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Can You Take A Pocket Knife On A Plane

Can you take a pocket knife on a plane? It is both YES and a NO! Pocket Knife is very useful and portable and most of us have the habit to carry it along with us. You can easily open a box, a glass lid, or any package with it. The pocket knife is also used as a defence tool. You never know who would attack you. So you keep that small foldable pocket knife along with you. Be it be any reason, pocket knives are slide-in items whenever you go out. Now it is absolutely legal to roam around with a pocket knife.

What about when you are traveling by air? Well, bringing knives on a plane has always been a controversial topic. Most of us are always pondering upon whether you can take a knife on a plane? Most of us would check and recheck with the airlines. But for those who are still searching on the net for the answers, you have come to the right place.

We will provide you with all the answers regarding can you take a pocket knife on a plane? You can also check which knives are approved by the TSA and which are not approved. Let’s discuss further. Can You Take A Pocket Knife On A Plane:-find the complete answer

Can you take a pocket knife in carry-on bags?

As discussed earlier, pocket knives are slide-in items. We easily put them in our bags or purse without thinking for a moment. This habit of sliding in can put you in trouble. The transportation security administration (TSA) has given guidelines over this. You are not allowed to carry pocket knives in your carry-on bags. Hence, it a NO for a carry-on bag.

Why? There is always a risk of some people hurting others with the knives or threatening the co-passengers. The TSA, as well as the co-passengers, don’t know the intention behind carrying a pocket knife. Hence it is prohibited for security purposes. We, as learned travelers need to respect and abide by security rules. Read more to know can you take a pocket knife on a plane?

Can you take a pocket knife in carry-on bags

Can you take a pocket knife in your checked bags?

Of course, Yes! TSA has no problem you carrying knives, pocket knives in your checked bags. Rather it is mandatory to put sharp things in your checked bags only. Hence it is a YES for checked bags. Here you have got all the answers regarding can you take a pocket knife on a plane? What more can you take?

Can you take plastic or round-bladed butter knife on a plane?

It’s a piece of good news for all the travelers. You can bring a plastic knife on a plane which we usually use for cutting cakes or for decoration purposes. You can put them in your carry-on bags. You can even take round-bladed butter knife (metal or plastic) on a plane.  These are not sharp and can cause no harm. So if you want you can put it in your carry-on bag. The traveler should note that no sharp things are allowed on a plane. They are not allowed in your carry-on bags as well as not in the onboarding plane.  So if someone asks you, are small pocket knives allowed on airplanes? Tell them a NO with the reason.

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We even suggest taking a plastic butter knife instead of a metal knife even if TSA allows it. This is the most effective way to not fall into trouble with any authority. They might ask you for an explanation and if it doesn’t convince them, your metal butter knife can get confiscated.

Can you take Swiss Army knife on a plane?

The TSA has prohibited the transport of Swiss Army knife on a plane in your carry-on bags. The reason still remains the same – the security of all the travelers. But you can definitely put them in your checked bags. Just make sure to put them in a manner that won’t hurt any baggage handler and inspector.  All the sharp knives must be wrapped securely and safely for no further damage to your suitcase as well no harm to anyone. We need to take extra precautions while carrying knives. So can you take a pocket knife on a plane? Yes but in checked bags only.

Remember the final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.

What if you forget to remove the pocket knife from the carry-on?

Here we have answered which knives are allowed in carry-on bags and can you take a pocket knife on a plane? As the saying goes, to err is human. Imagine that you are too late for the flight and in hurry you forget to remove that pocket knife form your carry-on bag? And the TSA officer finds out about the knife during security screening. What a dreadful situation! What can you do during such times? No worries, we will tell what is to be done.

Here are the ways through which you can deal with it.

  1. Don’t panic, you can always put that knife in your checked bags. But place it securely and cushion it so that it won’t hurt anyone.
  2. You can just give it away to your family or friends who have come to see you off.
  3. If you have come by your car, you can put it in the car.
  4. Leave it with airport security. The security officers generally destroy it or donate it to non-profit organizations.
  5. You can just transfer it through mail to anyone you wish to at that moment. It would be securely transferred to the respected person.

Do you have to declare knives in checked luggage?

Most of the times, you don’t have to declare that you carrying knives in your checked luggage. But for that you need to pack the knives very safely and wrap them with something that would not cause any harm. You can wrap them with a cloth or bubble sheets or put them in a box of thermocol. It could be done anyway. But make sure it is safe and secure. If they are not packed properly the authorities would demand an explanation. Let’s not fall into any trouble and follow the rules.

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Legal and illegal knives

Kitchen knives are allowed as well as folding pocket knives in your checked bags. But a few knives that come under weapon category can be prohibited. You need to check which category your knives fall into e.g. are they automatic knives, flick knives, Balisongs, Folding knives or Ballistic knives. Do check with your airlines before carrying any knife. After all, the decision rests with the TSA officer at the checkpoint. 


Knives can be brought in checked luggage but not in a carry-on bag. So if you had a doubt? Can you take a pocket knife on a plane? Then you know all about it now. Take all the precautions needed. You can easily bring a plastic or round-bladed butter knife in your carry-on. Make sure they are not too big in size.

You even got the answer on can you take the Swiss Army knife on a plane? Also, make sure about the type of knife you are carrying. This will help you in the hassle-free journey. We make sure that you have a planned and secure journey. If you have any doubts about what to carry and what not, do check our other posts and you can always comment below for clarifications. Thank you for your time. Have a nice journey.

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