5 Best Camping Mattress For Couples [2023]

Spending some time with your better half in nature’s lap is rewarding both to your bond and your individual self. It works as the perfect antidote that couples require to get away from the monotony and stress of their everyday life.

Witnessing the wonders of nature, engaging in different adventures, and enjoying good food is not the only thing that should come in your mind when you are going camping. Getting a good night’s sleep is also essential, especially if you do not want to wake up with a cranky mood the next day. 

Henceforth, we have collected reviews and data of the top 5 best camping mattress for couples that would make your camping trip a perfect hit.

We have selected brands with top-notch history of quality, reputation, and selling to provide you with nothing but the best products. So, let us get started right away.

What To Look For In Your Mattress

Best Camping Mattress For Couples

There are various things that are beyond our control when we are camping outside. Starting from hard rainfall to noisy neighbors, camping without a good mattress will surely destroy your good night’s sleep.

After all, your mood through the entire trip also depends on how well you slept. 

As buying from the scores of options available in the market can get quite difficult, here is a comprehensive brief on how you can find the best camping mattress for couples


There are several types of mattresses that you can buy according to your requirements. There are air mattresses, self-inflating mattresses, foam mattresses, and more.

Selecting the correct type of mattresses depends on where you are going to campaign, the number of people, and other factors. For instance, if you are car camping, then buying an air mattress made of thick foam is a good option. They are not only easy to use but very comfortable.

Apart from that, with this type of mattresses, you do not have to worry about getting a leak like that in air mattresses. Whereas, if you are backpacking, then buying a self-inflating mattress would be better for you as they pack down small, and extremely lightweight. 


There are a wide range of materials that manufacturers use to make camping mattresses. However, the key element that you need to have a good look at is your mattresses’ outer shell.

Some of the most common materials are polyester, ripstop nylon, and PVC. These are famous due to their water-resistant and durability feature that allows them to handle any wear and tear.

The outer shell is of utmost importance as it is the first place to get a leak and the first place that would have direct contact with your skin. 

Shape and Size

Mattresses are available in numerous shapes and sizes. So, it is better that you buy a tent first before you buy your mattress.

That way, you would be able to buy the best camping mattress for couples that is not too big or too small to fit inside your tend. Apart from that, if you are thinking of car camping, you should measure the interior carefully to find the best fit. 

Packed Size and Weight

In case you plan to hike your way to the camp site, you have to ensure that the mattress you are buying is lightweight and packs down small.

In such cases, it is best to buy self-inflating mattresses or air mattresses. However, if you are going for car camping, then you can go for foam mattresses that are bigger, heavier, and more comforting. 

Now that you have a fair idea on which basis you should buy the best camping mattress for couples, let us check out the list of some amazing products. 

Best Camping Mattress for Couples

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo 

This product has all the rights for being at the top of our list. Coleman here is offering you a twin and portable air mattress along with a cot that is just ideal for camping.

What’s more, you get this at a steal away price. It features the ComfortStrong Coil System that would provide you with the ultimate comfort and support. 

Apart from that, it is also complemented with an AirTight system that comes with a Double Lock valve that prevents the mattress from any leakage. It can even accommodate individuals who are 6 feet tall. 


Style Twin
Frame Steel
Overall Weight 41.9 pounds
Support Capacity Over 300 pounds


  • The mattress comes with a cot structure at an affordable price. 
  • The product is easily foldable. 
  • It has a sewn-in cover that keeps the airbed from moving here and there. 


  • The batteries needed to operate the pump are sold separately. 

My Thoughts

This Coleman camping mattress and cot was among the best camping mattress for couples 2019 and has rightfully managed to keep its position in the top this year as well.

It is that integral camping tool that would help you to enjoy your favorite outdoor experiences. The steel frame is hardy and durable that provides longevity to the product.

Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

Go camping with your loved one tension-free knowing that you will enjoy the best night’s sleep when you are using the air bed mattress from Lightspeed.  

The mattress is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is phthalate-free and PVC-free material that is abrasion-resistant. Therefore, the mattress is less prone to ballooning and stretching, durable, and light. 

The mattress is further attached with a single cap valve that makes deflation and inflation easy. Therefore, users can easily attach the air pump right into the cap to facilitate easy airflow. It also comes with a patented stabilizing system that evenly distributes the weight to maintain a flat surface. 


Capacity Two People
Weight 6 Pounds
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty
Accessories Battery Operated Pump


  • The PVC-free mattress is durable, temperature stable, and lightweight. 
  • Users can adjust the firmness with the help of the two-way Boston valve. 
  • It comes with an oversized carry bag that can help you to store it easily. 


  • Buyers need to purchase the batteries of the pump separately. 

My Thoughts

After reading the best camping air mattress for couples review, it can be rightfully concluded that it is one the best mattresses that would truly alleviate the camping experience for any couple. It also comes in two bright shades that brings added color to the joyful and exciting experience. Moreover, the inner tab of the mattress also prevents the air from leaking. 

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QDH SUV Air Mattress – Thickened Car Bed Back Seat Mattress

If you are looking for the best car camping mattress for couples, then this product is just made for you.  It is made of ingredient-safe along with comfortable materials.

It is easy to store and carry before inflating which makes it super convenient for the buyers to use it. It can be simply fitted at the car’s back seat. The inflatable mattress is made from wear-resistant and non-slip PVC material that makes it perfect for picnic and camping.

It can withstand heavy weights of up to 260 kilograms. The mattress is moisture-proof on both sides. Apart from that, the mattress’ surface comes with a warmer flocking that keeps the mattress warm even when the temperature is low. Moreover, the mattress can be even cleaned with a damp cloth.


Capacity Two to Four People
Weight 6.86 Pounds
Accessories Air Pump, Nozzle, Storage Bag, and Repair Patches
Design Wave Pattern


  • The mattress comes in full state, comfortable resilience, and uniform texture to balance the body support. 
  • The SUV air cushion also features exquisite and mature sealing technology that makes the joints smooth and strong. 
  • The thickened material is shock-absorbent that eliminates any bumpy feeling that can be caused while driving. 


  • The mattress won’t fit properly in small cars. 
  • It comes in only one color. 

My Thoughts

A cost-effective mattress that is both drop-proof and crash-proof and can rightfully protect your good night’s sleep throughout the night. The mat can be inflatable fully or partially according to the user’s requirements. In addition to that, users can also charge the mattress only in three minutes as well as deflate it quickly via the three widened vents.

Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress

Another best camping air mattress for couples, it is complemented with a flocked top that adds an extra layer of softness and warmth while the structure and design of the mattress offers a solid support design.

The mattress can also support a weight of up to 650 lb, therefore allowing it to fit even a small family. Users can deflate and inflate the mattress within ninety seconds only. 

It has been further designed with a 2-in-2 valve. The inner valve facilitates fast inflation while the outer valve helps in accommodating air inside the mattress within only a few seconds. Moreover, it is a fifteen gauge puncture-resistant air mattress that readily allows it to face any outdoor elements. 


Capacity  2 People
Maximum Capacity 550 lb
Inflation Time 3 – 5 Minutes
Accessories Charger and Pump


  • The mattress comes with a carry bag that allows for easy and hassle-free storage. 
  • The nozzle accessory of the pump is compatible with a wide range of inflatables. 
  • The complementary rechargeable pump can be used with both DC and AC adapters. 


  • Bothe sizes are very similar. 

My Thoughts

The best camping mattress for couples for which you do not have to spend a whole lot of money. The mattress can be quickly pumped to the desired firmness.

The inner construction of the mattress has been built by using the latest technology that makes it more robust and less-prone to any natural elements. Moreover, the mattress has also passed toxic tests on phthalates, cadmium, and lead which makes it super safe to use. 

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  • Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort Plush Elevated Airbed

Last but not least from the best camping mattress for couples, this Dura-Beam Deluxe Airbed by Intex comes with patented fiber-tech interiors that are enhanced with incredible high-strength, lightweight, luxurious comfortable, and exceptionally durable fibers. It also had edge-lock construction that provides ultimate mattress stability and more sleeping space. 

Some other mind-blowing features include pillowtop air systems that add extra comfort, velvety sides for puncture resistance and more abrasion. The best camping mattress for couples that also comes in three different patterns to provide a more defined experience. 


Weight 0.1 Kilograms
Size Queen
Materials PVC
Accessories Repair Patch and Airbed


  • The mattress has a weight capacity of nearly three hundred pounds. 
  • It features a high-powered, built-in AC electric pump that offers hassle-free deflation and inflation. 


  • The inflation time can take longer than three minutes. 

My Thoughts

The most cost-effective mattress that has all the features of a high-end brand. The best thing about this mattress is that it comes with repair patches that can be easily used in case of any wear and tear. Moreover, it also comes with the perfect elevation that is not too high or too short. 

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best camping mattress for couples that you can buy right away for your next trip. They have been hand-picked and scrutinized to provide you with the best of best.

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Not only will they help you sleep comfortably at night, but they are also easy to carry around during camping. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your mattress today. 

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