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Tips for Student Travel in the USA in 2023

If you are a student, it doesn’t mean that all you have to think about is studying. Student years are the best time to investigate and learn about the world around you, and maybe there is no better way to do it than when traveling to new countries and getting to know new places. This experience can give you a great number of benefits. People who are fond of traveling are usually more open-minded and risky and are ready to accept any challenge. These qualities make them desirable employees in any company.

So, when traveling, you will not only enjoy beautiful sceneries and new countries, you are becoming a more interesting target for HRs. Everyone has their own dream country and, in most cases, even a list of places they want to visit. And we are sure that if you look through this list, you will notice that the US is very popular among travelers. But don’t think that only locals want to travel around states and get to know their country better. International college students also want to visit the US. We tried to prepare some tips that can be helpful for all the students.

Popular Tips for Student Travel in the USA

Tips for Student Travel in the hawaii

Leave all the problems behind

This tip is important and can be applied to anyone. Some unsolved issues can easily spoil your vacation. Instead of enjoying your time, you will constantly be thinking about the unwritten essay that you had to give to your teacher months ago or about an article that you had forgotten to write because you were too excited about the trip. So, before even starting to pack your things, sit down, check your timetable, and make sure that you don’t have any debts. If you do, look for some writing service, like, order all the essays you haven’t done yourself, and use your free time to get ready for the trip. 

Knowledge of English is very important

This tip is important for international students. The thing is that when you go to almost any country in the world, you, in most cases, don’t have to worry about knowing the language of the country. Of course, we all are trying to learn some simple phrases and get very excited when we manage to say “Gracias” or “Annyeonghaseyo!”. If you know English, you will not have problems. But if you don’t, and want to travel to the US, you should better travel with someone who is fluent in English. Americans usually don’t know a second language, though there is a possibility that they will speak basic Spanish. Anyway, if you want to enjoy your US trip, plan it when you are fluent in English.     

Learn about the specialties

There are usually a lot of little things about any country that are important to know if you want to enjoy your stay there and if you don’t want to feel awkward or even stupid. Here are a couple of examples. Unlike Japan and some other countries, where leaving tips is not considered necessary or even not appreciated, in the US, they expect you to leave tips, and not only in cafes or restaurants. Generally, it is around 15% of your bill. If we start talking about places to eat, please, keep in mind that the portions in the US are huge, and if you don’t eat a lot, that might be a problem for you. So, you have two options: choose take away and divide your portion into several or share it with your friend.

And if you worry that you will not find anything to eat there, you shouldn’t be. You can find food from all corners of the world, so it’s a very difficult task in the USA to be hungry. Another important thing is that free Wi-Fi is available in some fast-food restaurants or coffee shops, so if you need to check your mail or buy essay online you should either have a local card or look for some place where you can eat and have access to Wi-Fi. Even though Americans seem to be very open and ready to talk to strangers, it doesn’t mean that they will discuss anything with you when queueing for a cappuccino. Political views or religion, or any other controversial topics will not be discussed if you are not good acquaintances.

Places to visit in the US

The USA is a huge country, and it’s very difficult to see everything in a week or even in a month. If you are an American, for you it’s easier because you can choose different places and investigate them gradually. For international visitors, especially students, who have a limited amount of free time, it is important to make the right choice from the very beginning. Especially if you don’t have a lot of money for international flights, so, some of the most popular places to visit are New York with its Statue of Liberty, Los Angeles with Hollywood, golden beaches, and “Zen” atmosphere, Washington DC and Las Vegas. Just choose something that corresponds to your taste.

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