe. 

It gets covered by thick snow during winter, and it’s known to have a rocky landscape in regular seasons. You will be getting observed by the Corno Grande in its every bend while riding up the SP86 from Arischia, as Corno is the loftiest peak on the Italian Peninsula. 

  • Verona to Trento: The Italian Lake District

Are you ready to embark on a long road trip? If yes, this Italian Lake District road trip is one of the most challenging ones where you need to start your journey in Verona and depart on a hassle-free ride on the highway. However, the next halt would be Brescia to visit the most quaint castles. 

Once done, take a picturesque drive to Limone Sul Garda, situated on the right side of popular Lake Garda. Afterward, you must take a roundabout route to Garda and go around the lake. Now, you can travel all the way to Trento after crossing Limone Sul Garda. This drive on the challenging road takes approx 6 hours. 

  • Colle Fauniera

Colle Fauniera is a 3 ½ years tangible drive from Colle Delle Finestre, which is situated in Italy’s Cottian Alps in the Piedmont region. This challenging road is also known as the “hill of the dead,” or “Colle dei Morti” in Italian, which remains at the elevation of 8200 feet or above. 

Furthermore, the pass links Vallone dell Armi and Valle Grana, and Colle di Morti appears from the fierce fight between the Spanish and French in 1744 by their foes from Savoy. For your information, the road remains closed from October to June.  


These are the top 5 challenging roads to have a great time riding around Italy. Hopefully, these lists of 5 routes motivate you to hop on the journey and make the most of great memories with your friends and family. So, if you like this article, don’t forget to share and subscribe to us. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates!         

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