Top 5 Best Closed Face Fishing Reel

Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish. Fish are often caught in the wild regions but may also be caught from stocked bodies of water. Techniques for catching fish include hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling, trapping and also the use of fishing reels. In this article you will find top best closed face fishing reel.

You all might be wondering “what is a fishing reel?” A fishing reel is a mechanical device attached to a fishing rod, it stores, releases and collects the fishing line via a rotating arm. The earliest fishing reel was invented during ‘Song Dynasty in China which had limited features. But in modern times fishing reel usually had fitting aiding in casting for distance and accuracy.  

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Most of the reel share a few basic characteristics that include –

  Is a mechanical device

  Has hold, release and retrieve line

  Have a handle attached to a spool

  Employ a braking device for slowing a fish

  Have a bracket for attaching the reel to a fishing rod

Types of fishing reels

Decision to use a particular kind of reel is based on the type of fishing and your skill level.

The four common types of the reel are as follows –

  1. Spin Casting Reel 

This fishing reel is best for beginners and children. It is simple to use and available in nearby stores. The reel is controlled by a wheel on the body or by a star nut that is part of the handle. This is suitable for lightweight fishing. This reel has a cover face keeping all the essential parts of the reel protected

  1. Bait Casting Reel 

This type of reel is difficult to control and not suitable for children. The design is made solely for accuracy purposes. This reel should not be used for lightweight fishing while it is perfect for heavier lines. A well-experienced angler can use this reel perfectly. The most popular variant of a baitcasting reel is the ‘low profile bait casting’. The ability to move the spool faster than the handle is one of the advantages of this reel 

  1. Fly Reels

This reel is designed to cast lures that have very lightweight. The reels are used to fish with artificial fly lures that weigh almost nothing. The design of this reel is similar to a traditional fishing reel. It consists of a single spool that rotates around a centre pin.

  1. Spinning Reel

This is the most popular reel-type worldwide. This is very easy to use, dependable and highly versatile. Many anglers like to use the spinning reel for general purposes. The bail arm of the reel rotates around the spool and wraps the line on to it. Most spinning reels have an anti-reverse mechanism that prevents the handle from being spun backwards. top 5 BEST CLOSED FACE FISHING REEL

Specifications To Remember while buying Fishing Reel

While buying a fishing reel following points should be considered –

  1. Material and Weight 

The housing of the fishing reel is usually built of aluminium or graphite. The body made out of aluminium is stronger and the body from graphite is lighter.

If you are purchasing material through an online process check the weight of the reel on another hand if you are purchasing the reel in stores physically check the weight by holding the reel in the hand.

  1. Gear Ratio 

The bail rotates around the spool while you turn the handle; the gear ratio indicates how many times the bail rotates around the spool in a single turn of a handle. 4:1 gear ratio indicates slow speed while 7:1 indicates higher speed.

The fishing reel that can be adjusted to the highest speed, as well as the lowest speed, should be purchased.

  1. Ball Bearing 

A smooth rotation without any obstacle makes a reel more comfortable to fish. The rotation quality of the fishing reel is determined by the number of ball bearings. A higher number of ball bearings results in more comfort and vice versa. A fishing reel with proper ball bearings should be purchased.

  1. Spool Material 

Similar to housing material spool material can be either aluminium or graphite. Spool made from aluminium is strong and rigid while spool made from graphite is light in weight. The process of spooling tends to be easier with a graphite spool.

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  1. Drag System 

A drag system is one of the important aspects of the fishing reel. A poor drag increases the chances of losing fish while a perfect drag bonus you with extra fish. A good drag system is easy to adjust and the line moves in and out smoothly without any jerk. While purchasing the above important qualities should be considered.

 Reel Handle 

A handle is said to be perfect only when it has a large knob. A large knob enables a stronger grip also decreases slippage and improves control on the handle. The longer handle gives you more leverage as compared to the shorter handle.   

Best Rated Closed Face Fishing Reel 

Zebco Omega Fishing Reel

If you are looking for a powerful fishing reel then your search has come to an end. “THIS IS THE ONE!!” This fishing reel comes with a 10 pounds zebco fishing line which makes it powerful and comfortable. The reel features 7 bearings (6 + clutch), with an anti-reverse switch and spare spool. Zebco company products are trusted for a long period.


  •   Brand – Zebco
  •   Material – Blend of aluminium and graphite
  •   Colour – Multicolour
  •   Item weight – 0.83 pounds
  •   Size – 20 reels or 30 reels
  •   Warranty Period – 1 Year
  •   Bearing Material – Stainless Steel


  •   The reel has a lightweight
  •   Works great for children as well as elders


  •   No difference can be identified between the two sizes

My Thoughts 

The product functions smoothly also it is very reliable. The reel does not require a lot of maintenance. A huge number of customers switch to this product.

Zebco Omega Pro Fishing Reel

This is one of the best fishing reel preferable for versatile use. This reel functions smoothly as it has 7 bearings (6 + clutch) and is lighter in weight. It has an anti-reverse clutch and it comes with an extra dual paddle handle. Zebco company helped people to enjoy fishing.


  •   Brand – Zebco
  •   Material – Aluminium
  •   Colour – Black
  •   Handle Material – Aluminium
  •   Item Weight – 0.63 Pounds
  •   Bearing Material – Stainless Steel
  •   Warranty Period – 1 Year


  •   The product is easy to use
  •   The reel has more durability
  •   This reel is the latest and updated version


  •   Available only in one colour

My thoughts 

The product is available in two different sizes, you can select the accurate size as per your fishing style.

Kastking Brutus Fishing Reel

This product has exceptional features which are helpful for every angler. The handle of the reel is reversible, you can switch from left to right by simply removing the cap and changing the handle to the opposite side. The reel is framed with durable rubber grips. It has a high speed and gear ratio of 4.0:1 which is required by many anglers.


  •   Brand – Kastking
  •   Material – Graphite
  •   Colour – Model 30
  •   Item Weight – 0.62 Pounds
  •   Bearing Material – Stainless Steel


  •   The product has a lightweight
  •   Works at high speed
  •   The reel is well designed


  •   The fishing reel is not useful for beginners


My Thoughts 

The product is affordable and has a honeycomb structure for protection. It has a smooth function and easy retrieval.

Pflueger Reel

This product is designed for beginners as well as for experts. The anglers state that this product is reliable and durable. It delivers smooth and clean operations. The product has 5 ball bearings and thus is best for big catches.


  •   Brand – Pflueger
  •   Material – Aluminium
  •   Colour – Gray
  •   Handle Material – Aluminium
  •   Item Weight – 0.82 Pounds
  •   Bearing Material – Stainless Steel


  •   The quality of the material is excellent
  •   The product is easy to use


  •   The drag system process is very slow

My thoughts 

The product is available at a pocket-friendly value. It has excellent bearing technique. 

Wata Champ Bees Fishing Reel 

The product is durable and dependable, it is one of the popular products in a fishing reel. The product has a high gear ratio of 4.3:1 and is used for large scale fishing purposes. The reel can be left and right hand changeable.


  •   Brand – Wata Champ
  •   Material – Graphite
  •   Colour – Green
  •   Bearing Material – Steel


  •   Requires low maintenance
  •   Product is made from good quality material
  •   The reel is easy to use
  •   Performance is excellent


  •   The retrieval speed is slow

My thoughts 

The company satisfies its customers and is trustable. The product functions smoothly and is suitable for family member use.

Parts of the Fishing Reel 

A fishing reel is considered to be the best if all of its parts are in good condition, accurately placed, functions properly and benefits for a long duration.

  1. The External Parts of Fishing Reel are 
  2.   Foot
  3.   Spool
  4.   Bail arm
  5.   Handle
  6.   Body
  7.   Drag
  8.   Liner roller
  9.   Anti-reverse switch
  1. The Internal Parts of Fishing Reel are 
  •   Drag system
  •   Ball-bearing
  •   Gearbox


We would love to say that the fishing activity is very interesting and enjoyable and we are here to encourage your interest by providing useful information. The article covers the best-closed face fishing reel, best-closed spinning reel and best-closed face reel for bass fishing so that you can get your feet wet in the fishing world.

Deciding what is the best closed face fishing reel might be a challenge, but after analyzing the entire article you will become a pro master in fishing reels.

The article concludes that the best-closed face fishing reel for you depends on your fishing style and skill level. The fishing reels do a spectacular job for both beginners as well as expert anglers. They are easy to access, inexpensive and easily available.

Go out, shop for the most suitable fishing reel and enjoy fishing!

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