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Language Learning Programs for Traveling Students: Which Ones Are Worth the Investment?

Learning a language needs to be an open, limitless, creative, and immersive experience. This is the only way to do it right and truly acquire authentic language capabilities. This is why so many students decide to ditch the classic classroom experience and travel abroad to learn a foreign language.

Luckily, there are language learning programs for students that make it easier on you to find your spot and start learning. We’ve decided to help you choose those that are worth your money. Let’s take a look at some of the best language-learning programs for traveling students.

Why Learn a Language Through Traveling Programs?

Let’s first take a quick look at the major benefits of enrolling in a student traveling program for language learning. With only 23 % of Americans speaking a second language, this skill can be a huge educational and professional benefit for you one day. 

Here’s what you’ll gain if you approach languages this way:

  • full cultural immersion 
  • endless practice opportunities in real-life situations
  • fun activities
  • meeting new people and other students
  • mingling with the locals

All of this leads to a rich, efficient, and long-term language acquisition process. As a result, you’ll master the language better and be more proficient in the language. In the meantime, TheWordPoint can help with any type of translation until you master the language well enough to do it yourself.

Which Language Learning Programs to Choose?

While it’s a great thing that there are tons of language learning programs, it can be a challenge to find those that are actually good. Making this selection on your own is nearly impossible, which is why we’ve got your back.

Below, we’ve selected some of the best programs for young students who want to learn a new language. There’s a little something for everyone’s taste, so make sure to read our full list.

Italy is a country of amazing food, the best coffee, and superb fashion. It’s no wonder students love traveling to this country and learning how to speak their amazingly melodic language. 

In Bologna, you can enroll in a language course in one of the city’s oldest language schools, called Arca. All their courses are described on the website, and you can choose:

  • group courses
  • individual courses
  • business courses
  • exam preparation courses
  • combined courses

The site offers you to do a test of your Italian to see which course would be the best fit for you. When you look at the list of courses and prices, you’ll see that you get to choose how long you’re going to stay. All prices include accommodation and taxes.

This combined LinguaSchools course is brilliant for students who are into Hispanic culture, tango dance, and music. Tango was born in this country, so you’ll be in great hands.

This combined course offers:

  • Spanish lessons during the day
  • tango lessons in the evening

You’ll be able to use your Spanish in a new environment and apply it in different situations, both in classes and in your daily activities. It’s perfect for spending an authentic couple of weeks in Buenos Aires.

Organized by the Humboldt-Institut, the intensive year-round German courses for kids and teenagers is a great place to boost your German skills. On campus, students get to do all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities, which are combined with daily language lessons.

They cover A1-C2 levels, meaning you can find your spot easily. You’ll be doing speaking, listening, and writing exercises. WritingUniverse can help boost your writing skills before the course starts.

Students can either stay on campus or with a host family during the summer. All courses include fun excursions for cultural immersion.

If you know anything about France, you know the French Alps are the place to do all kinds of adventurous activities. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful destinations for skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, and more.

This combined course is offered by the Alpine French School and allows you to custom-make your entire travel experience by choosing:

  • course length
  • type of accommodation
  • types of activities you want to do

You can choose hiking, mountain biking, climbing, white-water rafting, tree-top adventure park, and more. You’ll also be attending intensive French lessons to improve your speaking and listening skills in a short period.

Final Thoughts

The list we’ve made will hopefully help you choose the course according to your taste. Whether you want intensive or combined, you’ll be able to choose something great. Plus, the prices for all courses are reasonable and worth the investment. Have a great traveling and language-learning experience! 

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