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How To Fold A Shirt For Travel: Pack To Reduce Wrinkles

When you sloppily cram shirts into your suitcase minutes before a large trip, you’re almost likely to arrive with wrinkles. Instead, pack smartly to save space and avoid wrinkled clothes. Learn how to fold a shirt for travel and other shirt tips for organized hikers. We understand that many of our clients have important meetings scheduled overseas and must dress appropriately for the occasion.

As a result, they are more likely to bring formal shirts like travel shirts and business shirts in their suitcase. The only concern is how to carry them as wrinkle-free as possible. Even if you despise packing, Harvie and Hudson have devised a method for making travel a breeze.

If your shirts keep getting wrinkled every time you travel, we think it’s safe to conclude you’re not using the proper procedure. We’ve discovered a simple way that allows you to spend less time fighting the iron and more time negotiating transactions. If you don’t roll—your shirts—you won’t be able to rock your trip. We advocate moving over folding for the best suitcase storage. When you fold your tops, you get lines; however, you get a smoother finish when you roll them. This strategy also ensures that you make the most of the space in your suitcase’s corners.

As a mainstay of your warm-weather travel wardrobe, you’ll want to arrive at your destination with wrinkle-free garments so you can jump right into the pool. Start with the most basic option for the simplest method to fold your favorite shorts correctly. Fold them in half, with the zipper on the inside and the butt pockets facing outwards so that the two sides meet each other.

Then there’s the tough part: remember to fold in the additional triangle of material, with no excess fabric sticking out. Finally, fold the shorts in half so that the bottoms line up with the waistband and are compact. You can roll them to conserve space, but folding them in half will ensure they stay flat and don’t wrinkle needlessly. Find out- How to fold a shirt for travel so that it fits a carry-on luggage.

How To Fold A Shirt For Travel : Follow These Steps

How To Fold A Shirt For Travel

1. Make a plan

Make sure your shirt is completely flat. It’s not a good idea to do it on your bed, couch, or any other slanted surface. Smooth out any wrinkles in your dress shirt, and make sure it’s even on all sides, including the side.

2. Start by buttoning it.

Make sure your dress shirt won’t get creased on the trip before folding and packing it. Buttoning it up is the best method to do this. Don’t cut corners by only doing a few buttons. From top to bottom, button it up.

3. Begin folding

Now that you’ve prepared your dress shirt, it’s time to fold it. Begin with your shirt’s arms. Begin with one sleeve and make sure it’s nice and straight. You’ll want to fold it right along the shoulder crease.

4. Add a few more folds

Fold your dress shirt’s sleeve diagonally, then fold it in half again. The sleeve cuff should still be diagonal and lined up with the shirt’s collar at this point.

5. Do it all over again.

Then do the same thing with the other sleeve of the shirt. It may sound monotonous, but it will maintain your dress shirts in good condition while you’re on the road.

Starting with the buttons of your shirt pointing downward is another approach to fold the sleeves (toward your folding surface). The procedure is pretty identical to the first, except that each sleeve will be folded diagonally across the width of your dress shirt.

Place one sleeve diagonally across the other, making sure it’s straight and wrinkle-free. Then, starting near the collar, make certain the creases in the sleeves are ‘tight.’

The following stages are very much the same regardless of your strategy to deal with sleeves. Then, near the bottom of your shirt, begin your second fold.

If you use both hands, the folds will be even, and wrinkles will be avoided. Fold the bottom of the garment toward the collar and fold it upward. Fold the garment in half at this point.

Do You Have More Than One Dress Shirt In Your Bag?

Use this technique to keep multiple dress shirts in better shape if you’re traveling with more than one. It’s tempting to cut corners while folding a dress shirt properly because it takes time. Most of the time, this results in wrinkles that you have to iron out as soon as you arrive at the hotel.

However, you can feel good about saving some time with this technique. Even more, it works better at preventing wrinkles in your dress shirts.

Begin folding a single shirt as though it were a single garment. It was buttoned up, facing down, and resting on a firm, level surface.

However, instead of folding your sleeves diagonally, you’ll fold them almost straight down. The cuff of your dress shirt should point to the tail. The crease, or seam, that links the sleeve to the shirt’s body will still be folded.

Fold another dress shirt using one of the single-shirt folding methods we mentioned before to add to your trip bags. Then, arrange the second shirt neatly on top of the first shirt (while leaving the first shirt prepared as is). For the hack to work, you’ll need some leeway at the bottom, tail, or first shirt. An excellent length is usually 3 to 5 inches.

Fold the first shirt in half (with the second shirt laying on top of it). Make sure your shirts are neat once more by using both hands. The first shirt should now cover the second as if it were a book cover or a sandwich.

There’s one more step to carefully packing your dress shirts before putting them in your suitcase. Smooth them out and flip the button sides upward with both hands. Then go ahead and put them in while you continue to pack.

Advantages Of Rolling Your Clothes

It’s debatable whether you receive additional room. However, there are certain clear benefits to rolling your garments. You can easily see what you have and where it is, for starters. It’s also easy to pack as a result of this.

Not only that, but you can maximize the available area. Medium-weight textiles that roll smoothly and don’t wrinkle well are ideal for rolling. Moving a wool sweater is not something anyone likes to do.

If you fold your clothes to pack, you probably despise dealing with wrinkles. While you won’t be able to see everything in your luggage at a glance, you’ll arrive at your destination with fewer creases.

Of course, there are some materials where folding makes no sense. Folding very light, easily wrinkled materials is always the best option. A thick, wool sweater, on the other hand, will easily take up more space when rolled than when folded. In brief, particularly thin or thick materials should be folded, and anything else is fair game if you don’t mind creases.


How do you fold a nice shirt for travel?

– Double-check that your shirt is buttoned.

– Lay it flat with the arms out, button side down.

– One sleeve should be folded over to the opposite side of the garment, keeping the armhole straight (slightly angled downward).

– Bring the sleeve to the point where the collar and cuff meet.

– Carry on with the rest of the sleeves.

Is it better to roll or fold clothes in a suitcase?

Clothing that wrinkles quickly, such as a cotton button-down shirt or linen, can be rolled instead of folded to save time. Fold things parallel to creases when they are visible. Folding the garment in half will result in unsightly creases on the sides, and the bottom will wrinkle more easily.

How to fold men’s shorts for travel?

One approach even demonstrates how to fold them in such a way that they may be tucked into themselves, ensuring that they maintain their shape no matter how jostled your luggage becomes. To ensure that the shorts lay flat, fold them on a level surface and loosen any tightened waists as much as possible. When in doubt, bring a steamer with you just in case any bothersome wrinkles persist.


Packing is a hated task, but it’s not quite as bad as hoping the hotel iron doesn’t scorch your best dress shirt. Naturally, if you want to be more organized and potentially save room, you can roll some things. Hope you will learn how to fold a shirt for travel in this article.

To properly fold a dress shirt, you may need to take more steps than you thought possible. Don’t worry; it’s pretty straightforward once you get the feel of it. If you’re concerned that you’re taking longer than a dress shirt deserves, keep in mind that ironing is optional.

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