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Top 15 Overwater Bungalows & Villas In Bahamas and Nearby; Best Traveling Guidelines, 2023

Hello people, Traveling is not just a destination. It’s a journey through which we get a cluster of life-prone experiences. But, visiting every place is practically impossible and beyond the limit of a human’s single life. 

When people decide to go out for a vacation, they try to opt for the best among all the options available for exploring. The Bahamas, as an archipelago country, is one of the best choices of all time for spending a vacation with eye-catching scenery thereof. 

You might have heard or read on the Internet that there are no overwater Bungalows in the Bahamas. Kindly go through and get away from the confusing facts. 

Important Note- Generally, it is hard to find overwater bungalows in the Bahamas, but you may find some great options mentioned here on the infamous islands in the Bahamas. 

In this article, you will likely be provided all-inclusive information on each category of the overwater bungalows and villas available in the Bahamas and nearby this location.  

If you want to gather information regarding overwater bungalows and villas in the Bahamas and nearby at one deck, then I have to spell it out. It is a must-read compilation on the same subject. You will not find such a beautiful compilation anywhere else. Therefore, it is a humble request to kindly undergo this compilation. 

Details are mentioned below; kindly scroll down!

Happy reading, friends!

Top 15 Overwater Bungalows Bahamas (Author Pick)

I have also included some important overwater bungalows near the location of Bahamas in the Caribbean sea, do check out, as well. 

1) Royal Caribbean, Coco Beach Club

Royal Caribbean, Coco Beach Club

It is one of the master places for traveling on the Island in the Bahamas. Right here, you would surely gain the fondness of staying beachside and facing the flow of blue crystal water in the Caribbean sea.   

On this site, you would get Coco Beach Club, which serves the best meal in the world and enables diverse accommodation options. You can opt for overwater bungalows, villas, beachfront bungalows, and luxurious suites in the best hotels. 

It is termed as the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean sea. 

Important suggestion- Do join the Coco Beach Club first for getting a chance to explore the site in totality.  

Now come down and see some more descriptions, 

Accurate location as per google – R387+8FV, CocoCay, The Bullock Harbour, Bahamas

Google Rating- 4.7/5( total reviews 27)  

You might be asking yourself, how many cabanas and overwater bungalows are accessible for you?

Ok, come and know the figures,

Around 20 floating cabanas will be provided by them for your exclusive use, and in addition, you will get more than 10 beach cabanas surely, which would add great flavor to your journey or vacation.  

Only up to eight can accommodate the beach cabanas, so plan the idea accordingly.

You can also rent a clubhouse, infinity pool, and beach chairs to make the journey more comfortable and thrilling.  

 Don’t worry. Your suites and villas will have all the necessary basic amenities.  

 What can you explore? 

You can walk to see Oasis Lagoon, Splashaway Bay water park, and travel to the immediate location and its adjacent. 

What or where can you eat or drink? 

At Coco Club Beach itself, you will get a restaurant serving you the best quality meals and beverages. 

Before I take you through with the next segment, let me feel you happy, your dining at Coco Beaches Club is complimentary.

Important tips– Pricing may vary as the dawn of the new season; hence, kindly get updated with new deals and offers. 

2) The Abacos club on winding way, Abacos Island, Bahamas

The Abacos club on winding way, Abacos Island, Bahamas

Located at; Cheroke, Great Abaco, Bahamas 

Google Rating– 4.9/5( total reviews 17)

Abacos Island is famous for boating. Thus, it is hallmarked as the boating capital of the Bahamas. You will find a broad accommodation category, adventurous activities, restaurants, bars, and finally, for the virtue you come here to the luxurious overwater bungalows and villas. 

Believe me, you will get a tremendous feeling of enjoyment in the bosom of nature. You will be surrounded by crystal and clear water covered by a greenish and exotic array of trees. 

Abacos is not just a boating point of attraction but is also famous for enabling multi-exploring options in terms of activities and accommodation.  

If you give me this liberty to say, then indeed, I would refer to this location as an ultimate paradise on our holy earth, only because of its location. It is very separable as wheat from chaff. 

Now, let’s see the key features and amenities of the resort. 

Key Amenities

  • Accommodation options;  

In accommodation, you will discover many options like villas, bungalows, suites in boutique hotels, etc. 

As this article is dedicated to overwater bungalows, I will take you through the options available in overwater bungalows. You will be able to select the bungalows as per your convenience and compatibility. You can opt for overwater bungalows with beachfront views, oceanfront views, and other glorious preferences.  

Note; The room and your residence will be featured with all luxurious and necessary items like wifi, t.v, coffee and tea, ceiling fan, A.C., separate bathroom along with shampoo, towel, etc., and other essential things. 

Restaurants you try 

  1. Da Valley Restaurant & Bar- only Bahamian
  2. Ballyhood Restaurant- American, Seafood 
  3. Adventurous activities you can perform.

If you visit any beaches, you may probably inspect some adventurous activities around there. Here, you might encounter fishing, boating, diving, playing golf, football, etc.

You can discover the New England flair over the location made in colonial-style homes of hope. Caribbean reef sharks and green turtles Cay make this location too diverse for diving. You may not realize that seeing the shark and turtle under the water gives us an alien and dreamy experience that is totally unforgettable.   


A diverse meal is reasonably necessary and needful in locations like Abacos. They offer dining at a dedicated restaurant located at the location. You may encounter wide varieties of drinks as they serve multiple local and international standardized beverages like beer and other alcoholic products. 

Islands Near Bahamas With Overwater Bungalows

3) Cat Island

Cat Island

It is a rare location where you could find the exotic landscape of nature with the highest anchored point in the Bahamas. I hope you must not have visited this location. And, it is still untapped for you. 

Cat Island is full of beaches, and nearby you can also explore the historic locations where locals reside. You can get an opportunity to absorb their traditions and culture. 

You can experience various adventurous and thrilling activities over the site, such as fishing, boating, etc. 

See the gist below of adventurous activities you can perform over the site and nearby locations. 

  • Accommodation 

You can try Hawk’s Nest Resort and Marina Fernandez Bay Village, which provide you diverse options in accommodation. Thus, kindly visit the official websites of the resort for minute details. 

Usually, they provide general suites inside the resort, some options in overwater bungalows and villas, and you can also opt for a suite with different window views like ocean views, etc. 

You can try Greenwood Beach Resort for accommodation.

Google Rating4.7/5( total review 47)

Location – 1 Ocean Drive, Port Howe, Bahamas

  • Adventurous locations and activities 

Mt. Alvernia is the highest point in the Bahamas. Visitors can also go diving, kiteboarding, and meandering, and don’t forget to visit sweet cat Island. It is termed as the world’s best historical traditional location where you can get weaving creeks and long stitches of white and pink sand beaches. You would get an opportunity to meet and make communication with local people.  

  • Food and Drinks 

Bahamas people have their own tastes and preferences. To taste the same, you must try flavored drinks served at this location. 

And, in the main course meal, trying its fish curries will give you a different taste and unforgettable memory. They also serve you varieties of sandwiches, local fruits, grilled lobster tail, and homemade bread, 

Restaurants you can try 

  1. Fernandez Bay Village, Fernandez Bay, New Bight- Bahamian, American, Seafood
  2. Greenwood Beach Resort- Bahamian, Seafood, Caribbean, European
  3. Mermaid’s Restaurant- Bahamian, Seafood, Mediterranean, Caribbean
  4. Shannas Cove Restaurant- American, Seafood
  5. Cookie House Restaurant – Bahamian, Seafood

4) Eleuthera and Harbour Island, Bahamas

Eleuthera and Harbour Island, Bahamas

Here, you can tour a combination of two islands, and both are stunning and glorious. Harbour Island is quite a charming and eye-catching seaside town made in English-style architecture. On otherside, Eleuthera is a rambling and long-spread island across the sea. One thing that makes it separable is a five minutes ferry visit across sky sparkling blue water. 

It will definitely be a remarkable experience of your entire life journey and will always give you a sweet flashback memory. Both islands are termed the “lay of the land,” located just 60 miles east of Nassau (Bahamas Capital) and surrounded by clusters of cays. 

Pink Sands Resort, Harbour Island, Bahamas 

Google Rating- 4.5/ 5( total reviews 113) 

Location- Chapel St, Dunmore Town, Bahamas 

Now, come to the segment of the key features,

Key Features–

Accommodation – 

On this site, you will find diverse options in restaurants and hotels, and different hotels provide you distinct opportunities in terms of accommodation and food. Kindly check out the hotel list provided in a separate head. 

 Usual options available at the hotels;

  1. Luxury junior suite king
  2. Luxury king villa  
  3. Luxury king townhouse 
  4. Luxury 2 B.R. Villa With 2 King Beds
  5. Governor Dunmore Penthouse Suite
  6. Ocean Front Cottage
  7. Gallery of Suite Photographs, etc. 

: You will see all the essential amenities and features inside the room and villas, including the wifi, t.v, spa, pool, garden, ensuite bathroom features with all needful, A.C., telephone, and all other essentials which should be there for your comfort. 

Adventurous activities You can do.

Few miles south of Eleuthera island. You will find a glass windows bridge and a queen’s bath. It is formed through the collection of natural rocks harbored by centuries of crashing waves.  

Must visit Spanish well, is the best secret of these islands and don’t forget to make an eye on the colorful clapboard houses.   

Food and beverage 

You will get elegant options in food and beverage at the restaurant available on the islands. For the sake of brevity and comfort, I have put a list of hotels and restaurants that you can check out for the best meals and beverages on the site. 

Restaurants you can try 

  1. Brian’s Grill and Jerk- Bahamian, BBQ
  2. Sharil’s Inn Restaurant – Bahamian, American, Seafood
  3. Sunset Inn Restaurant and Bar- Seafood, Caribbean
  4. Barbie’s Snacks and Notions- Bahamian, Caribbean
  5. Beach Bar and Lounge-Bahamian, Seafood, Caribbean
  6. Buccaneer Club Restaurant-Bahamian, Seafood, Caribbean

5) Andros Island, Bahamas 

Andros Island, Bahamas 

It is claimed to be one of the largest islands of the Bahamas and is still untouched by most people. It is full of greenery and surrounded by vast forest areas.

Then come, where to stay.

Abaco Beach Resort

Location-: Bay St, Marsh Harbour, Bahamas

Google Rating – 4/5(total reviews 378) 

  • Accommodation. 

You can go for the various accommodation options like bench-front bungalows, villas, and luxurious suites in four-star boutique hotels with Atlantic views. 

Hotels you can try for accommodation

  1. The Sandpiper Inn
  2. Green Turtle Club and Marina
  3. Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina 
  4. The Delphi Club Bonefishing Lodge 
  5. The Abaco Club on Winding Bay 

Activities you can perform 

The “Abacos” enjoys a separate identity in terms of diving destination. People can explore the steroid shipwrecks, swallow coral reefs, sea turtles, Caribbean shark reefs, and much more. 

It also provides you options to play golf on the site, and you can do boating as well, which would surely give you a fizzing experience. 

Food and Beverages

You can find various restaurants at the site, do check out the list. 

Restaurants you can try

  1. DA Valley Restaurant & Bar- Bahamian
  2. Ballyhoo Restaurant- American, Seafood
  3. Restaurant at Marinaville -Bahamian, American, Seafood, Caribbean

6) Long Island 

Long Island 

If you are interested in visiting the world’s oldest church, come here and visit St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church. You also get a chance to discover the world’s second deepest hole in blue water. 

Now the Question comes about where you can stay, 

Harbor Breeze Villas

Location- Lochabar, Clarence Town, Long Island, Clarence Town, Bahamas

Google Rating- 4.9/5( total reviews) 

Here is a list of accommodation options in the mentioned hotels. 

  1. Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort
  2. C Shells Guest Quarter 
  3. Gems At Paradise Beach Hotel
  4. Stella Maris Resort Club
  5. Harbour Breeze Villas 

Now come to the activities segment, you can perform and explore the following things;

  1. Fishing is going to be one of the memorable events of your life.
  2. Diving at a different location 
  3. You can explore the best and most famous places, like the oldest church in the world, the second deepest hole in the world, Dean’s Blue Hole. 

Foods and beverage options at the following restaurants 

  1. Forest Takeaway- Bahamian, Caribbean, BBQ 
  2. Kirtland’s Deli- Bahamian  
  3. Bustered Bridge Bar & Grill- Bahamian, Caribbean, Seafood
  4. Stella Maris Resort Club- Bahamian
  5. Max’s Conch Bar & Grill- Bahamian, Seafood 

7) The Exumas

The Exumas

This island is famous for its sapphire blue water, visible even from outer space. It is a chain of 365 Islands and is home to beaches. You can encounter swimming pigs over the crystal clean blue water. Therefore, it is referred to as pig beeches.  

Now you may ask, where we can stay, then do check out accommodation available at the mentioned hotels.

Staniel Cay Yacht Club

Location- Main Street Staniel Cay, Bahamas

Google rating- 4.6/5( total reviews 510)


Activities you can perform

  1. Boating
  2. Visit underwater cave
  3. Diving.  

Foods and beverage options available in restaurants at Island

  1. Big D’s Conch Spot- Bahamian, Seafood, Caribbean 
  2. Kermit’s Airport Lounge- Bahamian, American, Caribbean  
  3. Cheater’s Restaurant And Bar- Bahamian, American, Seafood, Caribbean.

I am putting down some additional island options in the Bahamas. Kindly go through their name once. It may help you in deciding on the cream of the crop. 

Additional islands you can also check out. 

  1. The Berry Island- Famous for being the best fishing spot 
  2. Acklins & Crooked Island- best for fishing and seeing crystal clear blue water
  3. Bimini – dolphins existence, known as islands of legends
  4. Freeport – the second largest city in the Bahamas
  5. Inagua – paradise place for the bird watcher
  6. Rum Cay- white sand beaches and coral reef 
  7. San Salvador – will find various lakes and historical places 
  8. Mayaguana – Horsh Pound beaches, an excellent spot for hunting crabs.

Overwater bungalows and luxurious villas near and close to the location of the Bahamas. 

8) Sandals South Coast Resort – Jamaica

Sandals South Coast Resort – Jamaica

Location- White House, Jamaica

Google Rating- 4.5/5( total reviews 2,207)

It is located on the island of Jamaica and is infamous with the name of Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa. 

The resort provides all essential amenities in the overwater bungalows, including wifi, tv, A.C., pool, separate bathroom, towels, king-size bed, and most important, room service. 

It comprises 12 water villas and 360 island villas and suites altogether. And specifically, the overwater features with following amenities:

  1. Glass floor carve
  2. Lit water for night ocean and sea life viewing
  3. Private soaking tub for two
  4. Overwater hammocks
  5. Extended sun deck
  6. Outdoor shower
  7. 24-hour room service
  8. Private water taxi
  9. Butler Elite service etc. 

Activities guests can perform the Snorkeling, Cruises, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Land tours, Shopping, Nightlife, Rafting, Safaris, Ziplining, and Ecotours. 

Interesting na! If yes, seize the occasion. Otherwise, you may miss the chance of thrill at overwater bungalows. 

9 )Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows

Disney's Polynesian Bungalows

 Location -1600 Seven Seas Drive Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-8423 (407) 824-3500

 Google Rating– 4.7/5(total reviews 19,637)

It is located in Florida in the USA. Here you get the tropical and greenery surrounding, which evokes the great spirit of tranquility and resting closer to nature. 

It facilitates the guest with the following amenities you can choose the accommodation as your choice. If you wish to opt for a suite in the overwater bungalows, you can do the same. 

  1. Accommodation– You can prefer any of the room types at this destination, as mentioned below, for your rightness.  
  2. Deluxe Studios with a kitchenette. The bungalow features a kitchen, private bedrooms, a washer and dryer, and all the essential amenities.
  3. Lake view Suite consists of 1 King Bed, 1 Queen Bed and 1 Queen-Size Pull Down Bed, and 2 Single Pull Down Beds where up to 8 people can sleep. It is family-friendly, incorporating a full kitchen, a private deck with a pool, a living and dining room, a washer and dryer, and two exclusive bathrooms.  
  4. And other types included a theme park view, 1 Bedroom Suite, Standard view, Pool and marina view, and Garden view.
  5. Other features, including; 

 Van services, Parking, watercraft transportation, Housekeeping service, Mail service, Pet care, ATM, shopping, wireless Internet, and all other needful comforts available for you. 


  You can enjoy your favorite lunch and Breakfast at the best restaurant available at this resort.  

10 ) Hotel Melia Cayo Coco

Hotel Melia Cayo Coco

Location– Jardines Del Rey Moron Cayo Coco, 69400, Cuba

Google Rating- 4.6/5( total reviews 706)

It is located on the central coast of Cuba, featuring and imparting the best feeling of enjoying a beach site. 

Sites featuring 68 overwater rooms comprise one king-size bed or twin beds, 24 hours room service, and Satellite T.V. but no wifi.  

And in inclusively, the resort is featured with a huge swimming pool with hydromassage, Scuba diving, Windsurfing, Catamaran, Canoes, Water bikes, Tennis, Ping-pong, Pool tables, Darts, Archery, Volleyball, Water polo, Aerobics, Bicycles, Horseback riding (with charge), and Gym with sauna and steam, 

Amenities Inside the Suites, including the Balcony, Pillow menu, Free safe, Mini bar, Air conditioning

Telephone with direct dial line, Two ¾ size beds, Coffee and tea facilities, Iron and ironing board, Hair dryer, and Bathtub inside the separate bathroom. 

Dining options are available at the resort’s dedicated restaurant, serving the world’s best international cuisines.   

And, no separate SPA is present at this hotel. 

11 ) El Dorado Maroma

El Dorado Maroma

Location – Carr. Cancún – Tulum Km. 55.3, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Google Rating– 4.6/5(total reviews 1,124)

Palafitos is the finest overwater bungalow at El Dorado Maroma, located over the turquoise water of Maroma beach. 

The resort features the following amenities, including Glass bottom floors, a Private infinity pool, Direct ladder access to the ocean, The romantic Aguas del Amor outdoor shower, an Indoor Relaxing Hot Tub for two, an Oversized deck with wooden lounge chairs, Exclusive beach beds, 24-hour room service, Customized beach picnics, Serve in-bungalow full Breakfast daily, Serve pre-dinner drinks and gourmet bites, Liaise with housekeeping on servicing of the Suite, Dressing assistance before dinner.

12 )Rosewood Mayakoba

Rosewood Mayakoba

Location – Federal Cancún-Playa del Carmen Km 298, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico+1 877-737-7538

Google Rating – 4.8/5( total reviews 1265)

It is located in Mexico, best for honeymooners and couples, consisting of a deluxe overwater lagoon suite featured with all essential amenities like a comfortable king-size bed, wifi, T.V., and Hair Dryer, Air conditioning, safety deposit box, coffee, and tea machine. 

All amenities, as mentioned earlier, are inclusive and not limited to the list. 

Note– Children are not allowed. 

13 ) Sandals Royal Caribbean

Sandals Royal Caribbean

Location- Mahoe Cl, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Google Rating- 4/5 ( total reviews 2110)

It is located in Jamaica near the Bahamas in the Caribbean sea. No other location can match this, as it relishes a different identity because of the choice available in accommodation. Guests can go for their own combination and fusion, including an oceanfront, oceanview, beachfront, tropical garden, pool, and partial ocean view.

The resort features a private infinity pool, king-size bed, a welcome gift from the resort, Molton Brown Bathroom, a private BMW trip to International Airport, and a separate bathroom.   

14 ) Thatch Caye

Thatch Caye

Location – Isala St, Dangriga, Belize

Google rating- 4.5/5(total review 75)

It is located in Belize, offering all-inclusive overwater bungalows and island cabanas, and only entertaining 30 guests at once. 

This location is known for its peaceful environment, furnishing great party and vacation ambiance near the sparkling water of the Caribbean sea. 

Providing almost all essentials inside the suite and resort as a whole. 

15 ) Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort – Montego Bay, Jamaica

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort – Montego Bay, Jamaica

Location- Mahoe Cl, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Google Rating- 4.5/5 (Total reviews 2112

It is located in Jamaica, serving chromatic culture from Britain to Bali in Indonesia. Its architecture has been made in the Georgian style and will give you a feeling of watching a historical monument.

Providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anytime snacks in dedicated restaurants, Unlimited Premium Liquors, 6 bars, swim-up bars, Unlimited Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks wines, Roundtrip airport transfers, BMW private airport transfers for all Butler and Club Elite Sandals guests, PADI-Certified, SCUBA diving, Snorkeling, Hobie Cats, paddle boards, kayaks professional instruction for water sports, Beach volleyball, bocce ball, pool tables, Unlimited land sports and state-of-the-art fitness centers, wifi (entire area of resort), Free wedding (for stays of 3 nights or longer).

In entertainment, they provide live shows too.

Note– Only for adults.


In the entire article, I had appended the all-important and infamous islands accessible in the Bahamas and the availability of overwater Bungalows and villas for the public at large to enjoy a vacation over the fresh, sparkling, and crystal clear blue water, and also implanting the best memories of living close to nature. 

This article was a break up of two sections. In the first part, I added the list of hotels and an island in the Bahamas. Most of them are untapped, so it’s an excellent opportunity to visit such gems on the earth.  

And in the second part, I included the best overwater bungalows available near the location in the Bahamas. 

If I conclude this article, I would say, genuinely, the Bahamas has only a few overwater Bungalows but some luxurious villas and suites. 

Hope so, I answered all your questions, and you got an idea about the Overwater Bungalows and villas in the Bahamas.

Wishing you a happy vacation! 

F & Q Overwater Bungalows Bahamas

Q 1. What price can I expect for booking SANDALS SOUTH COAST RESORT JAMAICA?
Ans- Actually, their price may vary as per the demand of the resort, but reasonably it falls under the price range of $2,000- $3000 per night, which includes almost all amenities. But if you would like to rent a beach room, you have to pay an extra $ 500 per night for a couple.

Q 2.  What Bahamas Island has overwater Bungalows?
AnsTricky Question as very rare people can find the information regarding the same, however, if you are too wilful to go out for a vacation at overwater bungalows in the Bahamas then do choose the Royal Caribbean by Coco Beach Club, over there probably your wish would be fulfilled.   

Q 3. How many Islands are available in the Bahamas and are best for tourists?
Ans– It’s too usual for people to go out for a vacation in locations like the Bahamas due to its closeness to nature. There are numerous accessible Islands available for you, namely, The Berry Islands, The Exumas, Eleuthera & Harbour Island, Mayaguana, Acklins & Crooked Island, Inagua, Nassau & Paradise Island, San Salvador, and Cat Island. 

Q 4. How much does Hotel Melia Cayo Coco- Cuba charge for one night?
Ans– it will cost around US$252 in low season and US$324 in high season for one night. 

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