Complete Guide to Visit Lulumahu Falls Trail [2023]

We got a plan for your weekend to Lulumahu falls hike in Oahu.

Travel till your mind blows. Yes, because that is the one thing that will remain forever. Nature never dies, it is immortal and so are the adventures which one seeks after a long hectic weekend. If you are near Hawaii in the US, then hiking in Oahu falls is a lifetime experience waiting for you.

How to Get to Lulumahu Falls

lulumahu falls directions

  • One can reach from Waikiki to Pali highway towards Kailua. 
  • From there, take a right turn towards the parking lot. 
  • Do not worry if you see boards at the entrance saying ‘no entry’ or ‘road blocked’ etc., make sure you read the trail guidelines and trespassing details well. 

It is not some ordinary trail you are visiting. This is a bit different because of security reasons. It would help if you got an entry pass from the owner of the land. The land is coming under the supervision of the Honolulu Board of Water Supply. It would help if you got a permit first then start the trial due to security reasons.  

Lulumahu Falls Hike Entrance

luhumahu falls

There are no fees or entry fees of Lulumahu Falls, so do not get fooled. Just follows the wilderness in the lap of mesmerizing trees and plants. The calmness and serenity of nature follow you.

Blooming flowers spreading fragrances all across the green land and chirping of birds enhanced by the swirling wind in your hair. The broken leaves and branches are crackling with each step of yours on it. While sun kisses your cheeks, you will unknowingly seek new adventure and inhale the beauty like you never did. 

As you will enter the trail, welcomed by the ride of rocky and bushy land. A moderately easy path is not worth underestimating. You might get lost in little Greenland, but for that, You will have to follow some pink ribbons tied on trees blindly. You will witness the decorations from the beginning of the trail but do not ignore them. You might get lost in this beautiful beast. Follow them till you reach the destination.

Some of the falls in Oahu have restrooms but do not look for it here in bushes because they do not have one here. It is a small trail, and you can walk it out in 2 hours while chilling with your mates. Beginning with the tall fascinating bamboo trees and followed by cemented staircases which will eventually turn into the massive ancient rocks. Some streams might excite you on your way to the lulumahu falls, enjoy the starter and move further as you may run out of time. 

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Weather and Things to carry at Lulumahu Waterfalls

This place is not made for your rainy muse. It has a small stream of water which you will pass as you will go further. In the rain the water level increases.

Which turns this moderately easy trail into a danger zone. AVOID GOING IF IT IS RAINY OR CLOUDY. Be careful if you encounter rain during the path as weather cannot be trusted.

‘Fancy bees are not hikers’ saying this does not mean fancy bees are not intended for hiking, but you cannot be just fancy with unfolding yourself to the life experiences. One needs to be careful and decide according to the trail they are going on. 

  • Wear shoes with proper frictional sole
  • Carry one pair of extra clothes
  • Wear full sleeves clothes and long bottoms too
  • Carry a raincoat or umbrella
  • Wear durable quality long boots (it can get muddy, and also it have stream crossings.) 

Essentials for this beauty and yours too

  • Carry a sunscreen (if or if not you are a sun-sensitive person, you will understand it when you will reach. So carry one to avoid rashes causing from harsh light.)
  • Carry a bug spray (your wilderness can wait, folks, so be kind to yourself)
  • Avoid bathing in fall water. Especially if you are a person with sensitive skin. The freshwater like these falls contains a bacteria called Leptospira. It can cause leptospirosis. A disease caused due to the spread of urinal of animals in the water. The symptoms are red eyedness, jaundice, headache, nausea, high fever, vomiting followed by abdominal pain etc., 
  • Carry basic medications
  • Wear full clothes 
  • Avoid going if you have a prior skin injury as it can enhance the chances of catching the bacteria.
  • Carry your valid photo id cards

Best time to visit Lulumahu water Falls

Early to bed early to rising, you can recall this line from your kindergarten, right !! No.. you do not need to get your schedule disturbed, but you have to manage it for a day. To make your weekend worth something. This trail is a daylight desert, not the night one with loaded with hangover lasting a day. So wake up early and reach as soon as possible, for say 7 or 8 am in the perfect timing, the timing to be relied upon for your day-long muse. Else you will be running out of the joy and excellent pictures for social media to envy your friends.

A day-long journey in the lap of nature is not only essential but a famous dish with a compulsion to have by hook or crook. Hawaii is filled with such serene views and extraordinary adventures that come handy here. Oahu falls an island brimming with falls and spellbound views. Give it a visit if you are in Hawaii as people living in Hawaii are already privileged to have a bucket full of nature in their home. Good luck with your journey.

How Long is Lulu mahu Falls

A 50 feet long Lulumahu falls situated at the back of Nu’uanu Valley. It is a hiking adventure that will take your pretty 2 hours to reach. A 3.7 km round trip is worth your weekend. A trail brimming with a variety of experiences should be in your checkbook of travel journeys.


So, it is done and dusted; I completed every kind of information that you can ask about Luhumahu Falls. In case you have any queries that can fit with this fall and its experience, then please ask about that in the comment section because I want to deliver the best data to the people. 

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