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Can You Bring Flowers On A Plane [2023]

Can you bring flowers on a plane? Surprisingly, it’s yes. You can definitely bring flowers on a plane. Roses are red; sunflowers are yellow, traveling by plane? Don’t be sad and mellow!! Flowers always make our day happy and cheerful. Never worry if you want to surprise your girlfriend with those red roses or bring that smile on your Mom’s face with white Lilies. You can definitely bring flowers. Let’s get started to find out more about can you bring flowers on a plane?

You can carry fresh flowers in your carry-on bags as well as in checked bags. But while carrying them you need to take certain precautions. It is absolutely fine to carry flowers and the airport authorities would allow you to take them in until and unless you make sure that they are properly carried. 

How do you pack flowers for travel?

What’s the best way you can do to carry your flowers fresh and all smiley! We are here to answer the question, “How do you pack flowers for travel?” You can bring the fresh flowers through the checkpoint as a carry-on but without any water container. You are not allowed to bring a pot filled with water or any liquid that keeps the flowers fresh. So how do you keep the flowers fresh till your destiny?

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Here are some tips:

  1. Remove the leaves from the lower part and trim off the bottom inch from each stem.
  2. Fold the paper towels around the base and sides of the stems. 
  3. Then, cover the moistened paper towel with a double layer of plastic wrap. Secure the plastic wrap around the stems using a piece of masking tape. These protective things will help keep your flowers fresh and hydrated. 
  4. Wrap the stems of the flowers with a damp paper towel and plastic wrap or foil. This special method is recommended in 3-1-1 TSA liquid guidelines

We even suggest you to prepare the flowers for traveling by sprinkling some water on them, hiding them from direct sunlight and excess heat, or putting them into preservatives for some time before you leave for your flight. After boarding your flight, you can keep it with you carefully or ask the flight attendant to place them in a valley or place them in a water pot, if possible. Now you know how you travel with fresh flowers!

So next time if someone asks you, Can you bring flowers on a plane? Tell me that they are surely allowed and welcomed in domestic flights. 

What if you are traveling internationally? Can you still bring the flowers on a plane? Let’s see which countries permit the transportation of flowers and how can you carry them.

Can you bring Flowers on an American Airlines plane

Can You Bring Flowers On A Plane

You can definitely bring flowers on an American Airlines plane. You are permitted to carry flowers while you are traveling domestically in the States in carry-on or checked bags. There are certainly less hassles while carrying them in domestic flights. But you need to properly carry them. Below is all the information about it.

There could be some of you who would want to bring certain flowers into the U.S from other countries. It is advisable to contact USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) and enquire about the flower species you would want to bring in. You can call them at (301) 851-2046 or (877) 770-5990 (toll-free), or email them at Let’s learn more about Can you bring Flowers on a plane?

Can you bring flowers from Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or Hawaii?

If you are traveling back to the U.S mainland from Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or Hawaii then you need to take more precautions. The United States department of agriculture places restrictions on bringing agricultural goods that include live plants and live flowers. You must contact USDA for these rules and restrictions

Can you bring flowers on a plane internationally?

It is very tricky and needs lot of pre-arrangements if you want to take flowers out of the States. There are certain limits and restrictions in order to check any import and export of harmful pests, chemicals that might affect the ecosystem. Only a few custom species of flowers at permitted, hence it would be better to take learned decisions.

Can you bring flowers on a plane in Japan?

So, if you are traveling from U.S. to Japan, can you bring flowers on a plane? You might get cleared through the U.S authority check-in but it is dicey when entering into Japan with those flowers. Let us clear your doubts and answer the question Can you bring flowers on a plane in Japan? 

When bringing flowers and plants into Japan, you are legally required to submit the Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the government of exporting country i.e the country from where you are carrying the flowers. You would have to take import inspection based on the Plant Protection Act. This applies to cases of personal baggage and international postal mails and packages. You have to acquire a Phytosanitary Certificate before departure by all means. This link will provide all information about Phytosanitary Certificate .

The Japanese government has Plant Protection Stations that perform import and export inspections for plants and flowers so as to prevent the entry/exit of harmful pests from overseas into Japan and to the destination countries.  

We are providing you the link where you can check if your flowers and plants are allowed in Japan. It is just a click away to check if your flowers are allowed!! Check this link out

Certain flowers are totally prohibited in Japan. Such information can be obtained from the link provided above. But there are certain flowers that are allowed and have to under-go import inspections. Here are some examples that need import inspection:

  • Seedlings/saplings, bulbs, seeds 
  • Cut flowers
  • Fruits, vegetables 
  • Grains/cereal grass, beans 
  • Wood materials/lumber 
  • Items used as ingredients for making spices, herbal medicines, etc.       

You can even visit Japanese aviation rules and regulation website to get the full list of plants and flowers that can be brought into Japan. 

Can you bring flowers on the plane to the UK?

Often it can be seen that people do travel with flowers to the UK. But as said above the Phytosanitary Certificate.  You can bring flowers and foliage in the UK but only up to one bouquet of 50 stems. It is not there is a restriction on all species of flowers, but on a few for which you need to check their government rules. You can either contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) or check out this link for more information on which flowers are restricted

Along with these sites, you should even check with your airlines for safe and hassle-free journey with your loved flowers.


 We hope, we have answered the question; can you bring flowers on a plane? It is, of course, a YES! Until and unless you follow all the rules, study about your destination country’s rules and regulations regarding flowers.

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You can definitely surprise your loved ones by gifting them a bouquet or carrying the flowers for your own happiness. I hope you have got most of your answers regarding Can I bring flowers on a plane. If you have any inquiries, do put them down in the comments. We will be glad to help you. Thanks for your time and visit again for more exciting updates on travel and tourism.

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