Crouching Lion Hike Oahu A Guide To Reach & Hike There

Crouching lion hike is one of the usual kitschy treks in Oahu’s. It offers some of the best and most breathtaking views of the island — those people who breathe in an adventure that can’t miss this beautiful place.

Crouching lion hike is officially closed, but those trackers who breathe in tracking, it is a paradise for them. It is not illegal to crouching lion trek.

Crouching lion hike Oahu trails have two distinct tracks. One of them takes around 30-40 minutes for the hike, and another one will take 4-5 hours to complete the trek. It is one of the most beloved tracks in Oahu. If you love hiking, then this track always on your bucket list.

Crouching lion hike is one the best trek to do in Oahu and one of the best things to see in Oahu. You will get some of the best views of Kahana Bay.

How to get to Crouching Lion Hike

One of the hardest tasks about this track is where it starts. If you are new at this place, then it will take 20 minutes to find the trailhead on the Kamehameha Highway. After viewing the trailhead, you need to find parking space to park your vehicle.

How to reach to the Crouching Lion Hike

Address:- 51-676 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaaawa, HI 96730, United States

when you spot the two signs to look for at the trailhead now, you can begin tracking for Crouching lion hike. 

About Crouching Lion Hike's on oahu

Pro tip:- Don’t park your car along Trout Farm Road, as your car could get towed. Instead, park at Swanzy Beach Park.

Crouching Lion Short Trail

Crouching lion short trails will take 40-50 minutes for hiking and 20 minutes for downwards. In the route of the short track, there are also two ways to complete the trek.

One, there is mention that it takes 40-50 minutes to complete. It is the more extended, more challenging, but it is also a lot more picturesque, while the second one is shorter, it will take only 20-25 minutes to complete the track, and it is easier than above. During this way, we will miss most of the stunning views along the way.

Is Crouching Lion Hike Dangerous?

Hiking in Hawaii is dangerous. Several people die every year due to flash flooding, falling off ridges, or going on a hike unplanned.

People died in crouching lion hike in 2016. the trek is officially closed so govt. will not monitoring on this trek. Yet many people do this trek on their own risk.

If you are a good fit, hiking ability, confidant, and careful, you will be excellent while doing this trek. We don’t suggest you complete the trek with kids and older people, but half of the trek is quite easy and will present you with a more favorable picture of the island.

About Crouching Lion Hike

Crouching Lion Track

After finding the Crouching Lion Hike trailhead, you can start hiking. The way of this hike is turning quite often and is amazingly beautiful. You will not stop while taking photos. At the beginning of the track, you will find a lot of tree branches that look like paradise.

On the way loose dirt and rocks — do assure about your shoes have a good grip. The good thing about this track is that it will cover by tree at starting so you will effect by sunlight directly. Sticky and humid in the 1st part of the hike. Once you get into the clearance, you’ll be opened to the rockier ground and the winds. 

While reaching high on this track, pause regular interval take in the sights as well as your surroundings as some steep paths have 1-2 feet on either side of you where there is just rocks. If you have any hereditary anxiety of heights, step carefully, and don’t go to another point where you can’t come back. Pretty quickly, you will need to climb the rock.

Beyond, you will find the rope that will also help in climbing. On the way to crunching lion hike, you will find underneath the trees, which means you’ll be conferred, with some sneak peeks of elegant Kahana Bay. At the top of the point, you will find the most beautiful lookout of Crouching Lion. You have unobstructed scenes of Kahana Bay and great photo ops. 

There are one more point at walking distance of 5-10 minutes. Now you go through tree tunnel! Here need to crouch down to make your way through here. Super fun! Once you come out from the tunnel. you will be at Crouching Lion peak. the scenery on top is impressive, and this is a perfect place to fly a drone. You will get some mind-blowing images through it that will boom your social media.

 Once you have done, you will head back down the mountain the same way you came up.

Why is it called a crouching lion?

The lion goes by the name “Crouching Lion”,  The rock structure that similarly matches the animal. The lion raising its head toward the sun in Kaaawa. … When westerners visited, they renamed the rock the “Crouching Lion.”

  • Essential advice for hiking Crouching Lion Trek

Don’t walk on Rainy days

It is very dangerous while tracking on rainy days because of the slippery way.

Hike during offseason

You will find more peaceful and iconic views of the island. Capture beautiful 

Be aware at the top of the trek.

Don’t excite your surroundings and don’t get too cocky, to help limit any fatal accidents. Feel the beauty of the island and nature. Save our planet and say no to plastic at this place.

Things to carry while tracking crouching hike

  • Hiking Boots & Tracking shoes
  • Backpack
  • Hiking Gloves (Optional)
  • Reuseable Water bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Trek Pants or Trousers
  • Cap or Hat
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera


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