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45+ Ideas For The Best Camping Gifts For Kids That They Would Love For Sure

Camping is a great family activity that can teach children valuable skills while also getting them away from their screens for a little bit. However, if you want to make your camping trip more fun for the kids, getting them some gifts is essential.

With the new school year around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for back-to-school. One of the many things you need is a list of supplies. Here’s an idea: if your kids are anything like mine, they will love getting some items that are just for them!

Going Camping is an experience that will be treasured by kids and adults alike. The sense of adventure, fresh air, and natural beauty can’t be found in any other place. And while many people think they need to spend a lot of money on expensive gear, there are plenty of camping gifts for kids that won’t break the bank. To help your kids set up for their future outdoor adventures, here are our best camping gifts for kids list.

List of Top Camping Gifts for Kids

best camping gifts for kids

1. Sleeping Bag

  • A sleeping bag is one of the essential ones should always have in a campout. 
  • Kid-sized and lightweight sleeping bag will be well and good. They don’t need to be expensive unless you will use them for backpacking or family camping. A kid-sized sleeping bag will be great for sleepovers. 
  • Kids get a sense of comfort when they use them at home or outdoors. You should choose the insulated and roomy ones.

2. Water Bottle

  • Exploring and Hiking can make a kid thirsty. I am keeping them hydrated outdoors, especially when camping during summer. 
  • You should choose the one that is leak-resistant along with being insulated and lightweight too. Nothing would be disgusting like leaking water from your backpack. 
  • Hydro Flask water bottles can also store beverages like hot chocolate shakes or ice-cold coffee for up to 24 hours.   

3. Paracord Bracelet

  • Paracord Bracelets are the perfect gifts for kids who like to have adult gadgets or teenagers. 
  • Paracord Bracelets come in different varieties. Some have compasses, emergency knives, whistles, and sometimes fire starters.
  • Paracord bracelets come most handy when little kids are out in nature and may need help at the time of emergency.  
  • gifts for kids who go camping

4. Nature Kit for Kids

  • A nature kit is a perfect gift option for kids who want to explore nature. 
  • A nature kit consists of every favorite tool, like a magnifying glass and specimen containers. Your kids can be involved and enjoy the complete activity in less than a half-hour. 
  • Some nature kits come with compasses, whistles, and plowers. 

5. Camelbak Water Bottles for Kids

  • No matter what activity your kids want to participate in, whether Camping, kayaking, fishing, surfing, or swimming, keeping them hydrated is one of the most important things that you should take care of to keep their body healthy and prevent it from overheating. 
  • To fulfill this purpose, you’ll need a water bottle endurable enough and even lightweight enough that can be carried by your kids.
  • One of the widely popular manufacturers of water bottles is Camelbak, which offers diverse options with different colors and models that your kids will love.

6. Hiking Backpack

  • Camping and Hiking go hand in hand, just like jelly and butter. If you have an outdoorsy kid, you should give him a hiking backpack without thinking twice. Your kid will be proud of having his hiking backpack
  • Consider hiking backpacks that are long-lasting and small in size such that little ones can use them to carry all the gears or that can also be used as a cuddle toy along with the camp.

7. Outdoor Explorer Set

  • With this set, you’ll be able to build an elaborate structure with a roof, stairs, and flooring. 
  • An outdoor explorer set can be an excellent gift for your child because what’s better than building forts and climbing trees? Finding a treehouse and making your tree-planted fort! 
  • An outdoor explorer set comes with 20 different types of tools that can be used to engage with nature while camping.
  • It comes with essential supplies such as screws, nails, saws, and drill bits. 
  • This is the perfect gift for budding explorers aged 4+.

8. Children’s Camping Set

  • The wild, accessible, and open-air camping experience goes beyond the walls of the tent. 
  • Children’s Camping Set is a perfect option for parents who want to give their kids a camping adventure while staying on the grid. 
  • The set includes everything from tents with sleeping bags to outdoor gear designed for kids of all ages. 
  • This neat little package will prepare your kids for life up close and personal with nature while meeting you back in town without too much hassle.

9. Scavenger’s Hunt

  • If you’ve ever played the popular game of Scavenger Hunt, then this post is for you. 
  • Scavenger Hunt is a game where one team (hunters) tries to find items (usually given in advance) and bring them back to their base, while another team (runners) tries to escape capture by the hunters. 
  • Scavenger Hunt is the best game you can play with your kids while camping. You should play this, especially if you’re camping in a place with many trees, because it will be easier for you to hide the clues in a lot of spaces. 
  • The scavenger hunt game is suitable for children of ages four and up.

10. Camp Crafts

  • One of my favorite things to do with my kiddos is explored the outdoors. 
  • Camp Crafts helps teach them about the natural world and helps inspire their sense of creativity. A camp craft kit has 12 different activities to keep the kids invested – all neatly packed in a carrying case! Includes eight reusable activity sheets, string, balloon, pipe cleaners.
  • This is an excellent gift for families that love to camp. I love that it can be done at home and fit into any homeschooling or world schooling experience or when kids are out of school during the summer.

11. Sun Hat

Are you organizing a camping trip? Be sure to pack sunscreen and sun protection for the kids, as well as a wide variety of hats for the kids. 

12. Kid-sized Tent

  • Have you noticed that your teen doesn’t seem to enjoy family camping trips anymore? Research suggests that this is often because teens want more privacy than they get while camping. 
  • Giving them their kid-sized tent while still on a family camping trip, for example, could help them enjoy the experience again while preventing other campers from invading their personal space.

13. Hammock

  • Many families have found that adding hammocks are perfect for Camping. And not just for the kids either – you can also read or even sleep in them! 
  • Some kids can’t get enough outdoors and might benefit from a hammock for their next adventure. 
  • They all have a spot to kick back and read a book, too, so even the restless ones will be happy 🙂

14. GoPro Action Camera

  • This digital age has led many people to realize how important it is to capture crucial moments when traveling or the outdoors. 
  • With the GoPro Action Camera, there’s no need for anyone to miss out on picking up their camera and capturing these unforgettable memories with their loved ones.

15. Binoculars

  • Camping is a great way to spend time outdoors with your kids. Adding binoculars to your list of camping gifts is an excellent idea for kids who like birdwatching or wildlife observation. 
  • Plus, binoculars will make their time outdoors more enjoyable and provide them with additional ways to enjoy their trip!

16. Walkies-Talkies

  • Gifting kids walkie-talkies might seem a little impractical, but it can benefit them and aid their parents! Adults usually have trouble keeping an eye on the kids, especially if they try to escape.
  •  Kids usually love being given one of these devices- it lets them interact with their parents better, which most of them want in the end.
  • Kids love walkie-talkies, and the best thing is that they don’t hurt if they drop them! These have a neat feature where you don’t need to press a button every time you speak. That might be hard for little kids to get their heads around, but it’s great for parents who want a hands-free.

17. Whistle

  • One of the latest trends in back-to-school gear is a handy whistle that can attach anywhere on their backpack or be worn around their neck. You’ll never get lost again! 
  • With a pack like this, you can get creative with your color choice or opt for an antique look- more of a man’s style whistle.
  • A good safety clip should be a must since it is for kids.

18. Journal

  • Some kids enjoy playing, getting dirty, and exploring when on camping trips. But some kids can enjoy documenting their adventures. 
  • Consider a journal for a child who loves to go on camping trips and see what they think!
  • If you have an interest in exciting animals, meeting new people, and visiting places you have never been before, then you should get a pet.

19. Stack The Scoops Card Game

  • Stack The Scoops is a game about ice cream. You can get points by matching cards that include the different types of scoops and additional decorations. There are also double and triple scoop cards which allow you to score more points!
  • Stack The Scoops is enjoyable and engaging for kids of all ages. The focus on reinforcing their basic math skills also encourages family time.

20. Camping Spot It

  • Spot it! Is a great game for all ages. The game consists of 55 cards with eight symbols – one large, one medium, and six small symbols. Take your outdoor adventures with you.
  • Spot It! Camping brings the original Spot It! gameplay to the great outdoors. Please search for your binoculars, call for your walkie-talkie, and Spot that bear before it spots you! 
  • Spot it! Gone Camping captures everything you love about camping out. This game does not occupy much space and is fast and fun at the same time.

21. Camping Crafts

  • Camping crafts are a ton of fun for so many reasons. It can be to celebrate at a camp-themed party or to break up winter, or even while you’re camping. Kids will love having their memory!
  • I love them because they’re great for pretending, and they can also be used for things you find outside other than camping crafts.

22. Camping Chair

  • Camping gets more interesting if you’ve prepared to set up a campfire and spend some decent family time or quality time with your friends. 
  • Camping Chair comes very handily in these situations, where more than one or two people are having a gathering and chilling out. 
  • A Camping Chair that is portable and lightweight will be the best choice for your kids so that they can move it wherever they want to. 

23. Slackline Kit

  • A slackline is a fun present for children who like to play outdoors. It’s also suitable for camping trips since it folds up so compactly. The slackline comes with an overhead line for supporting other people on the other side of the line.
  • Many people see slacklining as an enjoyable and active way to spend time outdoors. This is why we chose a slackline kit as the perfect camping gift! It sets up in just minutes, and you can start playing right away. 
  • This set includes a fitness line for kids as young as five or more can practice balancing.

24. Headlamp

  • An affordable headlamp is a great kid camping toy for under $30. Practical and fun, it makes for a great present to children as they can use it for late-night trips to the bathroom and evening hikes. 
  • A Camping essential that will make you very popular with children is a headlamp. Kids love to play games in the dark once their headlamps are on. 
  • They are also easy to find in the dark when they have one of these cute headlamps!

25. Magnifying Glass

  • A magnifying glass is a great way to promote their zest for natural sciences. It’s a simple (and inexpensive) toy that encourages open-ended playing.
  • You could also buy a leaf identification book for older kids.
  • You can’t establish a moment of discovery without a magnifier in your hand.

26. Compass

  • A map and a compass are essential items to explore the wilderness. Making these tools fun for kids is a great idea, so buy them a new mapping compass as their next Camping or hiking gift. They’ll be able to navigate more easily on the next walk and enjoy themselves more too! Compass is one of the best camping gifts for kids.
  • A great skill to have is being able to navigate on a compass. You can buy your kids’ camping gear to test this skill by buying them a good compass as a fun gift.

27. S’Mores Kit

  • Who doesn’t love S’mores? Now you can make them with S’mores kits that come with all the fixings. Plus, the roasting stick skewers will allow you to make S’mores whenever you want, no matter where you are.
  • It used to be that we would go hunting for sticks around the campsite. With all the critters, this could get dangerous, so it’s good to have some skewers on hand. Using them is also a lot cleaner than having half-eaten food sticking out of sticks.
  • The Camping Alphabet is a guide to what you need for Camping! There are plenty of illustrations, so it’s an easy read, even for children. You’ll have all the information you need before setting off on your adventure.

28. Rocket Launcher

  • Camping with kids is always so fun, but it’s even more enjoyable when you have some great toys. One of our favorites is this foam rocket launcher. Our son has taken to running, jumping, and exploring it on his own, which means he gets plenty of exercise during playtime!
  • The design also means children are safe to use them pretty much anywhere, which is perfect for family camping trips! They make great toys, fun for kids of all ages to play with. And though not meant for long periods of continuous use, these little launchers are great at keeping kids occupied!

29. Slingshot Finger Rockets

  • This slingshot is both fun and challenging, with foam balls included. Perfect for the kids on your camping trip!
  • A slingshot is a fantastic camping gifts for kids.

30. Scooter

  • Scoot around the campsite with your kids when camping by getting a scooter. This is one of the best outdoor activities to play and let off some steam. Most scooters pack down into a small, portable size that’s perfect for camping trips.

31. Climbing Rope Tree Swing

  • A rope tree swing that can be climbed on and swung from is a great outdoor gift they can use at camp and home. The set comes with everything you need and can be hung right from the tree branch.

32. Telescope

  • For a budding astronomer, a telescope is one of the best gifts you can give them! It should be portable, lightweight, and adjustable.
  • Improve your moon photography by attaching a camera to your telescope to take incredible pictures of the moon. It is a perfect choice for beginners as it is easy to use and provides better magnification than those without lenses.

33. Star Guide

  • Going Camping is the best time to try my new hobby. I often lay awake at night and wonder about what’s happening in the sky. Stargazing books with big pictures for children are a fantastic idea as a gift, as they have clear explanations of constellations.
  •  They’re also an excellent tool for educating parents and their children alike on the wondrous skies above us.

34. Metal Detector

  • One of the best gifts for kids when Camping is a child-friendly metal detector. They make a fantastic present for young children, especially by the coast or in high grassy areas. It’s lightweight and easy to use, making it perfect for younger kids (5-7) who would like to try their hand at something outside of their usual circle of interests.
  • The National Geographic Hands-Free Shovel is an excellent choice for retired or older kids looking for something a little bit heavier, can detect a depth of 6 inches and can be broken down for easy packability.

35. Rock Polisher

  • If you’re looking for unique camping gifts, a rock tumbler falls high on the list. Even though they won’t have time to play with it while camping, they can collect rocks from the beach or campsite to take home and tumble.
  • Camping can be an enjoyable experience, but if you want to find some other ways to spice it up, this gemstone kit could be for you! You get stones, an instruction manual, and a jewelry kit with this Great Outdoors mystery box.

36. Rock Painting Kit

  • Kids adore painting rocks, especially when they are camping. With this rock painting kit, you’ll be able to set them up with endless creative possibilities. Paint the stones in the included pack, and once they have completed that activity, you can initiate a new one – for example, exploring nice new rocks.

37. Explorer Vest

  • The explorer vest is an attractive choice for toddlers who will like the feel of a park ranger or explorer. The vest comes with interesting cargo pockets. If it looks too young for older people, they may enjoy the appearance of a military camouflage vest. 

38. Throw Burrito Game

  • This is perfect for a family that loves to play and is not afraid to go numb. Throw Burrito is a card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens in which you throw soft burritos at each other. 
  • I can’t say we played the game in person, but I stumbled upon it, and let’s say it might be in my Amazon cart and arrive at my place in two days or less. The game looks fun and is perfect for a family that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

39. Giant Bubble Kit

  • With this fantastic giant bubble kit, you can have hours of fun!
  • See how many giant bubbles you can blow and how big you can get your bubbles!
  • Pour the bubble solution into the tray, dip in the round wand, pull air through, and release giant bubbles!
  • Try and catch a bubble – and then gently blow through the bubble film to make lots of smaller bubbles!

40. Fishing Pole

  • Camp life frequently entails languid days spent fishing in a river or lake with your family. Giving a child their first fishing pole can be the beginning of a lifelong passion for fishing. This lightweight child’s fishing pole is ideal for children just learning to fish.
  • Children’s fishing presents are usually a hit. This fishing set is as well. Their fishing rod makes them feel grown-up, even if they aren’t as patient as adults. It will be the finest moment of their lives if they even catch a fish!

41. Knot Tying Tool

  • Your children will learn to tie all of the necessary survival knots with this equipment. It’s an excellent camping gifts for kids and older children who enjoy Camping and outdoor activities.

42. Butterfly Hatching Kit

  • This butterfly garden hatching kit is ideal for a child who enjoys being outside. Seeing caterpillars transform into butterflies is one of nature’s wonders and a great source of inspiration for children.

43. Lifestraw Water Purifier

  • A water purifier is a terrific thing to bring along for a family camping vacation, even if it isn’t one of the conventional Camping presents for kids. They’ll think it’s fantastic to be able to drink water straight from a stream!

44. Kids Adventure Lantern

  • LED lamps for tiny explorers make excellent camping gear for kids. This light will be handy for any family camping trip, whether they want to play a game in the evening or need to go urgently in the middle of the night.

45. String Lights

  • Although string lights aren’t one of the most apparent outdoor family gifts, teens (particularly females) enjoy using them to brighten up the camping setting or even at home. Purchase solar-powered lights that are suitable for use outside.

46. Camping Lego 

  • In our family, Lego has always been a big hit! Our kids have adored playing with all camping-related Lego since we first started camping. It makes them nostalgic for past camping experiences and excited for future adventures! The ideal camping gift for children!

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