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Can You Bring a Curling Iron on a Plane [2023]

It has been a question of all time; hair appliances are the needs one have when travelling far away. Usually, facilities provided by hotels are not up to the mark, and if you are your own hairstylist, then it is a major concern to you.

Answer to the question of Can you bring a curling iron on a plane?  is Yes. But you need to be careful with that. Obviously, because it is an electrical appliance which makes it even more sensitive. Earlier people had a great doubt about carrying curling irons, now that many have become familiar to it, it is now becoming a new trend to carry your personal care with ease while travelling.

You might want to ask what type of curling iron is allowed in the flights; we are happy to tell you that you can carry below-mentioned products too with the curling iron:

Which Kind of Curling Iron You Can Take

1. Curling iron

2. Gas hair curler

3. Electric hair curler iron

4. Hair straightener

5. Hairdryers

Things to keep in mind while packing curling iron

  •   Keep it separately; do not keep it in your luggage.
  •   Even after checking, do not keep it inside your luggage.
  •   Make sure you do not carry any extra gas element to support it.
  •   You can carry it on the delta (it has to be one per passenger).

So people gear up and let your hairs do the talking on your terms. Now that you can carry your hair gears to fulfil almost every need of your hairs. Wash them, dry them, straighten them or curl them it is all up to you. TSA has permitted the flying of hair appliances which makes it easier for your international journeys.

 We understand that you might be unclear about carrying the equipment with you on an international flight. Let us make sure that it is not us who Approves your carriage with a curling iron. It is the TSA itself. TSA is the transportation security administration, US. It approves the carriage with hair straighteners and curlers.

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TSA Rules

Though this electrical appliance can travel with ease, you still need to be careful about it. TSA has allowed the carriage of curlers internationally too, the only thing which can be troublesome here is the voltage of the curler. Usually, the voltage differs from place to place, considering the compatibility factor, which is tagged along with it. Can you bring a curling iron on a plane? :- go with TSA rules.

One needs to make sure that they carry dual voltage curler or straightener as the US supports 110 voltage while Europe system supports 220. carrying a dual voltage electrical appliance for hairs, relying upon the dual voltage is the best option. 

Lesson if you don’t care for your luggage

Safety is also the major issue whenever you are carrying the electrical appliance. It is better to read the guidelines of the TSA. Nobody is actually responsible for your luggage other than you; you need to be sure like Rita. Rita is a graduate who was flying to her hometown after completing her exams.

She packed all of her stuff as she was going back to her home after a pretty long time. She kept her straightener in the different bag than the one she hung around her neck and a suitcase as she checked in and went for further inspection she found out in the flight that her bag with straightener was not there.

She kept on asking everybody, but nobody had any clue, and even after enquiring the airport, her straightener was never found. It was gone, so far gone. What we learnt from her experience is that though we have a system to look after us and to hold responsible to. It does not allow anyone to be irresponsible. One needs to be careful of their belongings. As it was said that you could keep it in your delta, then it indeed is her fault that she did not keep it safe.

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Can you bring a curling iron on a plane

Flights are sensitive to electrical equipment they might cause a great level of risks at the time. Following the TSA guidelines or flying rules are just not enough. You need to be careful on your own also. Applying common sense to this makes you a more responsible citizen. You may like to do a few things mentioned below before getting on board.

Some points to keep in mind before boarding

  •   Make sure the curler or straightener is switched off
  •   Check if the temperature is normal or not.
  •   Do not use a curler or straightener just before your flight, it might burn your clothes and can be a problem to fellow passengers.
  •   Use it accordingly to suit the timing of your flight, giving it enough to cool down.
  •   You cannot use it on the flight.
  •   Make sure they are well covered.
  •   Switch on the safety cover while keeping it in your luggage.

Also, since some curling irons have hydrocarbon gas such as butane, which brings you under the sharp eyes of the inspection team, you need to keep it in your carry bag for the obvious reasons that it might be harmful to the flight. They need to make sure of the safety of everyone. So do not put them in your checked bags in any case.  These tips you need to follow if you want to bring a curling iron on a plane?

Hence proved or we should say approved that our ladies can flaunt their luscious hairs with ease. As they are allowed to take their hair gears almost wherever they want. No worries but a little care of the hair gears can tag the joy along on the journey. 


Here you get the complete answer of the question:- Can you bring a curling iron on a plane? is yes.

Thus there are different rules to carry various items with you. This article is based upon  which :-Can you bring a curling iron on a plane? the security is checking on the plane. If you are having doubts regarding this post, then you can comment. I will try to solve your issue as I can. Thank you for your valuable time to visit us.

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