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Navigating PA Kayak Launch Permits: Where to Obtain Yours

Pennsylvania, officially known as Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is prominently famous for its natural reserves like forests and lakes. The beauty is that the Appalachian Mountains run through the middle of the State. Pennsylvania has 140 miles (225 km) of waterfront along Lake Erie and the Delaware River. No doubt all the kayaking enthusiasts are fond of the rivers, lakes and the streams of PA. The experience gives us bliss and magnificent view of scenery.

If you are new to the Pen state, you may love to visit the site The site provides all details about the lakes and rivers where you would enjoy kayaking and canoeing. If you are wondering where to get a PA kayak launch permit lets find here 

When you think of kayaking or canoeing in PA lakes and rivers, you are under rules and restrictions of the state commission. You are bound to abide by the rules of boating in order to legally enter the waters and go kayaking.

In PA a kayaker must have a PA launch permit to legally take down the kayak into the waters. So, what is a PA launch permit and where to get a PA kayak launch permit? Let’s check out!

What is a PA launch permit?

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) has certain rules and permits that are needed to access the waters of the state parks in the PA.

The PFBC is established to ensure the protection and conservation of the forests and water in the Pen state and deals with all the matters of conflict that come under their jurisdiction. 

What is a PA launch permit? A PA launch permit is required to launch your non motor (unpowered) kayak or a canoe in the state parks.

It is useful when you are considering kayaking only in the Pennsylvania state waters and forests. This launch permit cannot be used outside the Pen state. The launch permits can be issued for each kayak separately. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to get a PA kayak launch permit? We are here to give you all the details.

Where to Obtain a PA Kayak Launch Permit

A. Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC)

  1. Online Application Process:

    • Overview of the PFBC’s online portal for kayak launch permits.
    • Step-by-step guide on how to navigate the online application process.
    • Details on required information and documentation for online applications.
  2. In-Person Options at PFBC Regional Offices or Authorized Agents:

    • Locations and contact information for PFBC regional offices.
    • Explanation of the in-person application process, including required paperwork.
    • List of authorized agents where kayak launch permits can be obtained in person.

B. State Parks and Recreational Areas

  1. Permit Availability and Application Process at State Parks with Kayak Launch Facilities:

    • Overview of kayak launch permit availability at Pennsylvania state parks.
    • Details on where to find information about permits specific to each state park.
    • Application procedures for obtaining permits at state parks with kayak launch facilities.
  2. Additional Permits or Fees Required for Access to Specific Waterways or Launch Sites:

    • Information on any additional permits or fees that may be required for access to certain waterways or launch sites within state parks.
    • Explanation of how to determine if additional permits are needed for specific locations.
    • Guidance on where to obtain these additional permits or pay associated fees.

C. Local Municipalities and Authorities

  1. Municipal Ordinances and Regulations Regarding Kayak Launch Permits:

    • Overview of the role of local municipalities and authorities in issuing kayak launch permits.
    • Explanation of municipal ordinances and regulations related to kayak launch permits.
    • Details on any specific requirements or restrictions imposed by local authorities.
  2. Contact Information for Obtaining Permits from Local Authorities:

    • Contact details for local authorities responsible for issuing kayak launch permits.
    • Guidance on how to inquire about permit requirements and initiate the application process with local authorities.
    • Information on office hours and preferred methods of contact for obtaining permits from local municipalities.
    • Importance of Compliance and Conservation A. Respect environmental regulations: Follow Leave No Trace principles and other conservation guidelines while kayaking B. Support conservation efforts: Consider making a donation to conservation organizations or participating in volunteer activities

      Importance of Compliance and Conservation

      A. Respect Environmental Regulations:

      1. Follow Leave No Trace Principles: Adhere to Leave No Trace principles while kayaking to minimize your impact on the environment. This includes properly disposing of waste, staying on designated waterways, and avoiding damage to vegetation and wildlife habitats.
      2. Observe Conservation Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with specific conservation guidelines for the areas where you plan to kayak. This may include respecting wildlife habitats, refraining from disturbing nesting sites, and minimizing noise pollution.

      B. Support Conservation Efforts:

      1. Make Donations to Conservation Organizations: Consider contributing financially to conservation organizations dedicated to protecting waterways and natural habitats. Your donations can support initiatives such as habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, and environmental education programs.
      2. Participate in Volunteer Activities: Get involved in volunteer opportunities organized by conservation groups or environmental agencies. Volunteer activities may include shoreline cleanups, invasive species removal, and habitat restoration projects. By actively participating in conservation efforts, you can directly contribute to the preservation and stewardship of aquatic ecosystems.

Do I need a launch permit for a kayak in PA?

There is a categorization done to make it easier for all the buyers of the kayakers and boats. If you are buying a kayak or a canoe with a motor then you are required to register the kayak.

The launch permit will not be acceptable in case you buy a motor attached kayak. Otherwise, if you are buying non motor kayak or a canoe, then you can either register the kayak or go for launch permit.

The launch permit is an alternative to the registration of the kayak. So if you are thinking, do I need a launch permit for a kayak in PA? Then it’s a YES!

Kayaking in Pen state without a launch permit or a registration certificate is not allowed, hence you need a launch permit for your kayak. Just remember that it is only for non-motor kayaks and canoes. Below, let’s check where to get a PA kayak launch permit? 

How much is a PA kayak launch permit?

A PA kayak launch permit is available for a year or for two years consecutively. For a year launch permit costs $12 and for two years launch permit costs around $22.

As per the PFBC, the kayakers of unpowered boats (canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, rowboats, etc.) are allowed to launch their boats at PFBC governed lakes and access areas or Pen state parks if the kayaks display a PFBC launch use permit, boat registration, or Pennsylvania State Parks launch permit or mooring permit. 

One needs to remember that you need to renew the launch permit after it expires. You wouldn’t get a reminder from the commission regarding the expiry but if you register your boat, then you would be reminded by a mail. 

If you are thinking of turning your unpowered (non-motor) kayak into a powered one, then you would have to go through a procedure of registering your kayak and titling it.

It would cost you some pennies but it is necessary. The registration of unpowered boats cost $ 22. You can either get a launch permit or a registration…not necessary to have both.

How do I get a kayak launch permit?

Where to get a PA kayak launch permit

If you are using unpowered boats, you can get your PA kayak launch permit Use (Boat Launch) Permit from the Fish & Boat Commission, or a Launch or Mooring Permit from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Bureau of State Parks.

Permits can also be purchased online using a credit card at The Outdoor Shop (choose Products, then Boat Permits).

Placement of Use permits on kayak

The kayak launch permit is to be placed on the two sides of the kayak on the upper side of the kayak as shown in the figure. If you have an unpowered you can stick the permit in the front side of the boat on the outer portion of the boat as shown in the second figure below.

placement of launch permit

Can you get a DUI on a kayak in PA?

Can you get a DUI on a kayak in PA? Yes! Let’s come to the legal actions that can be taken if you are under influence of drugs or alcohol.

You must have come across DUI i.e. Driving Under Influence for motor vehicles, but it is even applicable for kayaking and boating. You get a BUI (Boating Under Influence) especially if you are operating your kayak or any boat (powered/unpowered) under the influence of alcohol.

If an officer suspects that you have consumed alcohol or drugs, he might do an alcohol check and decide if you are healthy to paddle in the river. It’s totally up to the discretion of the officer to give you a DUI or BUI. 

Although it is still illegal to drive or paddle your kayak under alcoholic conditions, an officer will decide how much your paddling is impaired and could be dangerous.

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We suggest you not to drink and paddle because around 70% deaths during kayaking have been due to BUI. So, next time if you are drinking and paddling, think twice. You could be liable to the legal laws and receive huge fines or face jailing. Let’s check now where to get a PA kayak launch permit?

PA kayak laws

Most of us are unaware of the PA Kayak laws. The PFBC is responsible for promoting fishing and boating, and regulating and enforcing fishing and boating laws and regulations in Pennsylvania.

Let’s get to know the laws that are enforced. 

    • The PFBC has made it mandatory for all the boats (powered/unpowered) to display a registration or launch permits whenever entering a PFBC lake or access area. 
    • Every kayaker and canoer must have a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) kept ready in the kayak and the canoe. There is a law that says every person must wear a PFD during November 1st to April 30th.
    • If you are kayaking with your child below 12 years, then make sure they wear a PFD.
    • Every person in the kayak must have a horn or a whistle for signalling other kayakers and avoiding collisions. If you are kayaking in the dark like before dawn, then you can carry a handheld light or a light tube to avoid collisions.
    • So if you are thinking of taking your inflatable kayaks then keep in mind that the kayak is more than 7 feet in length and of durable fabric or at least must have two separate buoyancy chambers. If these conditions are not fulfilled, you would be denied of entering.
    • You are not allowed to campfires, damaging the flora and fauna of the forest or littering around the area, throwing trash and garbage.
  • It is mandatory to display an official and valid watercraft launch or mooring permit issued by DCNR.
  • You can check more rules on


A quick check 

If you are wondering where to get a PA kayak launch permit, we are here to give you the list of the centres where you can easily access the forms for registration and launch permits. Here’s a quick check on the useful links that you would need.

Where to get a PA launch permit for a kayak?

If you are a techno-savvy person, then you need not roam around for permits. Just click on The Outdoor Shop (choose Products, then Boat Permits) and purchase the permits online using a credit card.

You can even find form for launch permits on this link provided by the Fish and Boat Commission- Application for PFBC Use (Launch) Permit [PFBC-769].
This link is for Un-powered boats only. The permit allows the boat to be used at Commission accesses and DCNR state parks.

PA kayak launch permit locations

If you are wondering where to get a PA kayak launch permit then here is the link where you can check the nearby agents that provide launch permits

You can even obtain launch permits from Commission region office or from many state park offices (Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources).


So, folks I hope you have got all the answers regarding where to get a PA kayak launch permit? While kayaking, make lot of conscious decisions, follow all the rules and be in legal limits.

Pen state is beautiful and greets us with bountiful of scenery. Let’s abide by the rules and be safe and enjoy kayaking.

For more updates on such interesting topics, tune in to our website.

We would always give you best and authentic information. If you have any doubts, ping me up in the comments section and I will be glad to help you all. Till the Go safe, Go kayaking!

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