Waimano Falls Hike:- A Complete Guide

Hiking can be dangerous and exciting at the same time. Not every trial is a good idea for every person, especially for non-hikers! We advise you to keep your fitness and skill levels in mind.  

The Waimano Falls Trail, also called the Manana Trail, is a 2.8 mile long, out-and-back style hiking trail in the Pearl City area of Oahu. In the end, you may see a waterfall. There is a parking lot along the street near the trailhead, and getting here is relatively easy! This is quite a popular hike, so we advise you to do your best to keep quiet until you get on the Trail. Some parts of the walk are a bit difficult, whereas others are easy. If you are an expert in hiking, this will surely be a cakewalk for you. This is a moderate difficulty trail, but exactly how difficult it is depends on your speed and overall fitness level. 

The question that arises in your mind is How to get to Waimano Falls? So here we provide you with details regarding this question. From H-1, take the Pearl City/Waimalu exit. After this, turn right onto Moanalua Road and turn right onto Komo Mai Drive. You can drive through Komo Mai Drive to Pacific Palisades to the end of the road. 

Waimano Falls Hike

Waimano Falls hike

Waimano Falls and Pools is undoubtedly a trail for you if you live on the West Side and want a short hike. Waimano Hike is an easy three-mile hike that leads you to a cascading waterfall. Waimano Hike is not crowded like the other hikes, but it is similar to the muddy pathways at Manoa Falls. 

There are no restrooms on the Waimano Trail, so before starting the hike, make sure you visit the washroom! Parking on the street is, minimal especially on the weekends, as the walk is in a neighborhood in Pacific Palisades. Waimano Falls and Pools is also a hunting trail. We advise you not to freak out because you will see hunting dogs and pigs passing by you. The first two miles of the Trail are paved roads covered with leaves and dirt, so be prepared to get your shoes dirty. Trees and lush green mountains surround Waimano Trail, but there is a narrow view. While Ridge is more strenuous than Waimano Trail, some challenging parts include ‘Cardiac Hill.’ You can use the roots of the trees to help you climb down steep hills. 

How long is the Hike to Waimano Falls? Waimano Trail is a 2.9 mile heavily trafficked out and back Trail located near Pearl City, Oahu. Hawaii also features a waterfall. Waimano Trail is generally used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Waimano Falls is a steep, enjoyably challenging track down, and the bottom is a significant threat. To get to Waimano Falls, it just takes an hour! Most of the Trail is under the canopy of the forest

Waimano Falls Oahu

Waimano Falls starts on a wide, level jeep trail that gradually peters off into a narrow path. Only when it is time to begin the descent to the valley floor does the adventure factor ramp up. The weather is quite pleasant. It would help if you went in winter, when the path is pure ankle-deep, red slosh, making for slick terrain. If you visit in summer, you are still clamoring at a shear angle. The lowest Pool is quite plenty deep for swimming and just as refreshing. 

How long is the Waimano Falls Trail? Waimano Trail is a 26.7 kilometer moderately trafficked route. We advise you to stay on the main Trail until you get to the split when you start the Trail. The Trail must be muddy sometimes because of the rain. There are different trails; we suggest you follow the map! 

Waimano Falls Trail Parking

The beginning of the Waimano Trail is flat and mostly paved, and ends quickly! People generally say that down is the hard part and coming back up is more accessible. Walking around up is more difficult because your legs are tired from the walk down. If you are a pro hiker, then you must be shaking your head, but for the rest of us, the struggle is real! The first mile or so of the Trail lulls unwary hikers into a false sense of ease. 

I am now talking about the most common question, i.e., How deep is Waimano Falls Pool? The Pool is a safe 15-20 foot drop. The main pool is not too deep but can hold many people at once. 

Thus, Waimano Falls Trail is one of the best trails! We suggest you hike through this Trail and have the best experience. We also advise you to go through this article and share your experience with us. 

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