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Navigating Oklahoma’s Turnpikes: A Comprehensive Guide to PIKEPASS

Oklahoma PIKEPASS is something you might want to have if you are a regular Oklahoma turnpike user. Having an Oklahoma PIKEPASS makes using the Oklahoma turnpike eliminates the step of paying at the tollbooths and makes the road run more straightforward and faster.


PIKEPASS is a little label that goes within your front windshield and enables you to pass directly through all the toll collection booths/plaza. Citizens issue it for avoiding stopping at every toll booth. The PIKEPASS users receive up to 5% saving and 5% additional discount for 20 or more transactions per month on ana average basis. PIKEPASS helps to save overpaying when compared to cash.

When a user accidentally drives through a PIKEPASS lane without having their PIKEPASS tag, in such case, they need to contact PIKEPASS Customer service centers to avoid receiving a fine.

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Types of PIKEPASS Accounts

A. Personal Accounts

  1. Definition: Personal PIKEPASS accounts are designed for individual drivers who use Oklahoma’s turnpikes for personal travel.
  2. Features: a. Tailored for individuals, families, and occasional travelers. b. Allows for easy management of toll payments for personal vehicles. c. Provides access to special discounts and promotions for frequent users.
  3. Eligibility Criteria: a. Open to anyone with a vehicle registered for personal use. b. No specific requirements other than owning a vehicle and being a legal driver.

B. Commercial Accounts

  1. Definition: Commercial PIKEPASS accounts are intended for businesses, fleets, and commercial drivers who frequently use Oklahoma’s turnpikes for business purposes.
  2. Features: a. Designed to accommodate the needs of businesses and fleets, including tracking toll expenses and managing multiple vehicles under a single account. b. Offers volume discounts and special rates for commercial users. c. Provides detailed reporting and account management tools for business owners.
  3. Eligibility Criteria: a. Open to businesses, trucking companies, rental car agencies, and other commercial entities. b. Requires documentation such as a valid Tax ID number or business registration.

C. Differentiating Features and Eligibility Criteria for Each Account Type

  1. Personal Accounts: a. Tailored for individual drivers and occasional travelers. b. No specific eligibility requirements other than vehicle ownership.
  2. Commercial Accounts: a. Geared towards businesses, fleets, and commercial drivers. b. Requires documentation proving commercial status and may offer specialized features and discounts.
  3. Flexibility: a. Personal accounts offer flexibility for individual drivers and families. b. Commercial accounts provide tools for businesses to manage toll expenses efficiently.
  4. Account Management: a. Personal accounts may have simpler management options suitable for individual users. b. Commercial accounts offer detailed reporting and tools for managing multiple vehicles and drivers.

How does PIKEPASS work

To use the PIKEPASS, the user has to scan their tag. User’s membership gets linked to their credit and debit card, which makes the payment gets posted automatically.

The electronic tag gets scanned for the automated payment. PIKEPASS users have the advantage of paying a limited expense contrasted with the money cost.

How to Get PIKEPASSS in Oklahoma


Now that you have understood about the (Oklahoma) ok PIKEPASS, it is now essential to learn it is not essential to comprehend Oklahoma PIKEPASS login or PIKEPASS account login.

Creating an Pikepass account

There are three ways available by which you can create your PIKEPASS account. Following are those ways:

  • Set up an account online.
  • On a phone call.
  • Visit the PIKEPASS store.

Before setting up an account, you require to gather some piece of valuable information that is as follow:

  • A credit or debit card. (American Express card, master card, Visa card and discover are the ones accepted by PIKEPASS).
  • Driving license.
  • VIN or license plate of each of the vehicle you want to register.
  • State of registration.
  • Make, model, and year of the vehicle you are registering.

Once you have all the necessary pieces of information and documents, you can set up your PIKEPASS account by any of the modes mentioned above. You are free to do it in any way that suits you more.

You will receive your PIKEPASS sticker in the mail once you have successfully set up your account. After you receive the label, it would require to set it up on the car’s windshield. Make sure you do it properly while following the essential guidelines that are as follow:

  1. Clean the space behind the rear-view mirror with rubbing alcohol. Before you set up the sticker, make sure the surface gets dried from any moisture.
  2. Now expel the tape from the PIKEPASS sticker, securely place the sticker against the windshield and press it firmly for secure placing. Place the sticker at least two inches away from the metal surface.

Make Pikepass payments

You can do it in the three following ways:

  1. While creating an account online, you can make the payment there while doing the entire procedure.
  2. Debit and credit card payment can get made over the phone call by calling 1-800-745-3727. (Kindly confirm the phone number with the official website before making a payment overcall) We will not be responsible for any mishap.
  3. You can also make payments in person at any PIKEPASS store in either cash or by check.

You cannot use the PIKEPASS account outside the state of Oklahoma. However, two exceptions include:

  • On 10th August 2014, the PIKEPASS stickers work on all the North Texas Toll Authority (NTTA) roads.


  • of 1st November 2014, an interoperability concurrence with Kansas cost framework. 

Things You need to Know About Pikepass


PIKEPASS stickers may not get intended to expel once you apply them. Although there is a portable alternative available that allows the users to switch it between similar vehicles. PIKEPASS stickers are free of cost, but the removable stickers come at a one-time $25 fee. However, the stickers for motorcycles are free of charge. 

In case you have miss placed or lost your PIKEPASS, you must suddenly contact the PIKEPASS customer service. You will be held payable for any toll charges brought about to the time it gets accounted for stolen or misplaced.

All in all, we have tried to mention all the necessary information about PIKEPASS. Make sure to have a secure payment experience while you make online or over phone call payment. 

Oklahoma PIKEPASS now consumer use on North Texas Tollway

authority toll roads. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and the North Texas Tollway Authority agreement on PIKEPASS.

OTA suggests users call PIKEPASS Customer Care at 1-800-PIKEPASS (1-800-745-3727) or NTTA Customer Care at 1-972- 818-NTTA (1-972-818-6882) to determine the requirements of the particular driver.

Managing Your PIKEPASS Account

A. Checking Your Account Balance

  1. Online Account Access: a. Log in to your PIKEPASS account through the official website or mobile app. b. View your account balance and transaction history in real-time.
  2. Automated Phone System: a. Call the PIKEPASS customer service number and follow the prompts to check your balance. b. Provide the necessary account information when prompted.
  3. Customer Service Assistance: a. Contact PIKEPASS customer service for assistance in checking your account balance. b. Speak with a representative who can provide your current balance and address any questions or concerns.

B. Updating Account Information

  1. Online Account Management: a. Log in to your PIKEPASS account online. b. Navigate to the “Account Settings” or “Profile” section to update personal information such as address, phone number, or vehicle details.
  2. Customer Service Assistance: a. Contact PIKEPASS customer service if you encounter difficulties updating your information online. b. Speak with a representative who can assist you in making the necessary changes to your account.

C. Renewing or Replacing Your Transponder

  1. Renewing Your Transponder: a. Monitor the expiration date of your PIKEPASS transponder. b. Follow the renewal instructions provided by PIKEPASS via email or mail. c. Renew your transponder online, by phone, or in person at a customer service center.
  2. Replacing a Lost or Damaged Transponder: a. Report the lost or damaged transponder to PIKEPASS customer service immediately. b. Follow the instructions provided to order a replacement transponder online or through customer service. c. Pay any applicable replacement fees and update your account with the new transponder information.

D. Closing Your PIKEPASS Account

  1. Contact Customer Service: a. Call PIKEPASS customer service to request the closure of your account. b. Provide the necessary account information and follow any additional instructions provided by the representative.
  2. Return Transponder (if applicable): a. If you have a physical transponder, return it to PIKEPASS according to their instructions. b. Ensure all outstanding balances are settled before closing the account.
  3. Confirmation: a. Receive confirmation of your account closure from PIKEPASS. b. Verify that all associated services have been terminated, and no further charges will be incurred.

Frequently Asked Questions about PIKEPASS:

Question :- Can I Use PIKEPASS on Toll Roads Outside of Oklahoma?

Answer :- While PIKEPASS is primarily for Oklahoma’s turnpikes, it may be accepted on certain toll roads in neighboring states through interoperability agreements.

Question :- What Happens if I Drive Through a Toll Plaza Without a PIKEPASS?

Answer :– If you don’t have a PIKEPASS, you’ll need to pay the toll using alternative methods like cash or credit card at the toll plaza.

Question :- Can I Transfer My PIKEPASS to Another Vehicle?

Answer :- Yes, you can usually transfer your PIKEPASS transponder between vehicles. Just make sure to follow the proper procedures outlined by PIKEPASS.

Question :-How Do I Dispute a Toll Charge on My PIKEPASS Account?

Answer :-If you think there’s an error in your toll charges, simply reach out to PIKEPASS customer service to start the dispute resolution process.

Question :- Is There a Fee for Using PIKEPASS?

Answer :-While there may be some account maintenance fees or charges for certain services like transponder replacement, there are typically no additional fees for using PIKEPASS to pay tolls on Oklahoma’s turnpikes.

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