Honaunau Bay – Best Snorkeling Spots To Visit 2023

Honaunau Bay also known for the best underwater sights on the island and a popular destination for both big island snorkeling and scuba diving. The bay is decored by a soft lava rock shelf, one can access to the ocean entry through pae’a or two-step.

How do I get to Honaunau Bay?

Honaunau is nearby 20miles (32km) south of Kailua-Kona on the City of Refuge Road(State Highway160). Turn off Highway 11 at the Kona Coffeehouse & Cafe between the 104 and 103-mile markers.  After Drive down the hill 3.5 miles (5.5km)

How far from Naalehu to Honaunau bay

It takes 1 hour 23 minutes from naalehu to honaunua bay to reach via hI-11/Hawaii belt road.

All about Honaunau Bay

Two-step is another name of this huge island as it has two natural steps in the lava flow to enter and get off the crystal clear water. pae’a is located just beyond the snacks table and boat launch area of the northern corner of honaunau.there are many mysterious and the treasure trove of ancient Hawaiian artifacts at the palm-lined beaches along the southern edge of Honaunau Bay.

Honaunau Bay (Two Step)

Puuhonua o Honaunau park is celebrated in a 180-acre ancient park visited by locals and visitors alike, also known as important cultural and historical site as its once served refuge for prisoners of war and a place for judgemental people who went against the law.though it offers less facility you’ll find the basics in the parking area, also the lifeguards are not always the back of the shore, you’ll find showers, restrooms, shops, etc.


the weather at the Honaunau bay is 28* F which is partly cloudy. the humidity percent at the bay is 66 % and precip 23%. the speed of the wind is 13 km/hr. as per weather forecast, it keeps fluctuating between 25* F TO 30*F.

Honaunau Bay Dolphin Adventure

swimming with dolphins is a very amazing and heartwarming experience to cherish.they are mostly found in the center of the big bay, the height is around 100-120 feet. very few of them get the chance to see the  Hawaiian spinner dolphins only in the deeper parts of the island. Dolphins feed at night, while the day time they are usually on rest .dolphins follow a particular sleep pattern known as unihemispheric sleep, which means they shut half of their brain at a time and move slowly around the surface.

using this technique, they love to rest in the calmer waters in the safer bay like Honaunau bay.dolphins get the best rest here because they need to be less alert here. Interesting facts about the dolphin are they shut the opposite eye from the side in which the brain is it’s hard to find the dolphins while you are visiting .Its the cherry on the top moment when you get to see the Hawaiian dolphins.

Honaunau Bay Water Activities

instead of visiting the national park, you can also spend your time with water activities like snorkeling, surfing, etc. Snorkeling basically is a practice of swimming on or through a body of water while attached a diving mask (a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel). This tool helps the snorkeler give eyesight to see underwater creatures. you get to see multiple kinds of fishes, corals about 10-15 feet of water also you’ll notice the bay surge in the ascending and descending form.

Honaunau Bay Water Activities

HonaunauBay Beaches To Try

happiness is waves hitting your feet and sand being your seat and, imagine if that place is a remote sandbar where you find nothing but peace and tranquil beauty. Honaunau Bay is becoming a must-visit Hawaiian destination because of its eternal beauty like the crescent-shaped beach, white sands, palm trees.honaunau is one of the most photographed beaches.

Activity Rating Details
Child-Friendliness 4 of 5 Tranquil waters look this beach safe for children for Swimming, through a lack of amusements geared specifically towards little one them bored
Swimming 5 of 5 Honaunau’s clear turquoise water is always warm and home to a variety of rare sea life, perfect for drives to explore
Sand 5 of 5 Clean, white and satiny smooth, these shores define perfection.
Atmosphere 5 of 5 If the idea of paradise sounds appealing, Honaunau won’t disappoint.
Non-Beach Activities 4 of 5 Plenty of historic sites and outdoor adventures await visitors, but many require access to cars or other transportation.

Shark Attacks

As they saw a moving shadow materialize along the bottom the first thought based on the outline was a huge tiger shark. As it got closer they realized that at 30-35′ it could be no tiger. till the moment they watched the shark rolled above one of them, and then got submerged back down at 40 m and cruising outbound along the south plank of the bay.

The swimmers were swimming as fast as they can because they dint wanted to lose the nearly unrecognizable shadow which they were following .after a few hundred meters they finally caught there breath as they lost the following route of the shadow. The whale shark was never witnessed by any of the other freedivers training in the middle of the bay ever. I wonder how often they swim noticed by all of us.

Honaunau Bay Shark Attack


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