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Things to do in Kaanapali: Maui’s top activities

We know you have passed so many months sitting back at home due to the ongoing pandemic crisis. But we wish all this gets over soon and you all may carry on with your exciting travels. Travelling is no doubt one of the best things one can do. It helps you boost your energy, improves mental health, and most importantly it helps you to know about the beauty of nature. As you travel to different places,  you get to know many things about the place such as its culture,  language, and many more things. Let’s find:- Things to do in Kaanapali, Maui.

So we are here to tell you about a popular tourist designated beach of  Maui that is Kaanapali Beach. You will be glad to know about this wonderful beach. 

Kaanapali is a census-designated coastal town in Maui country  Hawaii, United State. It has a semi-arid, tropical type of climate, with warm winters and hot summers. Kaanapali was Hawaii’s first planned resort and has now become a model for resorts around the globe. This town is a popular tourist attraction for its most famous Kaanapali  Beach, volcanic rock formation, and several other recreational activities.  

Things to do in Kaanapali, Maui 

Things to do in Kaanapali ,Maui

Maui is an island in the Central Pacific and is known as the”Valley  Isle”. It is the second-largest island in Hawaii. It has been voted as the best island in the United States for more than 20 years. This island has been a popular tourist attraction for its world-famous beaches, the sacred Lao valley, views of migrating humpback whales, farm-to-table cuisine, and the magnificent sunrise and sunset from Haleakala. 

West Maui is an amazing travel site as the neighboring towns of  Lahaina and Kaanapali offer an abundance of activities, historical sites, restaurants, and ocean activities to explore. Some of the best things to do in Maui are —

Whale Watching  

Whale watching is undoubtedly one of the best water activities to do in  Maui. It is an amazing wildlife adventure in which you will be able to take the view of humpback whales in the North Pacific. On West  Maui, visitors often see whales in their natural Hawaiian environment. These whales of the North Pacific travel to Hawaii every year to give birth to their babies. You can go whale watching by boat companies which offer these tours. It also includes guides who are quite knowledgeable and you get to learn an abundance of facts about these humpback whales that make the trek from Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii every year. 

Snorkel Tours at Black Rock  

This Black Rock is on the North end of Kaanapali Beach and is one of the best snorkel sites offered by Maui. People usually get to see giant turtles while snorkeling here. Snorkeling at the Black Rock can give you the best underwater experience.  

This Black Rock is called Puu kekka and it is one of the most attractive places for cliff diving ceremonies. This ceremony takes place every evening at sunset in which a cliff diver lights the torches along the cliff, diving off Black Rock in a reenactment of a feat. 

Enjoy Maui’s Golf Resorts  

Kaanapali has two championship golf courses, the Royal Kaanapali and the Kaanapali Kali. Golfing is perhaps one of the most popular Maui activities. The reason is its perfect weather and impeccably landscaped grounds. 


Parasailing is a unique ocean adventure that you can enjoy in Maui.  This activity is however only allowed to operate from May to  December. June and July are the most popular months for this activity. Parasailing flights are only available in West Maui. 

Things to do on Kaanapali Beach 

Kaanapali Beach stretches over 6.3 miles of West Maui coastline, just north of the historic town of Lahaina. It takes around 50 minutes to reach this beach from Kahulri Airport. It is considered the best beach in the United States. It has three miles of white sand and crystal clear water which makes this beach beautiful. It is a mile-long beach that is home to seven resorts, high-end shopping, various restaurants, and other activities. This beach runs from Black Rock to  Canoe Beach. It is a long and wide beach which makes water entry and swimming gloriously. The Kaanapali Beach area is a popular resort area of Maui and has a variety of hotels and vacation condominiums.  

Almost all the beaches of Maui have something special to offer. The beaches provide you with various recreational activities in water as well as on the beach. Whether you want to explore the water activities or the surrounding areas or relax, you will find a beach for every purpose. You will find stark volcanic landscapes, emerald valleys, and black-sand beaches here. 

Some of the things to do on Kaanapali Beach are — 

Kaanapali Beach is one of the most attractive places for tourists and this beach provides you with a large number of recreational activities.  

Beach Walk 

If you love to take a walk around the beach, you can definitely enjoy this at this beach. The best way to make a beautiful glimpse of this beach is to get up early in the morning so that it does not get too hot or too crowded with people. The path is paved and takes you along the beach. 


It is no doubt that this beach is a perfect beach for swimming as there is no reef and it is a gradual decline so getting in and out of the water is very easy. On the north end of this beach, there is a black rock that offers cliff jumping as well. 


Surfing is another important underwater activity offered by Kaanapali  Beach. However, surfing should always be done after testing the water and learning to surf. This is a perfect area for beginners to learn surfing due to the sandy breaks. 

Go on a Sunset Cruise  

One of the best ways to experience fun in Kaanapali is by taking a  sunset cruise on the Pacific Ocean. The cruise departs directly from through Kaanapali Beach and offers you stunning views of West  Maui. You can also enjoy the beautiful orange skies at sunset. 

Shopping at Whalers Village  

For the best shopping experience in Kaanapali, you can visit Whalers Village, a world-class shopping complex that features a variety of shops, restaurants, and a renowned whaling museum. You will find yourself surrounded by the best brands of garments to a wide variety of food ranging from fast food to full-service restaurants.  

Hotels near Kaanapali Beach 

If you want to stay in the resort hotels around the Kaanapali beach you will find a variety of them which will cater to your need. Five hotels and six condominiums villages face this renowned beach. Some of the most popular resort hotels include Kaanapali Beach Hotel, The  Westin Maui Resort, and Spa, Hyatt Regency Maui, etc. 

All these resorts and hotels are located around this beach facing the beach and are deeply rooted in Hawaiian tradition. As all these hotels and resorts face the beach so they provide the guests with the scenic beauty of this place. These resort hotels provide extensive luxury and fun activities to their guests. 

Like all the Hawaiian beaches, this beach is open for the public but has inadequate parking available. There are five small partially- public lots scattered between the Kaanapali Parkway and the beach.

Beaches in Hawaii are closer to each other and so activities such as sitting, standing, lying down, or sunbathing are not allowed in order to avoid crowding of people.

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