10 Best Surfing Helmets [2023 Buying Guide]

Just like every other sport, surfing also comes with its equipment and protective gear that you need to wear to prevent yourself from getting hurt while taking an excellent surf.

Various security issues need to be taken care of before you jump onto a surfboard and surfing helmets are that one gear that you cannot ignore. Whether you hit a rock or your own surfboard, you would be sure that you will not lose your consciousness and drown with a surf helmet on. 

So, if you are a beginner at surfing, make sure that you find a suitable helmet. And if you are already an experienced surfer, you should check your gear from time to time to ensure that your helmet has not experienced any wear and tear. That being said, there are high chances that you would be confused about which helmet to buy, even if you are a professional surfer, as there are many options available in the market. 

That is why, to assist you with your purchase, we have come up with a one-stop guide that would help you with all the queries that you might have. Besides that, we have also shortlisted some of the most high-end yet affordable helmets you can opt for. 

So, let’s get started without any further ado. 

Best Surfing Helmets Types That You Can Choose From

There are only two types of surfing helmets that you will find in the market. These include, 

Half-shell or Half-cut Helmets

These are like bicycle helmets. They cover your head from your ears and protect the side, back, and top of your head. They are comparatively more comfortable and lightweight than full helmets.

However, they leave your face exposed to potential dangers. Apart from that, some half-shell helmets also come with removable ear flaps that protect your ears from cold water and damage and keeps them warm too. 

  • Full-shell or Full-cut Helmets

These helmets cover the entire head along with the ears, hence offering complete protection. Most full-cut helmets come with ear vents to prevent the dampening of sound and improving hearing.

Other than that, if you live in a cold country, this type of helmet would keep your ears warm while protecting you. You can even wear skull caps under the helmet for insulation. In some cases, they also come with chin guards and a visor. 

Materials And Components require in A Surfing Helmet

Different materials are used for making various components of surfing helmets. The primary factor that comes into play when buying a helmet is its price.

The price reflects material choices that mainly include liner and shell materials. However, all helmets are made of four essential components. 

Retention System

It includes the straps that help in keeping the helmet secured to the wearer’s head. 


It includes fitting pads located at the inner lining of the helmet. They are used for adjusting the comfort and fit of the helmet according to individual head size. 


This refers to the component that works as cushions underneath the helmet shell. The liner absorbs all sorts of impacts that reduce the amount of energy or force transmitted to the head. 


This is the outermost component or the exterior part of the helmet. The shell helps in spreading the effect of an impact throughout a broader area. This helps in protecting your head against injuries that can happen from hitting sharp objects.

Now let us discuss the different materials that are used for making these components.

 Retention System

In order to keep the helmet in place and secured on the head, the straps should be reliable and robust. Nowadays, all good quality helmets come with chin-straps and quick-release buckles that tighten the surfing helmet to the head.

However, if you are looking for a firmer fit, you should get a helmet with adjustable back head straps. Some even have the feature of magnetic buckles. They do ease not only operation but also minimizes any chances of neck pinching. 


The padding of helmets is available in different thicknesses and sizes customized according to personal requirements to maximize comfort and match the fit. They are either attached to the lining with a loop or hook fastening system or are self-adhesive. You can also arrange or cut these pads to fit your head size. 


Liner materials used for surfer helmets are usually made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate or Expanded Poly-Propylene. They can absorb multiple impacts and are waterproof. Sometimes the surf helmet can have an inner lining of closed-cell foam that gives a softer feeling.  


Shells are usually made of two types of materials, composite and plastic. Plastic helmets are known for their supreme impact absorption and better flex, whereas composite helmets are known for their light-weightedness and strength. Th

ere is also a wide range of plastics that you can choose from, such as PC, ABS, and PR, and composites like Kevlar, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. 

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What About the Sizing And Fit Of Surfing Helmet

Even if you are not buying all the gear required for surfing, then surfing with helmets only can also save you a great deal of trouble. However, before you buy your helmet, you should measure the size of your head correctly. Look for different helmet sizes, models, and brands, and do a comparative study before purchasing. Your helmet should fit you snugly without affecting your pressure points. Your helmet should not slide down or feel loose when you are turning your head. The correct helmet would stay put on your head even when you keep the chin strap undone. 

Now that you have a fair idea of choosing your surfing helmet, here is the hand-picked list of some of the best products in the market. Let’s check them out. 

Best Surfing Helmets To Buy Right Now

surfing helmet

The products mentioned below reflect helmets of various prices, features, and designs that you can choose from. Both their merits and demerits are provided to streamline your decision-making further. 

Vihir Adult Water Sports Helmet with Ears 

This helmet by Vihir is a multipurpose helmet that is not only suitable for water sports like surfing and boating but can also be used for fishing, pulleys, scooters, and more.

Customers are also provided with integrated ear protection flaps within the helmet that prevents the ears from harm while facilitating improved hearing. Moreover, the helmets come with size-adjustable features without putting any pressure on your head or neck. 


  • The helmet comes with a hybrid design that features a strong ABS outer shell and a cold-molding EVA inner foam. 
  • The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for three months and a warranty for a year. 
  • Eleven vents have been placed strategically to draw in the fresh air and pull out sweat moisture. 


  • Since it is a half-face helmet, your face is exposed, which many people do not like. 

Final Verdict:

This is the best product that you would find on the market, which is long-lasting, affordable, and comes with many features. They are available in six different shades, which gives you the option to wear your favorite color when going surfing. Moreover, you can also use them as kite surfing helmets.

Bollé Motive off white Matte 52-55cm Ski Helmet Unisex-Adult

 A unisex surf helmet by Bolle Motive is a hybrid shell that has an in-mold ABS for style and weight reduction.

The helmet also comes with ABS on the top half of the helmet for impact protection. It also comes with an adjustable venting system that can control the inflow of air according to the user’s comfort. 


The helmet is audio kit compatible, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music and sport at the same time.

The rubber-sized adjustable wheel helps in loosening or tightening the helmet effortlessly without having to open gloves. 

Lightweight helmet with superior protection. 


  • This helmet is comparatively expensive for buyers looking for a good helmet at an average price. 
  • The audio kit is sold separately. 

Final Verdict:

This surfing helmet comes in a wide range of sizes, available in exotic colors, allowing the customers to find their perfect fit. Made with advanced technology, they have been developed efficiently to deliver quality and comfort irrespective of circumstances. 

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Tontron Adult Water Sports Helmet with Camera Mount Plate

Having more than ten years of experience in the watersport gear industry, Tontron has yet again brought another excellent product to the market. If you are a water baby and love to capture each of your experiences, this helmet is perfect for you. Three words that can do right by this helmet are pocket-friendly, lightweight, and comfortable.


  • Integrated camera mount plate that can be used with any camera. Hence, buyers can record their adventures every time they go for a surf. 
  • The helmet shell comes with 11 air vents that facilitate superior ventilation even during the most humid condition. 
  • The helmet features a buoyancy effect which allows it to float when subjected to immersion. 


  • The Y-retainer straps at the side might slip a bit due to size issues, as stated by some customers. However, they also mentioned that it is not a safety concern. 

Final Verdict 

Available in matte white and black and three different sizes, this watersport helmet by Tontron is the best product. Its EVA lining is not only waterproof but also dries off quickly to provide a comfortable experience. Furthermore, the retention strap system offers an extension of 25mm. 

Tontron Adult Kayaking Surfing Helmet with Magnetic Buckle

Another fantastic product by Tontron which we could not stop from adding to our list. One cannot beat it for the price it comes with. It offers excellent protection, good coverage, and does not make the head sweat. Besides, in addition to surfing helmets Australia, buyers can even use this helmet for kayaking.


  • The helmet comes with an imported buckle that has been imported from Germany. Buyers can easily lock their helmets with one hand. 
  • The head dial’s back can be effortlessly adjusted, and the ear protection pads can be removed too. 
  • The helmet matches the sports standards of CE EN 1385. 


  • It comes in one color and one size, which might not fit all. 

Final Verdict 

This unisex helmet by Tontron has an ABS shell material and EVA impact foam. Rigid shell construction also allows buyers to experience significant impact protection from bumps. The easy lock system keeps the helmet secured on the head irrespective of the buyer’s watersport is playing. 

NRS Havoc Adult Livery Whitewater Kayak Rafting Safety Helmet

Stay safe while engaging in your favorite watersport activities with this helmet by NRS. Available in five different colors, priced reasonably, and responds well to average impact. The product is also lightweight, which makes it a suitable product for both kids and adults. 


  • The whitewater helmet helps in protecting the head a robust ABS plastic shell that withstands any impact while being lightweight on the head. 
  • Integrated EVA foam pads inside the helmet further facilitate additional impact control. 
  • The DailFit system offers easy adjustment of the chin strap by just a simple twist. 


  • The helmet is a one-size-fits-all, which becomes an issue as it might not fit many who do not fall within the size range of the helmet. 
  • The helmet has only six drainage/ventilation ports. 

Final Verdict

Overall, the helmet is comfortable, sturdy, and pocket-friendly too. The only problem that people might face is fitting issues which can also be easily fixed. Other than that, this is a long-lasting product that would last you through seasons. 

Gath SFC Convertible Safety Surf Helmet

One of the most famous surfing helmet brands, this surf helmet by Gath features high impact resistance, UV stability, lightweight, long-lasting plastic with a multi-impact facility, non-spongy foam lining, and more. The straps provide comfort as they are both coated with both nylon and foam. Furthermore, the quick-release buckles offer secured retention.  


  • It has a unique fitting system that provides an exceptionally snug suction cap fit. Such a feature makes the helmet ideal for punching its way through the waves. 
  • It is one of the most lightweight helmets found worldwide for surfing. 
  • The product is both SLSA and EN 1385 approved. 


  • Buyers might experience a sizing issue. Hence, it is advised to order one size up to avoid such problems. 
  • Expensive than most average surfing helmets.

Final Verdict

Apart from having a sweet, space-age style, the helmet has overall cool features which you would just love. Besides, its deal-breaking ear protectors are also detachable, which makes it the most suitable gear for those who like to go for a surf in different weather conditions.  

NP Surf Watersports Helmet, Flouro Green Matt

If you want a helmet similar to Gath but do not want to spend so much money, then you can opt for this product. This surfing helmet by NP is quirky and ultra-lightweight, which makes it suitable for a wide range of watersports. The helmet is made from both a high-impact resistant ABS shell and EVA absorption liner for impact.


  • The closing system at the head’s back and chin straps can be adjusted as per the buyer’s requirements. 
  • The inner part is non-water absorbent.  


  • Buyers might face fitting challenges. 
  • Ear covers are not long-lasting and may break after heavy and consistent use. 

Final Verdict

People searching for a sleek helmet at a reasonable price can surely buy this NP surfing helmet. It offers EVA close ear protection that helps in keeping elements away from getting into the ear. However, these protectors can also be detached if required. 

 Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

This surfing helmet by Pro-Tec has everything that you can ask for. Whether you are wakeboarding, kayaking, or surfing, you can blindly depend on this helmet for your protection. It provides you with the opportunity to surf in style. One of the best things about this gear is that buyers get to find their perfect fit from a wide range of size selections. 


  • Dual-density EVA liner that is water-resistant and the high-density ABS shell keeps the head protected. 
  • The gear also has a rear mount strap used for mounting the camera, head light, goggles, and more. 
  • Buyers get to experience fantastic drainage and ventilation with fifteen open vents, which can hardly be found in any other gear systems. 


  • The chin strap might get a bit slippery after prolonged use. 

Final Verdict

The helmet is CE EN 1385 approved, which makes it a perfect gear and is also quite affordable. It does not interfere with hearing or visibility even while facing the most challenging waves. People who have just started on their surfing journey and looking for helmets for kite surfing can also check this out.

Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Helmet

An old-schooled style helmet for all the old-schooled souls. Saturday earpiece that would keep the water from going inside your ear while the thick yet comfortable padding inside the helmet keeps you secured from any harm. Users can capture their special moments by mounting GoPros or any other camera for recording with the help of the rear mount strap. 


  • A retro-styled surfing gear with high-density ABS molded shell. So, you can be assured that even the toughest of waves cannot hurt you. 
  • Waterproof inner EVA lining that keeps you comfortable irrespective of weather conditions. 
  • Superior drainage and ventilation with 11 strategically placed vents. 


  • Available only in one color and one size. 

Final Verdict

Overall it’s a good buy for people looking for traditional-looking gear with the safety of modern technology. The rear portion has adjustable stay-tight interiors that keep the helmet in place. With that being said, if you do not mind the color and size, this would be worth the money. 

Gath Gedi Surf Safety Helmet with Peak

If budget is not an issue, you have a solution for all your surfing gear requirements. With its half-cut design sitting above your ear has a visor and peaks for those to look for extra protection. The best thing about this surfing helmet is that one can customize its simple design depending on their individual requirements. 


  • The inner side of the helmet has a high-quality EPS foam that is super absorbent. Hence, you can tackle the wave bumps easily. 
  • Ear guards are well-ventilated, but they can also be removed for individual comfort. However, ear guards do not restrict hearing. 


  • The fitting can be a challenge. Hence, it is recommended to order a size above to avoid fitting complications. 

Final Verdict

Additional accessories, a wide range of color options, sturdy construction are some of the many benefits that users can experience when buying this surfing helmet. However, one can use it as a helmet for beginners and not for pro surfers. 

Wrapping Up  

Surfing is an action-packed sport where you cannot risk your safety. Even as a pro surfer, you would face many incidents that can lead to head injuries when you are surfing.

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These head injuries can further lead to severe or permanent damage to your health. Therefore, having proper surfing gear like surfing helmets is vital to keeping yourself safe from potential dangers. The helmets mentioned above would not only keep you safe but also allow you to enjoy a seamless, fun surfing experience.  

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