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Useful Things That You Need to Keep in Your Carry-On for Cruising

So, you are all set for your next vacation, which you have booked on a famous cruise. Everything seems to be set. You have packed your bags, you are bringing your swimsuit, shorts, underwear, clothing, toiletries, etc. 

But, does it seem like you are still missing out on some important items in your list of essentials? Planning a cruise vacation starts with booking the best cruise line for families and the next step is to ensure that you are packing all your essentials.

This article will walk you through all the useful things you need to carry in your carry-on during your next cruise vacation.

What would you bring on a cruise with you and why?

Travel documents

It doesn’t matter if you carry your favorite swimsuit or not but you can’t miss out on your travel documents. This is a no-brainer and surprisingly, all your valuable documents should always be in your carry-on instead of the main luggage.

Not only does it help keep the items safe, but it also allows you to have access to the documents whenever you need them. Even if your check-in luggage arrives late, you will at least have access to the documents for verification.


The next essential item that should be in your carry-on is your medications. If you are on life-saving and prescribed medications, always have them in your carry-on for easy access.

Also, while you are carrying your medications, keep a copy of your prescription in the bag in case someone needs them for verification purposes.

Swimwear and sunscreen

There are instances where your check-in luggage on a cruise arrives a little later than you do. So, once you are checked into the cruise, will you waste your time waiting for your luggage or will you change into your swimwear and take a dip in the pool?

If the latter sounds more enticing ensure that you pack your favorite swimwear and your sunscreen in the carry-on luggage with you.

Essentials (food and water)

You never know what kind of situation you will face when you first enter the cruise. There could be technical difficulties where you might have to wait until your room is ready or until the restaurants are ready to serve food to their guests.

What if you get hungry or thirsty during that period? Hence, keeping some snacks and water handy with you in your carry-on bag is always helpful.

Power bank and chargers

Last essential that we’d 100% recommend keeping are some power banks and chargers. With the kind of photos and videos, you will capture the moment you step foot on the cruise, your smartphone is bound to run out of battery soon enough.

Hence, having access to a portable power bank or a charger in the carry-on luggage will ensure that you have enough charge in your devices to keep your devices charged and ready to go.

When planning your next cruise vacation, these are some of the handy tips and essentials you should pack in your carry-on without fail. As trivial as some of these items might sound, trust us, you will come back and thank us later for the heads up.


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