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Can You Bring A Hydroflask On A Plane? TSA Rules 2023

When traveling, nothing beats having access to clean, refreshing water. If you travel frequently, hydroflasks are a must-have due to their outstanding temperature retention. 

Beverages are normally not permitted past airport security, but because a hydro flask is designed to keep its temperature, the issue becomes, can you bring a hydro flask on a plane?

In general, you can bring a hydro flask or thermos on the airline as a carry-on or checked luggage. The only issue is that the hydro flask or other containers you carry with you must be fully empty when you go through security.

Read through this article to cover all your doubts regarding carrying hydroflasks on a plane.

Can You Bring A Hydroflask On A Plane?

Can You Bring A Hydroflask On A Plane

The TSA lets travelers bring a hydro flask on board. Hydro flasks can be stored in checked baggage or carry-on bags. While traveling with a hydro flask, travelers must adhere to the TSA’s standards.

If you carry more than one hydro flask in your checked luggage, there will be no problem if there is liquid inside. If you have a hydro flask in your carry-on luggage, backpack, or handbag, you must make sure it is empty before you arrive at security.

Can You Take A Hydro Flask Through Airport Security?

Airport security allows hydro flasks in carry-on luggage and handbags, but they must be empty. The TSA has a restriction that no liquids are allowed unless they are 3.4 oz or 100ml or smaller.

Passengers are urged to drink any remaining liquid within the flask because the amount cannot be measured at security. If the flask is full and you are unable to empty it, security will seize it.

If you want to bring your hydro flask on the airline and avoid confiscation, make sure it’s empty, whether it’s in your carry-on or handbag. You can’t get away with it since the screening pulls up liquids larger than the size restriction.

Can You Bring An Empty Hydroflask On A Plane?

If your hydroflask is empty, you can pack it in your carry-on and checked luggage regardless of size.

In other words, as long as the hydroflask is empty, it may be transported through airport security, even if it surpasses 3.4oz/100ml. This implies that if your hydroflask is empty, you may pack it in your carry-on and in your checked luggage if it is either empty or contains liquid.

Can You Fill Your Hydroflask On The Plane?

Can You Fill Your Hydroflask On The Plane

If you do not want to fill your hydro flask at the airport, are running late, and do not have time to stop, or the airport does not offer a water station, you may wait until you board the plane to fill your flask.

Most airlines supply complimentary sealed water glasses. Before you travel, do some research to see if the airline you’ll be flying with offers it or if you’ll have to pay. While on board, you might ask a flight attendant for some water cups.

You may expressly request a few by giving the flight attendant your empty hydro flask and mentioning that you’d want to fill it up to sip on throughout the journey. They will gladly provide you with as many as you require. 

After safely passing through the airport security checks, there are water kiosks throughout the airport where you may refill your hydro flasks. If you don’t want to fill it from a tap, you may buy bottled water at a shop and pour it into your flask.

Several individuals use this method to avoid using plastic bottles. It’s also a good idea to bring a reusable bottle on the airline because the complimentary cups sometimes leak. The Hydro flask also has the advantage of keeping your water temperature stable.

Check the water kiosks on your way to the boarding gate to fill your hydro flask. Most airports have these accessible, and if they don’t, you may purchase water.

What Size Hydro Flask Can You Take On A Plane?

If you want to bring a hydro flask on your next flight, you’re probably wondering if there are any size restrictions. Most airlines have no size restrictions for transporting a hydro flask. That is not an issue if it is in your checked luggage, even if it contains liquid.

It doesn’t matter how big your hydro flask is if you wish to carry it in your carry-on, handbag, or backpack, but it must be empty. Airport security will inspect the flask to see whether it contains any liquid. If not, they will let you through without incident.

Will A Hydroflask Explode On A Plane?

Fill the hydro flask halfway before boarding the plane. The issue with filling it to the full is that cabin pressure will progressively rise once the plane takes off. I won’t bother you with the physics of cabin pressure, but I will tell you that as altitude increases, so does the pressure inside the plane.

If your plane is over 30,000 feet in the air and you haven’t opened the container at a lower altitude, you should open it carefully to enable the internal pressure to be released. If your hydro flask has a straw button, do not use it since it will spray water on you or other passengers.

You may be afraid about your hydro flask bursting on the plane due to the high altitude of a trip, however, your hydro flask will not explode despite pressure fluctuations.

But, you should open it gently to progressively relieve any pressure buildup, especially if you filled the flask before boarding the plane.

If your flask has a straw or flip-up mouthpiece, make careful to gently twist the lid for pressure release before flipping the mouthpiece open to avoid water spraying everywhere and on other passengers.

Are Hydroflasks Permitted On Domestic And International Flights?

It makes no difference where you fly or whether you go domestically or internationally; all airlines should accept empty hydro flasks on flights, according to TSA standards. If the flask is empty, it can be transported in hand baggage or personal purses.

If you wish to bring a liquid-filled hydro flask, you must include it in your checked luggage. Before flying, always check your airline’s individual restrictions to confirm any information and limitations on things allowed.

Can You Fill Your Hydro Flask After the Security Checkup With 3.4 Oz Of Water?

There is a common misperception that because 3.4 oz or 100 ml of liquid may pass through security checks, travelers can fill their hydro flasks with that quantity of water and pass through screening without incident.

Such an approach is flawed since it is irrelevant how much water or other liquid is contained within the flask; what counts is the size of the hydro flask. If there is liquid in your hydro flask, it will be confiscated if it is bigger than 3.4 or 100 ml.

Only if your hydro flask is empty or the entire size of the vessel does not exceed TSA restrictions will it pass through airport security screening.

FAQs :-Can You Bring A Hydroflask On A Plane

Que:- 1. What is the largest size of hydroflask or thermos you may carry on board?

Ans:- There is no size restriction for the container you can bring on board the airline. Hence, as long as your thermos or hydroflask fits in your checked luggage or carry-on, you should be OK.

Que:- 2.How frequently should you clean your hydroflask?

Ans:- The response is dependent on what you put in it. I recommend cleaning it after each usage if it’s coffee or flavored water. If you don’t have a washing machine, try rinsing it with clean water. If it’s only water, you should wash it every few days.

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