The Heart Shaped Rock Maui: A Hidden Gem That Lives On

Travelling is the best way to cure mental stress Isn’t it? We feel so relaxed and happy after travelling. We get to know many amazing facts and experiences from the place we go. Travelling has been scientifically proven as the best way to heal from anxiety. The benefits range from lower chances of heart disease to releasing anxiety and stress. Nature has abundance and limitless to provide. We should always plan to travel and explore new places. This makes us more knowledgeable and adventurous. Let’s find out a hidden place:- Heart Shaped Rock Maui.

So we are here with our new blog on the famous Heart-shaped rock of Maui.  Unfortunately, this rock is no more heart-shaped now but people still visit this place to explore the other things present here. 

Maui’s heart-shaped rock is located just to the right of Nakalele  Blowhole. It is a natural rock outcropping with a heart-shaped hole in it. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Hawaii. This rock is a  natural piece of art and is Hawaii’s hidden gem, located on the northwest coast of Maui. The erosion on the volcanic rock shelf of this area has lead to the formation of several interesting structures. It is quite difficult to believe that this heart-shaped rock in Maui has  been so incredibly symmetrically formed by natural elements and processes.  

Maui is an island in the Central Pacific, part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Maui is also known as “The Valley Isle” and is the second-largest Hawaiian island. This island is popular for its beaches,  the sacred Lao valley, views of migrating Humpback whales, farm to- table cuisine and the magnificent sunrise and sunset from  Haleakala. This island welcomes around 3 million visitors each year and is a safe place for visitors.  

Heart Shaped Rock Maui

Visitors seek this place of Hawaii for numerous reason. For couples,  this has been a romantic setting for a proposal. Moreover, this place has always been a dream destination for Instagram influencer as well as for travellers who wish to explore new places. 

The heart itself is about a foot or so wide, situated about three feet from the sloping ground. It is an amazing place for photography for anyone who makes the hike down. The structure is fairly close to the ground and easily accessible, so getting a perfect photo is never an issue. The landscape viewed through the heart is almost too good to be true. It acts as a perfect frame for the mountains, oceans and beaches in the distance. Some people have even seen a vertical rainbow through this heart. 

The Nakalele blowhole is a natural seawater  geyser  

In the northern area of West Maui, you can find a rugged coastline and the famous Nakalele blowhole is present right here. The Nakalele  Blowhole is a natural seawater geyser and is located just east of Poelua Bay. There is a forceful explosion of seawater that erupts on a  regular basis shooting powerful blasts of seawater up to 100 feet in the air. The height of the seawater varies depending upon the tide level. It is a magical and mysterious sight. It is surrounded by twisted lava formation, steep slopes, and Pacific churning waves.

Nakalele is one of the three natural blowholes in the world. Vivid rainbows have often been seen forming a mist around the blowhole. This beautiful tourist destination also includes other beautiful sights such as Nakalele Point Lighthouse, The Acid War Zone, D.T Fleming Beach,  etc. You can visit all these places as they are all present at one definite location. You can park your car in the parking area and then hike down to the blowhole. You can take a distant look from far. But if you want to see it up close, you need to hike a bit. It is a short hike but it is a bit of a steep rocky trail going down closer to the sea level where the blowhole is. So make sure you wear your hiking shoes while visiting this place. The ocean water that sprays up from the blowhole has tremendous power so do not hover around the hole. From the month of December to May, visitors usually get a glimpse of whales jumping in the distance.  

Nakalele Blowhole is a fascinating spectacle but the visitors should be aware of getting too close as it is very dangerous. It is important to check the surf report for tide heights before heading out to the area as the surroundings get extremely slippery in higher tides. You should always remember to step on the dry rock and maintain distance as the place in order to avoid any accidents. The rocky cliffs, combined with the blowhole’s unpredictable eruption and vacuum-like effect have sucked numerous people in which has ultimately led to multiple accidents in this place. Other dangers at this place include what is called a rogue wave. This is an unexpected wave that comes onto the shore. In order to avoid such accidents, you should at least maintain a  distance of 20 feet away from the blowhole.  

The most googled questions about Maui’s Heart-shaped rock is:- How to get to Heart-shaped rock Maui 

There are many ways to get to this heart-shaped rock but the best route starts with a scenic drive in Kapalua for eight miles and parking at the 38.5 markets. There are no distinctly marked trails, but as you head down towards the ocean, it will lead you directly to the site. As you reach the bottom of the scree slope trail, the Nakalele blowhole is off your left and when you turn around and look behind you will find this heart-shaped rock.  

Nakalele blowhole is marked on google maps so you can set this destination on your map to reach this place. The trailhead parking for the blowhole is right off the main road. After parking your car, you can start your hike to the blowhole. Once you get down to the bottom,  you will be able to see this heart-shaped rock of Maui. 

How did the rock in Maui became heart-shaped

The heart shaped rock in Maui became a heart from natural elements and processes. Many such interesting structures have been formed in this area due to erosion on the volcanic shelf over the years. 

However, this heart-shaped rock is now destroyed by nature itself.  Half of the part of this rock has been destroyed and the remaining half may also disappear soon. Google reviews indicate that this happened somewhere in January 2020. So if you were planning to visit this place to see this heart-shaped rock, sadly it is no longer possible. But this place still draws huge tourist attraction for the blowhole and other beautiful things present here. 

Where is the heart-shaped rock in Maui 

The famous heart-shaped rock in Maui is located in Wailuku, HI  96793, United States and is a popular tourist attraction in Hawaii. It is also known as Nakalele heart-shaped rock as it is situated close to this famous blowhole. 

This beautiful gem of nature is unfortunately no more there but still, this location is worth visit and you can surely plan a trip to Maui if you wish to explore this place.

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