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Can You Bring a Juul on a Plane?

Traveling gives you the ultimate satisfaction and relaxation; especially journeys beginning with airways gives you a magical experience! But there are a set of rules which need to be followed while travelling through the plane. 

The Transportation Security Administration is the authority that looks after the airport security, one of their important jobs is to screen luggage and decide what can or can’t be taken on a plane. Can You Bring a Juul on a Plane :- Let’s find in this guide.

According to a few surveys, a huge part of the population is attracted to cigarettes. Apart from being harmful people switch upon it and also wish to carry it on their trips and tours.

If you are a huge fan of Juul, a plane journey might be difficult but no worries all your questions related to carrying Juul on a plane will be solved in the following article.

Due to modern and advanced technology a new variety of cigarette is introduced in the market. It is commonly addressed as vaping. Vaping refers to the use of electronic cigarettes. It is becoming popular among youth in middle school and high school.

Vaping is also known as juuling. Juul is a brand name for one particular e-cigarette. They are small in size and resemble USB flash devices. Users can plug devices into a computer to charge them or use Juul pods to refill them.

How does juul work?

When a person vapes a juul, he inhales and exhales aerosol from the e-cigarette, this produces a sweet-smelling cloud. This cloud is in vapour form which is harmful to health and surrounding.

As juul contains aerosol there is a risk that juul could malfunction and catch fire. So to avoid this situation required restrictions are imposed by the authority

Can you bring a juul on a plane

Can you bring a juul on a plane as a minor

The airport authority allows you to carry juul on a plane. The set of rules need to be satisfied for carrying juul on a plan. The juul can only be carried in a ‘carry on bag’ and must not be part of a checked bag. There is no rule mentioned for juul to carry in a checked bag so you can bring a juul on a plane in carrying on luggage.

Other than juul, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers and electronic nicotine are prohibited to carry in checked bags, as they can be carried in carry-on bags.

Why cannot juul be carried in a checked bag?

Checked bags are larger as compared to carry on bags, these bags are placed in a cargo of a plane. If either damaged or defective juul may get exposed to surrounding elements and can lead to dangerous situations for all the passengers. To save the lives of people on flight juul in checked bags is mostly not allowed.

Planning to bring juul on the flight, here are some helpful tips –

  •   Avoid turning your juuls or e-cigarettes on a plane.
  •   Avoid charging and using juul as it may be dangerous to other passengers.
  •   Confirm with the airport security about carrying the juul along with you on flight
  •   Check whether the travelling country allows consumption of juuls or not.

How many juul pods can you bring on a plane?

You can carry as many juul pods as you can fit in a quart-sized bag. The amount of each container should be less than 100 millilitres.

Can you bring a juul on a plane as a minor

As per guidelines of the Transportation Security Administration, a minor can carry a juul on a plane. The juul should be bought in a carry on bag stored in a clear, plastic quart-sized bag.

If a minor carries juul in a checked bag it may be confiscated by the airport security and strict action may be taken.

 What is a juul pod?

Pods are one type of cartridge that contains different flavoured liquids. These various flavoured pods are used for juuling. The variety of flavoured nicotine solutions in juul pods make them popular among young people. The pods are filled with flavours like mango, bubble gum, mint, cucumber and many more. These pods can be interchanged with alternative juuls.

Can you bring juul pods on a plane

The security of the airport allows juul pods on a plane. Unlike juul, these liquid pods can be carried either by carrying on bags or checked bags. The Transportation Security Administration defines different rules for two different modes.

Any liquid bought on a plane should satisfy the 3-1-1 rule for carrying liquid in carrying on bags. As juul pods contain vape juice the rule applies here. The rule is as follows –

  • 3 = refers to the size of liquid to be carried. 3.4 ounces or 100 millilitres of vape juice can be carried in one container. The total of all containers should be 1 litre.
  • 1 = refers to the maximum number of bags in which containers should be carried. A clear, plastic, zip-top quart-sized bag shall be used.
  • 1 = refers to the number of people carrying the quart-sized bag. A person can carry only one quart-sized bag.

 Rules for checked bags are as follows –

Juul pods can be carried in checked bags not more than 532 millilitres per container and in total 2070 millilitres.

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What is a juul portable charger?

Apart from liquid juul pods, a juul requires battery power to heat it, so it is important to carry portable chargers. As per security rules, the power banks and battery chargers can be carried on a plane only in a carry on bags and not in checked bags.

The batteries contain lithium which is not so harmful to the surroundings. Thus no restrictions are imposed on the size of the battery as the capacity of each battery is under 3-watt hours and a juul portable charger capacity is under 1-watt hours which is allowed by the law.


Passengers safety is a concern of all airport security. Also, it is the equal responsibility of travellers to maintain 100% safety. To avoid any dangerous situation do some research on airport rules and regulations before you leave for the airport.

It’s great that airport security allows juul lovers to take their equipment, so in return, it’s our prime duty to respect their rules and follow with all your will and wish. Can You Bring a Juul on a Plane :- Here we give you complete details 

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We hope the article was useful and all your queries have come to an end, wish you all a very –


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