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What are Kayak Scupper Plugs & What They Used For

Kayaking is an adventurous sport that is thrilling and exhilarating. With this thrill and excitement, we should count twice on comfort. Kayak scupper plugs are very essential for comfort. Before getting into what kayak scupper plugs are and how they are used, let us understand various kayaks that use these plugs. 

The SOT Kayaks

Some of you must be using traditional kayaks with a closed deck or a spray skirt for fishing, ecotourism, or white-water kayaking. Recently, the Sit-on-the top (SOT) Kayaks are in vogue!

The name says it all…the kayaker sits on the top where the cockpit is open and the deck is not enclosed. These trendy kayaks give you outmost comfort and ease. Open cockpit adds on to your excitement. There are a few reasons why kayakers opt for SOT kayaks.

One reason is that they are trendy and gives a classy look.

The second reason is that you can easily perch over it and no need to scramble just like the old kayaks where the cockpit is deep and legs are awkwardly positioned inside the spray skirt. The SOT kayaks give you wide space for feet and open sitting.

The next reason is that they are very airy. This could be advantageous during summers. The Sit- in- kayak (traditional ones) is beneficial during winters and snow. The SOT kayak might be a bad option during such seasons. Anyways, the SOT kayak still has a fringe benefit. So if you are camping, you can bring those folded tents on the kayak.

The SOT kayaks give most space to carry your stuff than the traditional kayaks that are too small to carry much. Now we have seen what are Sit-on-the top kayaks are. The scupper plugs are mostly used for SOT kayaks. Let’s see what are kayak scupper plugs?

What are kayak scupper plugs

If you look closely at your kayak, you would find a few scupper holes on the deck. What’s the use of it? Scupper holes work as the inlet and outlet medium for water that throws out the water from the deck and cockpit and lets in as well. The main purpose of scupper holes is to make the kayak float easily on the water. 

Now, you are wondering, what are kayak scupper plugs? And do you need scupper plugs on a kayak? Scupper plugs are nothing but small plugs that are placed in those holes. They help prevent the gushing water inside your deck from below. It keeps you and your kayak dry. So you do need Scupper plugs for kayak and especially for SOT kayaks that are open.

This could be a better option in winters, if you ride your SOT kayaks, you would want yourself to be dry and warm. So if you have brought the kayak and wonder can you plug the holes in a kayak? Yes you can plug the holes under circumstances like choppy water, too cold water, or when the weight on the kayak is much enough to take the hull deep inside the water that increases the risk of water flowing up from the bottom.

Always remember that water will plunge over the kayak from various ways- could be through large waves, or by paddler splashing. You need to worry only when too much water accumulates on the kayak. To get rid of the excessive water, you can use sponge or bilge pump. You can easily find these in any sports stores.

So now you a fair idea about what are kayak scupper plugs? And why are they needed. Scupper plugs come in variety and some are carefully crafted for distinct SOT kayaks. Read more to know more.

Kayak scupper plugs That You can use


8 Pieces Universal Kayak Scupper Plug Kit Silicone Scupper Plugs Drain Holes Stopper Bung with Lanyard

8 Pieces Universal Kayak Scupper Plug Kit Silicone Scupper Plugs Drain Holes Stopper Bung with Lanyard
9.8/10 Our Score

What you get: come with a total of 8 pieces of black universal kayak scupper plugs, each is equipped with a lanyard, easier to use and operate, sufficient quantity can meet your daily needs and replacement
Durable to use: the scupper plugs are made of reliable silicone material, which is sturdy and durable enough for your applying, no worry about getting rotted when soaking in water

Amazon provides a variety of range of scupper plugs. These plugs range from various sizes and material. There are universal kayak scupper plugs and usually come in a pack of 4 pieces. The price ranges from $ 8 to $17. There are various shapes e.g. U shape plugs. Choose wisely depending upon the size of the hole on your kayak and the shape of it.

Always check on the material and the durability of the plugs. Along with Amazon you can find these on various online stores as well as in sports stores near you. 

Awesome, you have got the information about what are kayak scupper plugs and where to find them? Now you might find various SOT kayaks in the market. There are different scupper plugs for each variety of SOT kayaks. Let’s check them out. 

Sit on the top Kayaks and scupper plugs

Let’s discuss the most popular sit-on-the top Kayaks and the scupper plugs. Just in case if I have missed on some other, do let me know in the comments. Here is the list of popular SOT Kayaks brands and their scupper plugs. Check out!

Scupper plugs for Sun Dolphin Kayak 

Usually the sun dolphin kayak is 10ft long and weighs around 44 pounds.  It has much storage space and can carry up to 250 pounds easily. Sun dolphin kayak scupper plugs can be found on Amazon or Walmart websites. These plugs are mostly made up of neoprene material and the dimensions fit 1/2″ Opening, Length: 1.25″, and Diameter: 1/2″.

These dimensions differ according to which Sun dolphin kayak you buy. There are varieties of these kayaks for example Journey 10 ss, Journey 12 ss, Boss 12 ss, etc. You should always opt for those plugs which provide security and fits tightly in the hole. Go for more durable and high quality plugs even if they cost you a few more pennies. 

Lifetime kayak scupper plugs

8 Pieces Universal Kayak Scupper Plug Kit Silicone Scupper Plugs Drain Holes Stopper Bung with Lanyard

Our Top Pick
9.8/10 Our Score

What you get: come with a total of 8 pieces of black universal kayak scupper plugs, each is equipped with a lanyard, easier to use and operate, sufficient quantity can meet your daily needs and replacement
Durable to use: the scupper plugs are made of reliable silicone material, which is sturdy and durable enough for your applying, no worry about getting rotted when soaking in water

let’s dive in to the water with a lifetime kayak which is peculiar for its comfort and adventurous riding. Here I would specifically talk about Lifetime Tamarack angler 10′ kayak, olive green, 90818.  This version has a padded seat and comfortable back rest mainly for long hours of kayaking and fishing journeys. You can easily adjust the seat and the back rest for more relaxed kayaking.

If you are about to spend a whole day kayaking, do opt in for this kayak. So, what scupper plugs fit a lifetime tamarack 10′ angler kayak, olive green, 90818? You can use the universal scupper plugs of the specific dimensions or other lifetime kayak plugs. Do check the fitting of the plugs. You can even add foam Walmart pad and the foam golf ball. These could also go well with your angler kayak. Do check out my DIY scupper plugs below 

Ocean kayak scupper plugs

Ocean Kayak frenzy is one the top rated kayaks in 2020 and is best for recreational purposes. It is easy to carry around and if you are an amateur do opt out for it. The plugs used for these kayaks are also called Ocean Kayak Scupper stoppers. You might have to put two scupper plugs in the foot wells and two for seat wells in ocean kayak frenzy.

Plug dimensions are as follows Extra Small – 1″- 1.25″, Small – 1.25″ – 1.5″, Medium – 1.5″ – 1.75″, and Large – 1.75″ – 2″. These plugs come in different colour, material and design like multi-ribbed. The stoppers are also soft in material that give you comfort when plugged in. If you are using round size plugs then they won’t fit your oval size holes. Before purchasing, find out the dimensions of the holes of your kayak. 

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Ocean kayaks come in variety for example Malibu Two, Aegean, Drifter Scrambler XT, XL, etc. Scupper plugs vary for these kayaks. Some kayaks might have only 4 scupper holes whereas some kayaks would have less or more than 4 holes. It is better that you buy them at the very moment you buy your kayak. Look for the best fitting dimensions and durability. 

Perception kayak scupper plugs

 Perception kayaks are best known for their multiple foot wells. It could be said that you can easily adjust the foot pegs depending upon your height. Why to buy different kayaks for your family when you can adjust the foot pegs for your siblings, children or parents. The hull length is more about kayak speed and performance and less about paddler height. You can even get storage space in lengthy sit-on-tops.

Perception kayaks come in flamboyant colours and design that can best suit your adventure and make you look trendier. The perception kayak scupper plugs can be found in various sport stores. Generally tapered design fits scupper holes of 1″ to 1 3/8″ (2. 5cm to 3. 5cm) in diameter. Good scupper plugs can range between $10- $20. Mostly they come in a cone shaped design with a drill in the finger extension which allows plugs to be tethered.

Pelican kayak scupper plugs-

Pelican Company has numerous kayaks for recreational, tandem, and fishing. One can get a range of kayaks, paddleboards, accessories, parts and boats. They have categories like Argo, Sentinel, Sprint and Catch. You can choose from the varieties they provide.

Pelican scupper plugs produced by Pelican Company fit scupper holes up to 1.25″ (2.54 cm). These plugs are made up of compressible EVA material which can fit into various scupper hole sizes and can be put on to various Pelican kayaks. These plugs are easy to pin and remove and keep the cockpit dry. There are different plugs for Catch 130 HD. Kindly check the durability and material. 

Field and Stream kayak scupper plugs-

Field and Stream can provide a wide range of kayaks through lot of choices.  The Field & Stream® Eagle Talon Kayak gives you comfortable Padded seat with adjustable backrest. You can have relaxing experience on the lake. It has 2 flush mount rod holders with leashes. Eagle Talon kayak scupper plugs can range from 1 ¼”- 2”. Most of the plugs can go well with Eagle Talon because they fit 1.5”. You can use foam based golf balls also. You can check our DIY plugs below. 

Emotion kayak scupper plugs-

Emotion kayaks bring in varieties of Sit-in-kayaks, Sit-on-top Kayaks, and fishing kayaks with a fancy look. Emotion Spitfire 9 is one of the best inflatable yet popular kayaks. Other varieties are Stealth 11 Angler, Guster, Mojo Angler, Temptation 11, and etc. You can check out their range of products online or in stores. You can use them for leisure. They have many features with a low cost.

Emotion Kayak Scupper Plugs that are small, fit the following: Renegade XT, Grand Slam, Grand Slam Angler Temptation, Stealth and can be used on other Kayaks with the same hole size. It has 1-1/8″ Diameter and 1-1/2 long along with closed cell foam.

Feelfree kayak scupper plugs-

Feelfree US kayaks come in various series like Lure series, Moken series, Overdrive series, recreational and fishing kayaks. They even provide various features in kayaks to give a pleasurable experience to the kayakers. 

Feelfree kayak scupper plugs are made up of synthetic rubber for long lasting experience. They are innovative because they have flip top cap. These flip top caps help to drain off the water as you open the cap. Hence you don’t need to remove the plug to let the water out. These plugs come in around $8. You can view a variety of plugs on Amazon and Walmart.

So till this time, you must have got answers regarding what are kayak scupper plugs, how do they work and what are the various brands that produce kayaks? If you find them to be too costly you can make them at home. The DIY kayak scupper plugs are affordable, cheap and easy to do.  They work out best just like the branded ones. Let’s see what the homemade or DIY kayak scupper plugs are and how to make them.

DIY kayak scupper plugs

DIY kayak scupper plugs

Hey folks, here are the ideas to keep away the splashing water from your kayak. Let’s get started with Do it yourself scupper plugs which you can do at home as per your convenience. 

DIY Rubber stoppers scupper plugs

Materials needed:

  1. Rubber stoppers
  2. Paracord or nylon cordage for strings.
  3. Small metal washers
  4. A drill machine or a candle to make a hole in rubber stoppers.


While buying rubber stoppers check that they are of the size of the holes or a bit squeezable so as to fit them into the holes.  Make a hole in middle of the rubber stoppers through a drilling machine or melt it through a candle. The hole should be a bit bigger than the width of the paracord. Put the cord through the stopper and stick the metal washer at the bottom of the stopper.

Now knot the cords at both the ends and check if it isn’t loose. Tightly tie them and check if the plug fits snuggly into the holes. Do a demo first at home by pouring the water from the bottom of the kayak to check if the water doesn’t enter through the holes. Once the demo is successful you are all set to rock the kayaking!

DIY Foam Golf Ball Scupper Plugs

Materials needed:

  1. Foam golf balls
  2. 550 Paracord
  3. Scissors and plier
  4. Cigarette lighter
  5. A long Needle and a screwdriver


Make a hole through the foam golf ball by a screwdriver. Make the holes clear on both the sides of the ball. Now take the paracord and pierce a needle in the paracord at a 5 inches or bit more length. It is suggested that you take a long needle that passes the ball across and which can be disentangled to let the thread out without cutting the thread. Now pierce the needle along with the cord into the golf ball.

Take the help of a plier to pull the needle up until and unless the cord comes out along with the needle. Bring the thread up as much as you want. It will create a loop. Remove the cord from the needle by disentangling it. Take care that both the ends of the cord are at another end of the ball where you tie them together tightly. Use a lighter to flatten the thread to avoid any loosed strings at the ends. Squeeze the ball into the scupper holes of your kayak and your DIY golf ball scupper plug is ready to use.

DIY one-way ball valve

Materials needed:

  1. A bouncy ball (approx. 1-1.1inch)
  2. A nylon screen
  3. A black tape
  4. A 1 inch to ¾ inch PVC reducing bushing (costs around $1)
  5. A rubber mallet or a hammer.
  6. A knife/ sandpaper/ cutter


Take a cutter or a knife and cut off the nubby from the PVC bushing and make it a plane circular surface. Now put the bouncy ball into the bushing and check if it is consistent with the size, not too small, not too big. But it should remain bouncy. Now put the screen over the scupper hole of your kayak and put the bushing over it. The screen should go inside the hole along with the bushing. Take help of a rubber mallet or a hammer and hit the bushing. Be careful it shouldn’t be too hard or else the kayak can crack. Hit it just to fit the bushing tightly in the hole. 

After tightly fitting the PVC bushing inside, take a cutter/trimmer to trim off the excessive nylon screen. Your one-way ball valve is ready. This one way valve helps you to get rid of the water that is inside the kayak but it doesn’t allow the water to come inside the kayak. Try a demo out. Pour water inside the kayak and check if it drains out. Also put the kayak in the lake or water and check if the water comes inside the kayak. Most probably it would not come inside and help you stay dry. 

So guys, I hope you would try out these ideas at home. They are affordable, cheap and easy to make. Here you have got all the answers on what are scupper plugs and how to make homemade ones!


Such adventurous sports need a lot of second thought and decision making. All in all, buy those Trendy SOT kayaks and ride dry with those scupper plugs. Just a note, whenever you buy the scupper plugs, check the durability and the material. I would want all my kayaker friends to ride in on your kayak safely and comfortably.

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I hope I have answered all the answers regarding what are scupper plugs? I did my best to give you information regarding different brands of SOT kayaks and which scupper plugs would go best with them. Let me know any more DIYs in the comments and if you have any doubt feel free to write below, I am here to help y’all! Till then stay safe and go Kayaking! 

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