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How To Use A Boogie Board? Let’s Find Out

Thinking of visiting the ocean on a vacay? A boogie board is a must for fun. Enjoy with your children in the waves and splashes or go solo and belly-flop.

A boogie board can be a good start for a beginner to get acquainted with the ocean and the waves. Let’s get started with how to use a boogie board?

What’s a boogie board

You can even call it bodyboard; a boogie board is flat, wide and a shorter version of a surf board. Major features of a boogie board are that it is easy to learn, carry and maintain.

You can simply de-stress and rejuvenate by kicking off that discomfort on the beach. The board comes in various sizes and quirky designs. Most boards are made up of foam or thick plastic.

These boards are very light weight. The excitement adds on if you select a perfect boogie board for yourself. Before knowing how to use a boogie board? Get some tips on picking up the right boogie board and right clothing.

Select the boogie board!

Wait! Have you checked the compatibility between the board and your height before purchasing? Don’t rush and buy a board. When you shop for it, hold the board vertically and check whether the board reaches within 1 inch of your belly button.

You can even go through the figure given below. While deciding the width, the board should cover your chest plus arms. Don’t buy too wide boards compared to your body width because they can affect your swift movements. 

The figure gives you a fair idea about selecting the board using your weight and height measures. The left side indicates the board size and the right side indicates the height and weight range. Choose what goes well with you. How To Use A Boogie Board

Wear it on!

Happiness comes with comfort and comfort comes with the best dressing. For boogie boarding wear a rash guard or wet suit to protect yourself from the heat and direct sunrays.

But if the weather is pleasant and you are not comfortable with wet suits go for synthetic shirts and half pants because they don’t retain the water and keep you dry throughout. You can wear swim fins but not mandatory! Just to add on, put the swimming goggles and ride the wave. Don’t forget to wear a smile with it

Below are the precautions to be taken before using the boogie board. Then we would turn to how to use a boogie board?

Precautions to take:

  • Know the water- before diving in; get to know the ocean, sea or the water you are visiting. Newbies can start bodyboarding on white-water or small waves.
  • Wear a boogie board leash– A boogie board leash is necessary to avoid displacement of the board in a huge wave or if you wipe out. Buy a leash for your biceps or wrist and secure it firmly at the top (to the nose) of the boogie board.
  • Wax the body of the boogie board– waxing your board for better grip. Get a surf wax and apply it to the upper part of the board (i.e. nose) and the bottom third of the board (the tail) along with the side edges of the board (the rails).

Boogie Board

How to use a boogie board

Let us now turn to the major part, how to use a boogie board? Here the ways you can use the boogie board to effectively ride the wave. Use the formula of Get. Set. Go. 

Get- After choosing the best one and wearing the perfect dress; grab the board and run towards the ocean. 

Get yourself ready for the bodyboarding. Walk into the water and position yourself on the board as such that your belly is in contact with the middle part of the board and your abdomen near the tail. Keep your hands on the top edges (side) of the board.  

Set- You can paddle or swim towards a crest. Avoid the tip- top of the wave. You would observe water saturating at a point.

A newbie can choose a small wave near a beach but if you are up to adventure, find a large wave. Larger waves make you ride farther. Make sure that you reach near the wave formation but a bit ahead of it and point your board towards the beach. 

Keep your head upwards and hold the upper middle part of the boogie board by your left hand and hold the right edge with your right hand. Your body posture should tilt a little bit towards right. The body looks like a tilted arch. Your board’s nose should be facing the beach. Now let’s go.

Go- As you have now set yourself; let the wave come and flow with it. Try to swim or paddle with your hands in the wave. Be ahead of the wave to catch it.

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If you are wearing the swim fins, keep those in the water and swim. You can either do front crawl (free style) swim or breaststroke swim to enjoy the wave. The wave will then effortlessly take you to the beach. 

Try them out

Here are some wonderful moves that you can try out with your boogie board. Try them out for fun, adventure and excitement. 

    1. Tuning into the waves– You can absolutely glide left and right into the waves and enjoy the water. If you want to glide right, hold the right rail and put pressure on the right elbow. Your left hand must be on the nose of the board. Tilt a little on your right side.  You can do same with the left side. Just tune into the wave!
    2. Into the water- Dig into the water by this simple move. Place your hands on the board’s nose by, lift the right rail with your right hand and lean on to your left elbow. As you go in the water, spread your legs out and keep your torso at the centre of the board. This will help you come out of the water. 

With these moves, you can enjoy at the beach and your boogie boarding. Take precautions and help if needed. With boogie boarding you can learn swimming and diving. So get out, run to the beach and go boogie boarding.


Let’s sum it up. Choose proper, wear proper and dive proper. That’s all you need for a fun day out at the beach. In this article I have tried to answer how to use a boogie board?

You can try out the moves and manoeuvre the waves. Do let me know more moves to try out in the comment section below. Till then stay updated and stay safe! 

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