Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail – A HEAVENLY RIDGE

Visiting Hawaii is one of the fantastic wishes on the bucket list of many people. Speaking about Hawaii, it is heaven surrounded by water bodies and green mountains. Hawaii is the only state in the United States that consists entirely of islands. The maximum number of islands in Hawaii is 137, which is below seven are considered mainlands.

  • Ni’ihau
  • Kaua’i
  • O’ahu
  • Moloka’i
  • Lana’i
  • Kahoolawe
  • Maui
  • Hawaii

O’ahu is one of the attractive island chains of Hawaii with amazing beaches, waterfalls, surfing, and historical places. It is also known as ‘The Gathering Place.’ Also, O’ahu is the site of Pearl Harbor and home to the state capital ‘Honolulu.’ Waikiki beach is the iconic attraction for tourists on this island.

Honolulu is the main gateway to Hawaii. The city is distinguished into two different shades. One part is considered a central hub for international business, finance, hospitality, military, and defense. At the same time, the prime attractions of another region are beaches, hiking areas, waterfalls, zoos, museums, shopping points, and many more fantastic places. 

“WOW!! BEAUTIFUL!!” we utter these words after seeing an excellent place or a thing; the view from the wiliwilinui ridge trail is one of that fantastic places where you forget all your material emotions and get closer to soothing nature. Every step of this trail has a worth heart-winning feature. Also, this trail is dog-friendly. The final view of the hike showers a mixed emotion of happiness, sorrow, calmness, a bit nervous, a little frightened, and a delighted soul. 

You all might be wondering about how to get to the wiliwilinui ridge trail?

No worry, we are here to guide you on this adventurous hiking…….

The first question that comes is – How long is the Wiliwilinui ridge trail?

The trail is 4.5 miles, with an elevation gain of 1400 feet and an altitude of 2480 feet.

Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail Directions –

Wiliwilinui ridge trail directions

The directions to reach the wiliwilinui ridge trail from Honolulu is explained as below – 

  • start from Kalanianiole highway heading towards the east
  • turn left on Laukahi street 
  • further, continue towards the mountain until you come to a security guard station
  • here guard will write down your license plate number and give you a parking pass
  • after security check, proceed up Laukahi until it ends
  • now turn left on Okoa, park in the parking area, and continue the further trail on foot
  • the paved road now gets converted into a dirt track; the trail may have some steep uphills and muddy ridges
  • the first 1.5 miles into a dirt track is slightly easy and a mix of sights from the tropical forest and colorful wildflowers to sweeping views of the mountains
  • after 30 – 40 minutes, you will reach a sigh saying ‘wiliwilinui trail,’ and here path begins with stairs
  • be cautious on stairs, as this portion is the trickiest part of the hike
  • as you are close to the final punch, Diamond Head, Honolulu, and ridge can be seen in one view
  • as you reach the final point, you will experience the beauty of

 Wiliwilinui ridge and the beautiful clouds!

Public Transportation to Wiliwilinui ridge trail –

You can also reach the wiliwilinui ridge trail with public transportation. You can get here by bus. The following are some transit lines by bus having routes that pass near wiliwilinui ridge –

Bus1L, 22, 23

Nearby bus stationHalekoa Dr + Ahaku Pl.

Bus line name234

Another way to get to wiliwilinui ridge trail – 

Moovit, a mobile application, helps you find the best way to get to the wiliwilinui ridge trail with step-by-step directions. This application provides free maps and lives directions to navigate from native place to destination. Moovit has been considered as helpful among the people as well as tourists of Hawaii. 

Below are names of some places from where traveling starts and time required reaching wiliwilinui ridge – 

  • The Original Pancake House – 92 minutes
  • Zippy’s Kailua – 140 minutes
  • Highway Inn – 108 minutes
  • Benihana – 81 minutes
  • Wolfgang’s Steakhouse – 75 minutes 

The second most important question – How long does it take to hike the Wiliwilinui ridge trail? 

The approximate time required to finish this trial is 3 – 4 hours.

Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail Time –

Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail Time

 You can either begin trial during sunrise or sunset; this is ultimately a subjective decision. But most of the hikers visit this ridge during sunrise. On average basic, you may require 4 hours, but if you plan to stay for some time, then it may take few more hours. 

Here, you can start early or mid-morning, hikes to the top, enjoy the cloudy scenario, have your noon lunch, and in the evening experience the mesmerizing sunset and back to everyday, busy life. 

So after a busy week, you can have one weekend day as a mini hiking day.

Essentials to carry –

You must have packed your bags according to the needs of the trip, but there are some of the essentials that must be carried along on hiking – 

  • hoodie t-shirt
  • tight pants
  • rain jacket 
  • stand up grill
  • insect spray 
  • water bottle
  • knife
  • rope 
  • sunscreen
  • snacks or light lunch
  • lighter 

Other activities –

 Apart from hiking, you can also enjoy performing other exciting activities at the wiliwilinui ridge trail.

The activities are as follows –

  • Outdoor games
  • Hunting 
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Scenic viewpoint
  • Picnic spot
  • Bonfire 

Points to remember – 

 If you are hiking after a rainstorm, take a minute to check the quality of the mud. Note whether the trail is passable or not. Be cautious and ensure the safety of yourself as well as of others also. Before planning a hike, remember to check the weather forecast of that respective day.

Being a forest area, be aware of wild animals. Make proper arrangements for restrooms as no restroom facilities are provided. As the path is muddy, switch to sturdy shoes or, ideally, hiking boots. Carry a hiking stick along with you. If all the parking passes have been distributed, you will not be allowed to walk on that day, so manage to leave a bit early to collect the passes before others. 

Conclusion – 

Wiliwilinui ridge trail is a beautiful and outstanding adventure. The place has its isolated atmosphere and is the most little crowded hike on O’ahu. On the top of a ridge, you experience complete peace, which is equal to meditation. Every person should at least once in a lifetime visit this fantastic place. To enjoy peaceful meditation, do visit this heaven on earth!

After reading this article, we hope all your doubts have ended and you are ready for your next adventurous trip.


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