Nawadaha Falls: One of the Best Hiking Trails You Should Follow

 Life is short and world is wide. So make sure you live it to the fullest. For this, you should never miss any traveling opportunity.  Travelling helps you make memories to cherish. It helps you to widen your knowledge about different places and their culture. Travelling helps you to release stress which makes you happy. So you should try to explore new places. 

So we are here to tell you about one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Michigan and that is Nawadaha Falls. 

Nawadaha falls is located on the Presque Isle River in the  Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Gogebic County, Michigan. This park was established in 1945 to protect the area’s large stand of old-grown forest. Nawadaha falls is a low and wide waterfall. This waterfall can be considered the easiest accessible waterfall among the waterfalls of the Porcupine Mountains. This fall has a height of  15 feet (4.6m) and a crest of 15-150 feet. The Presque Isle  River runs 42.1 miles through the upper peninsula of  Michigan and empties itself into Lake Superior. The Presque  Isle river flows through the Ottawa National Forest and  Porcupine Wilderness State Park. It is a wild and natural scenic river. 

Nawadaha Falls, Presque Isle River 

Nawadaha Falls guide

The Presque isle river has a drainage area of 300 miles in Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. This river has strong currents and sections of Rapids. It has three waterfalls  –Nawadaha fall, Manido fall, and Manabezho fall. The 

Nawadaha fall is a short walk from Manido fall. The rapid current will surely grab your attention.  

The presence of numerous waterfall makes the western side of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park attractive for visitors. This area is also known as Presque Isle Scenic  Area. The trail around the north end of this river allows the visitors to loop before it empties itself into Lake Superior.  

Nawadaha falls is the third and the uppermost fall of the  Presque Isle waterfalls. Till a few years back, visitors had to walk along a rugged trail with lots of steep ups and downs and there was no viewing point for the visitors. But after 2001, a  viewing platform and a short trail to the falls were added from the back of its entrance station.  

Nawadah falls is a low fall. However, its width varies depending upon water levels. This fall is a little higher than  Manido falls which is the other beautiful fall of the Presque  Isle River. The steepest part of the Nawadaha falls lie on the eastern side of the mountain and when the river is low, most of the water flows there. 

Waterfalls have long been one of the top tourists destinations for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A partial view of these falls may be behind the ranger station but it is really hard to get a  feel of how wide and beautiful these falls are. The best view comes from the east bank, which is reached by taking the less than 2-mile loop hike that begins at Manabezho falls. 

Important places to visit near Nawadaha Falls  

If you are planning for a short and easy journey to waterfalls,  Nawadaha falls can be one of them. After taking the view of this fall, you can also go to visit the other two beautiful falls present in Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. It takes somewhere around 45 minutes to drive to Nawadaha falls from Lake of Clouds, which is another popular tourist destination on another side of the Porcupine Mountains  Wilderness State Park.  

How to get to Nawadaha Falls  

If you are only planning to visit Nawadaha falls, your location for Google maps should be Presque Isle State Campground.  The actual location of this fall is the north of South Boundary  Road. There is parking near the main road next to the bridge. This main road is called S Boundary Road and Forest  Trail 117 on Google map. But in case you are just planning to go to Nawadaha falls, then you can park your car in a small parking area located right near the direct trail to this fall.  

Nawadaha Falls Michigan  

Michigan is a state in the Great Lakes and Upper Midwestern  United States. French voyageurs and coureurs des Bois explored and settled in Michigan in the 17th century. It is the tenth most densely populated state and eleventh largest state in terms of its area. The capital of Michigan is Lansing and its largest city is Detroit. Michigan is popular for fishing. The main reason behind this is its coastline. It has the largest freshwater coastline in the United States. Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline of any political subdivision in the world.  

Michigan consists of two peninsulas separated by the Straits of Mackinac. There are about 300 waterfalls in the city of  Michigan. The web of rushing waterways that cross “Mitten  State” creates these waterfalls in Michigan. These waterfalls take on distinctively different personalities in different seasons. In autumn, the waterfalls of Michigan get framed by colorful foliage that accents photos. It makes gorgeous bikes down the path that leads t these waterfalls. In winter, the falls get frozen into ice sculptures as stunning as art — and great for recreational climbing. Spring season brings the roar of winter’s melt whereas, in summer, the falls are perfect for picnics. 

Things to do in Nawadaha Falls  

Waterfalls have no doubt aesthetic qualities which help to improve your mood and make you feel relaxed. So you can definitely plan your next trip to Nawadaha falls. Along with the scenic beauty of waterfalls, you can also take a view of several other popular attractions of this park such as Lake of the Clouds, the scenic Presque Isle River corridor, Porcupine  Mountains Ski Area, etc. Due to the presence of so many beautiful sites at one location, this area has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. This park also provides various other facilities such as an extensive network of backcountry trails for hiking and wilderness backpacking,  rustic trailside cabins, modern campgrounds, swimming and boating areas, etc. 

However, as per the State of Michigan’s Parks and Recreation area, swimming is not allowed in Nawadaha falls or any other falls of Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. 

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