A Complete Guide on Montanita Ecuador 2023

Montanita Ecuador is a village that attracts a lot of tourists for its beaches with powerful surf, Lively bars, nightclubs, and thatch-roofed restaurants line the streets.

If you are bored with your hectic daily schedule, then this place is the perfect fit for you. MONTAÑITA is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ecuador. You can enjoy their high surf and international party atmosphere in this town. Montanita streets are bustling and vibrant. In April, an international surf festival held here which goes on for the week. It is also famous for Spanish school. People arrive here and learn Spanish.

I love Montanita Ecuador

Things to do in Montanita Ecuador

Montanita is an excellent combination of beach, surf, and awesome night-life. You will have a great Spanish learning experience without a doubt.

1. Surfing

2. party

3. learn Spanish

4. Parasailing

5. Go Diving!

6. Yoga, Massage, and Health

Montanita Ecuador Surf

Montanita Ecuador Surf

You will love surfing and Latin culture here. Once upon a time, it is a small fishermen village where a few surfers started to set campsite in the ’70s. It began more n more popular, and today it is the most popular place to visit in Ecuador. It is known as the capital the become the capital of surfing in Ecuador.

It has been listed in the top 20 best surf spots in the world. When it about surfing its not easy for a beginner. Beginners start learning on the beach break to intermediates and experts that will love surfing both the Point and the beach break. At night the whole village turns into the night club. 

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Best wave season:- From December to June.

Best tide:-

  • Beginners ought to aim for middle to high water for new mellow, slow-wave.
  • Intermediate/advanced will surf in any respect tides: low water offers a quick & hollow wave, typically barrelling if the conditions -offshore winds- and direction square measure sensible. Small waterworks are higher at the purpose. High water provides a fatter/slower wave and works for both; beach break & La Punta.

Best tide hight 

  • For Beginners: 2 to 4 feet.
  • For Intermediate: 2 to 6 feet.
  • For Advanced: 2-to10 feet. The Point holds up to ten feet. At that size, La Punta is that the solely break that works because the beach break is all closing out. If you’re lucky enough to check daily like this, you’ll be surprised by Mother Nature and the way she will be able to produce such an exquisite wave machine.

Best Swell Direction: North and Southwest

Montanita Ecuador party

Montanita Ecuador party

Montañita is a paradise for party lovers. You can do a party here for a whole night until the sun comes up.

Places to party in Montanita Ecuador

  1. Cocktail Alley:– is one of the most exciting and most iconic places in Montanita. You will find Cocktails and mixed drinks at a reasonable price, 2-5 $. Each hut has some area for playing some games. Each cabaña has a sound system for dancing.
  2. Lost Beach Club:– is a place where you will find electronic music, having a great sound system, three separate dance floors, and hallucinogen decoration make Lost Beach very attractive.Lost Beach Club Montanita Ecuador
  3. Native Bambu:- Chillout garden, Dancing floor, and a great ambiance with DJs and live bands execute this place quite interesting.
  4. Hola Ola:- is famous among ladies. Every Thursday, the first 50 women get free drinks till12:30 am. It looks like a restaurant in the day and a club at night.
  5. Montañita Brewery: if you like craft-beer than you are at the right place. They have several types of variety of hot ciders produced out of mango, lime, ginger, and more! As well as a range of exquisite blondes, honey-wheats, and IPAs.
  6. El Otro Lado:- is a gay bar placed precisely on the beach. You can enjoy the fantastic sunset with your feet in the sand.
  7. Kamala Hostel:- is situated right to the beach famous for its fantastic vibe, poll party. Their shots and brew niff sessions square measure persistent, and also, the pool party on Sundays is one not to miss.
  8. Bier Haus:- Live music session attracts a lot of tourists here.
  9. Caña Grill:-is renowned for its time changing menu:- food and drink in a day, live music in evening and dance floor and clubbing in the night.
  10. Tiki Limbo:- is famous for its fantastic seafood dishes and brunch; the bar serves delicious cocktail.

How to reach Montanita

Montanita Ecuador beach

Montanita is 170km away from Guayaquil. It will take 2 hours by car and 2 hours from the bus. From the airport, you need to walk 500 meters to take the bus, or you can go through the bus stop by taxi it will charge 3 $. 

Weather in Montanita Ecuador

weather in montanita

March is the hottest month with an average temperature of 27°C (81°F), August is the coldest month at 24°C (75°F) and most rainfall month with an average of 145mm of rain. 

rainfall in montanita

Montanita Ecuador safety

Montanita is an excellent combination of beach, surf, and awesome night-life. You will have excellent Spanish learning knowledge without any doubt. A few things to remember is that 1. Don’t carry too much money. 2 Don’t take valuable items while enjoying at beach.

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Where to Stay in Montanita

Montanita is a party place. In every street speaks in music, open party cafe. So if you have no problem with music sound late at night, then there is no problem you can stay in town. There is a lot of hotel and hostel available at an affordable price. You will find some expensive hotels and resort here. If you like to stay in a peaceful place, then you need to stepdown from Montana. 


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