How To Pack Necklaces For Travel ?

So, you’re wondering how to pack necklaces for travel? And, you’re just at the right place. Traveling with jewelry and chains can be a daunting task, and most of us make mistakes of packing our necklaces casually for vacation and hoping for it to be as it is. Like every other traveler, you’re having doubts about how to pack necklaces without tangling just to assure that when you unpack them at the destination, they do not end up being a tangled mess. 

People use necklace cases or sandwich bags to prevent their necklaces from tangling. But, this isn’t the best solution because even if you keep each chain separately, that doesn’t guarantee that the necklace doesn’t get tangled within itself. It’s quite a tiring task to solve knotted mess even when you didn’t keep it close to any other chain. Sometimes necklaces get tangled so severely that it becomes frustrating to untangle them, especially the more minor jewelry that can get lost if untangled uncarefully. People opt to leave their favorite chains at home due to the fear of loss or damage. 

This ultimate guide will take you through the ideas that will help you pack your long necklaces for travel?

How To Pack Necklaces for Travel:- Find Your Answer Here

How To Pack Necklaces For Travel guide

1. Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Yes, You’ve heard it right. I know it seems quite unconventional. But, a simple toilet paper roll can help you in holding jewelry in various ways. Threading a necklace simply through a toilet paper roll cylinder and fastening them when threaded.

This method will make sure that the necklace will not get tangled within itself, but can’t prevent it from messing into necklaces. You can put quite a few necklaces on that same roll. You can clamp your bracelets with one another. 

These rolls should not be crushed down to the bottom by the weight of your luggage, it’s good to pack them above heavier items in the luggage bag.

2. Using A Large Case

Large Cases go unnoticed but can be of great use if you want to carry that one long and large necklace that you’ve planned to wear on the prime day of any function which will make you stand out from the crowd. These necklaces can be the statement of your entire outfit because they add a touch of color even on a plain outfit.

Large size jewelry cases can hold up to 16 pieces of jewelry. This list of jewelry can include earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

3. Using A Hobby Box to Pack Rings

A hobby box is nothing but a plastic box that has compartments inside it and children use it for jewelry-making hobbies. These hobby boxes can be used to store rings as well as earrings because these small compartments make them perfect for protecting earrings and rings to pop out while moving.

4. Using Sandwich Bags

A snack bag or sandwich bag can come in handy when you have to pack your necklaces. Placing one necklace in a single compartment will prevent it from tangling. If the necklace gets tangled within itself because of fragility, instead of stuffing it directly into sandwich bags, you should roll it in toilet paper or wrap it with tissue paper. 

Further, place the necklace back into the bag, making sure to flatten it by forcing out the extra air.

5. Using Ziplock Bags

This method is also one of the finest methods where we can use everyday household items for storing our jewelry. Ziplock bags are quite effective because they prevent your jewelry from tangling when traveling. You should place each necklace in a separate ziplock bag.

One thing to keep in mind, while zipping, there should be enough distance between the zip and the jewelry. If the zip catches the necklace anyhow, then it can surely damage or even break the necklace.  

Earrings and rings can also be stored in ziplock bags.

6. Using Hangers 

Plastic hangers are a perfect and inexpensive way to keep statement necklaces untangled while traveling. Wrapping the necklace around the lower rings of the hanger and storing them in any department. 

Lastly, to pack all your long jewelry without any tangling issues, you should place each hanger in a different compartment. 

7. Using Plastics Wrappers

This method is one of the best ways to reuse because you’ll be using common kitchen items to store your necklaces and other jewelry. In this method, you can easily prevent the chains from moving and getting tangled.

Following are the steps to perform a plastic wrap:

a)  Place the necklace over the plastic wrap.

b) Wrap the necklace from both ends inwardly and seal it.

c) When you want to wear it, just pull apart the wrapping, and you’re ready to go.

You can use the same plastic wrap multiple times by resealing it back in the plastic wrap for the next time.

8. Using Straws

This is one of the cheapest yet effective methods to prevent your precious jewelry from tangling. Straws can be used very easily. You have to loop one end of your necklace through the straw to the other end and then fasten both the ends together to avoid tangling. 

In this way, the necklaces will be separated from each other.

9. Using Pill Case Organizer

Daily pill cases, Yes you heard it right. These daily use items can be of great use to carry your necklaces properly and tangled-free. You can get these pill cases from any nearby drug store or online. They will keep the necklaces compartmentalized and you can store different jewelry for different outfits in different segments to prevent them from mismatching. 

10. Using A Jewelry Carrier

A Travel Jewelry Box can be a great investment if you often travel with several expensive jewelrys. The jewelry box have compartments specified for certain type of jewelrys. The most important benefit of using a jewelry box is the security. These boxes can be locked.

Soft jewelry rolls are also helpful because it will take less space than a bulkier jewelry box. Jewelry rolls can be more convenient solution because they come with a protective cloth. 


Traveling to a foriegn destination with jewelry can be risky and scary because they can be lost or forgotten. You should try to carry minimal jewelrys and avoid carrying highly expensive jewelrys while traveling. So that even if you happen to lost or misplace them somewhere along the path, you won’t be that devastated with yourself. 

Valuable jewelrys should be packed in carry-on luggage instead of packing them in checked luggage. The carry-on luggage is the safest way for your precious items.

These tips will help you plan out your strategic packaging for how to pack necklaces for travel?. These tricks will keep your travel outfits classy along with preventing your gems from becoming a tangled mess like a puzzle!!!

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