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How Late Can You Check Into A Hotel?: – The A-Z Guide

Who doesn’t like traveling to fantastic locations, but sometimes things do not pan out as you wish. Somedays your flight can be delayed, your trains can get late. The most frustrating thing you want to happen if you’re traveling on a delayed journey is when you reach your destination late at night, and you don’t know how late you can check into a hotel. Can you get into any hotel at any time of the day or night? In this blog, you’ll learn how late can you check into a hotel. 

Hotel Check-In and Check-Out Timings

How Late Can You Check Into A Hilton Hotel

The check-in time of any hotel is when any guest can come in and enroll their entry and personal information to book a room. Generally, there is a standard check-in time in hotels at 3 pm. But, this doesn’t mean that by any means you have to be there on the hotel premise and make the booking.

The check-in time of any hotel means that your registered time of booking has been started. You are allowed to enter your booked room.  Sometimes, the hotel can allow you to book a room before 3 pm, but only if some room is unbooked and available. 

The check-out time of any hotel is the time when any guest can leave out the booked room and bring an end to their staying duration. Generally, there is a standard check-out time in hotels at 11 am on the other day. 

You can see a gap of four hours between the check-in time and the check-out time. This time duration gap is reserved for the hotel staff to perform required cleaning stuff and rearrange things as it is before for the next guests to book the room.

What Is Late Check-In In Hotels?

How Late Can You Check Into A Disney Hotel

Small Hotels: – In this case of small hotels, if you’re opting to have a night’s stay at a small hotel that doesn’t have a lot of rooms. And, if you’re coming in at 10 pm, then most of the small hotels will consider it a late check-in. Anytime after 7 pm is deemed to be late check-ins.

Medium Hotels: – In the case of medium-sized hotels, you can often find one person that can process your check-in even at midnight. However, you won’t find them available sitting on the chair. The problem that might come around is not able to find the key to the entry lock at the hotel’s front door. You will have to press a buzzer or use the intercom. The best you can expect is for the night manager to be there in the earshot. You should try to inform the night manager at least one hour before your booking via a call. 

Large Hotels: – In the case of large hotels, you’ll quickly find any hotel staff in the reception room all day who will let you in. You should avoid booking big hotels such as five-star hotels from any third-party applications or websites. There have been instances where the booking done by the third-party applications got canceled if you’re coming in late.

If you have made your room booking from a third-party app, you should immediately inform the hotel about the approximate time you may come up to check-in. Let the hotel official know that you’re not on time and might get late a bit. 

How Late Can You Check Into A Hilton Hotel?

Hilton Hotel permits its guests to perform the room booking before 10 pm. But, if you’re arriving anytime after 10 pm, you should tell the reception front about the delay in your arrival and checking-in. You will have to provide your details such as full name, permanent address, check-in time, and date.

How Late Can You Check Into A Disney Hotel?

The standard check-in time to book a room in the Disney hotel is 3 pm. The standard check-out time for any guest is usually 11 am. If you’re coming after 10 pm, you come in for late check-in at the Disney hotel. 


Late check-in in hotels is only possible if you’re lucky enough to visit any hotel and wish for someone to be in the reception room to proceed with your booking process and let you in. The smaller the hotel, the more complex the late check-in process becomes. You should be cautious and mindful if you are about to plan to check-in small and medium-sized hotels. 

How Late Can You Check Into A Hotel?- FAQs

Que:- 1. Can you book a room after midnight?

Ans.:- Generally, the majority of hotels don’t accept any reservations past midnight. You should opt for the next night to book the room. Though, some hotels can compensate in a few cases of air travelers. 

Que:- 2. Can you check into a hotel at 7 am?

Ans.:- Yes, you can check in at 7 am in most of the hotels because there are always some compromises that can be made by hotel managers in case of any emergency. But, to be on the comfortable side of things, you should either check in around 3-4 pm or check out around 10-11 am.

Que:- 3. Is it cheaper to book a hotel room last minute?

Ans.:- Yes, you heard it right that most hotels’ price rates reduce to some extent, usually from 20% to 40% during the last minutes. One of the defining factors is the number of days you’re planning to stay in the hotel.  

Que:- 4. Do hotels allow late checks?

Ans.:- Some five-star hotels allow late check-out to the elite class of the society. There are zero check-out penalties for late check-out for 1-2 hours in Marriott hotels. 

Que:- 5. Can I take a girl to hotel?

Ans.:- Yes, definitely. You can take any girl (who is not a minor, obviously) to a hotel. No law states that there is any penalty or restrictions for unmarried couples to not stay in a hotel together. 

Que:- 6. What happens if you stay in a hotel past check-out time?

Ans.:- If you stay in a hotel past check-out time, you could extend your booking for a couple of hours by giving the hotel manager some extra pennies in extra. Every hotel has a separate set of rules and conditions. Some hotels will extend your slot for one another day or night even if you check-out late by 5 minutes. 

Que:- 7. Can you just leave a hotel without checking out?

Ans.:- Yes, you can leave the hotel anytime without actually checking out if you have provided your card while going through the booking process and the final receipt is not relevant for you.

Que:- 8. Do hotels charge you for not returning key cards?

Ans.:- The cards that the hotel manager provides before entering the hotel room after the booking. It has sensitive information that any stranger can read. These pieces of the information stay in the card before they get erased before getting dedicated to the next guest. You should not return back the key card before removing the information with a magnet. And, no hotels won’t charge you for not returning key cards.

Que:- 9. Can I extend my check-out time?

Ans.:- Yes, you can extend your check-out time in the hotel by requesting some additional services like a gym, spa, business area, lounge, etc. 

Que:- 10. Will Holiday Inn let you check in early?

Ans.:- Will Holiday Inn has its standard check-in time at 3 pm. 

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