Overwater Bungalows

What are Overwater Bungalows?

When going on a vacation to someplace with sea views, there is always a question that at what type of place I should live to make my vacation more memorable and enjoyable. Should I live in a normal hotel room or should I prefer overwater bungalows? Let me answer this question with some of my experiences.  Nothing screams luxury and relaxation like an overwater bungalow for a dreamy island vacation with the best ocean view. Without really being at sea, it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the marine environment. The main question is what are overwater bungalows?

Examples of this distinctive island lodging, also referred to as overwater villas or bures, can be found all over the South Pacific, with the most well-liked locations being French Polynesia, Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Maldives, as well as a few resort destinations in Southeast Asia, Mauritius, and the Caribbean. The South Pacific is the perfect place for these opulent hotel suites on stilts, with its quiet lagoons, powder white sands, and azure waters. There are many questions in the mind of people what are overwater bungalows, and how are they different from a normal one?

Overwater bungalows are generally made on the sea where you can experience luxury different from a normal hotel room which you can find everywhere with no exceptions.

Luxury vacation spots frequently have overwater bungalows. Few vacations, nevertheless, can compare to the romance and adventure of overwater bungalows. This is a holiday unlike any other, complete with your own island, crystal-clear water underneath you, and magnificent sunsets from your stilted quarters.

What are overwater bungalows

When I first went, I had many doubts about what are overwater bungalows how am I going to find those and will it be safe and have all amenities and if there any difficulty I can feel there, and what all things I should take with me so that I can enjoy my vacation. 

The overwater bungalows are frequently grouped together in resorts, in part because the land isn’t cheap there and in part because if you spread out the bungalows too far, it becomes a bit of a walk to get back to shore from the outer bungalows. Keep in mind that the restaurants, spa, pool, etc. are typically on land and that for the majority of excursions, you’ll be picked up at a central dock rather than your specific bungalow.

As its name suggests, overwater bungalows are unattached structures that are built over water. Over-water bungalows are typically situated close to the shore, making it simple to access the resort’s main structure, beaches, and facilities. Long plank walkways connect the bungalows to the mainland. The bungalows themselves sit on substantial platforms and are raised above the water on solid pillars.

They frequently have a glass floor or coffee table so you can see the water and the marine life below. The bathroom in an overwater bungalow at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui can be seen to the right; pay attention to the glass floor and the view of the water below. As you can see, bungalows often have fairly opulent interiors despite their rustic exteriors.

what are overwater bungalow?

How the overwater bungalows originate

There are also some special facts that how these bungalows originate what is the history behind this. Lets talk about this. What are overwater bungalows? How the overwater bungalows originate?

The idea of overwater bungalows actually dates back to the 1960s, despite the fact that you might assume this type of lodging has been around for centuries and that many civilizations still live in floating homes. The French Polynesian island of Moorea in the 1960s, which was home to the Club Bali Hai Moorea resort owned by Californian friends Don McCallum, Jay Carlisle, and Hugh Kelley, became the first place in the world to provide overwater bungalows. The 1947 novel Tales of the South Pacific by James A. Michener, which later served as the basis for the musical South Pacific, had an impact on the Bali Hai trio.

After a coincidental mention in the December 1962 issue of Life magazine, the resort’s popularity skyrocketed. The idea later extended to Tahiti, the South Pacific, the Maldives, and eventually, the Caribbean in the 1980s. The façade of the majority of overwater bungalows is typically based on the local island or region’s traditional village cottages, and they are connected to the main resort buildings and the beaches by wooden walkways; however, the style may vary from location to location.

Advantages of staying in Overwater bungalows

As per my experience, I really enjoyed at overwater bungalows, and one should preferably try this now let us discus some advantages of staying at overwater bungalows. 

  • You won’t want to leave the ultra-luxe havens that are the bungalows! The fact that overwater bungalows have a window in the floor so you can see the underwater marine show is one of their main attractions.
  • The view from the floor window will be impacted by the surroundings, the weather, and the tides.

  • Lounge chairs on your terrace with breathtaking views are one of the advantages of overwater bungalows. The sunning area is conveniently located close to your door, making it simple to access everything you bring with you.
  • The bungalow’s swim platform is a crucial component that any youngster at heart can appreciate. You don’t need to be concerned about splashing somebody or interfering with their sunbathing session.
  • A stay at an overwater cottage is a luxury travel experience. Visitors have an unmatched holiday when they spend time in paradise with the ocean as their backyard.

Disadvantages of staying in overwater bungalows

There are some difficulties as well that I faced when I was at overwater bungalows. So when you visit the overwater bungalows, please keep these things in mind. 

  • Overwater bungalows are generally praised by visitors, although there are some cons. Some folks might choose more seclusion or utilize resort services without having to leave the property and enter the water. An over-water bungalow might not be appropriate for you if you fall into this category.
  • Since many hotels that provide overwater bungalows are on isolated islands or spits of land, they have few dining options. Since there aren’t many recreational choices, many of the resorts provide an exceptionally quiet environment.
  • It is common for the bungalows to be built curvingly into the ocean so that visitors can see each other in the water and from their balconies.

The experience at overwater bungalows

The appeal of the overwater cottage is found in their solitude, utterly gorgeous setting, and attentive yet discrete service. You can be awake to the sound of water gently lapping at your doorstep while being caressed by warm winds atop a turquoise lagoon on a tropical island and have breakfast served to your bungalow by a flower-covered canoe.

The private villas have all the luxuries you’d expect from a 5-star hotel, like air conditioning, plasma TVs, music systems, king beds, and, of course, those breathtaking ocean views from both inside and out. They also have magnificent interiors that match the exterior style.

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