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Can I Take An Umbrella On A Plane [2023 Guide]

So umbrellas are not essentials but optional. Yet stands important at times, depending upon the purpose of your journey. YES, absolutely yes you may proceed with your umbrella. If you are going for a journey that demands it. Most of the time try to avoid unnecessary things. Can I take an umbrella on a plane below complete information regarding that question?

Also, you might like to check it with your airlines first before packing it up. As some of the airlines do not allow umbrellas. They have certain rules for that too regarding the size and type of umbrella you can or cannot carry.

One of the basic question that will strike your brain is written below-

Why are umbrellas not allowed in airports

It is as simple as that. See,

  • They are big in size.
  • They can act as a weapon like a rod or something.
  • They have sharp ends.
  • They are not always easy to carry because of their uneven sizes.

In the cases mentioned above, your lengthy umbrella does not fit well to travel onboard. Do not be upset there is always a solution to your umbrella. These big size umbrellas are annoying anyways, try to avoid them to avoid confiscations and waste of time. They are not easy to pack, they cannot be carried with your carry on luggage too. Then another obvious question arises is-Can I Take An Umbrella On A Plane.

How do you bring an umbrella on a plane

  1. Always carry folded umbrellas. Umbrellas that can be folded to the smaller size are the best to carry. 
  2. Safe and sound they are. Easy to fit. No confiscation too as they are not edgy, not a troublemaker as well. Do not carry large folding umbrellas.
  3. Carry the small folding umbrellas and it will easily fit it in your carry on bag. 

If you still have some confusion regarding whether to carry an umbrella and when or how then Amaira’s story can also help you well. She is an avid traveller and freelance with travel agencies as a tourist guide to earning money to plan her journeys when she is not freelancing. She knows it well when to pack and when not. Here is the checklist she follows regarding umbrellas. Though she always prefers to carry an umbrella because sometimes it is hard to predict the weather. Yet a little guide from her pocket diary might help.

  • Always check the weather of your destination. Plan accordingly.
  • Avoid umbrellas if possible. Do not add it unnecessarily.
  • If necessary then carry small folding umbrellas.
  • Carry the umbrella case to ensure safety.
  • Do not put them in your checked luggage.
  • Most important, consult the airlines you are travelling with. About the size and allowance of umbrellas.
  • You can also carry a raincoat in the place of umbrellas.

Hope Amaira’s suggestions helped you and you would like to follow them as well. For safe travel with umbrellas and the happy one. However, one more thing which holds importance is the size of the umbrella. Can I Take An Umbrella On A Plane you get almost all useful information related to this query?

What size of umbrella can you take on a plane?

How do you bring an umbrella on a plane

Okay, so 20 inches umbrella is allowed in almost every flight. If you have the mentioned size umbrella better carry that but avoid the oversized umbrella than 20 inches. Below is the list provided to you about the size approved by some of the airlines across the world-

You can carry 20 to 24 inches umbrellas in the airlines listed down here with a smile on everybody’s face- Can I Take An Umbrella On A Plane here remianing information.

  •       American airlines
  •       Delta airlines
  •       Southwest airlines
  •       United airlines
  •       Alaska airlines
  •       Jet blue airlines
  •       Spirit airlines
  •       Air France
  •       Lufthansa
  •       Ryan Air
  •       British airways
  •       Wizz air*
  •       Turkish airlines

However, it is just an estimate you still need to check with the exact size limit allowance by the airlines mentioned up above here. There are also few airports that follow the rules issued by the TSA, which puts no such additional restriction on carrying an umbrella on board. They are listed down here:

  1. Atlanta Airport
  2. Beijing International Airport
  3. Dubai International Airport
  4. Los Angeles International Airport
  5. Tokyo Haneda Airport
  6. London Heathrow
  7. Hong Kong International Airport
  8. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
  9. Frankfurt Airport

Umbrellas are warmly welcomed in the Airports mentioned above. So if you are traveling to any of these destinations you can keep them with ease and avoid any kind of trouble.

 *If you are a Wizz Air traveler then you can include your umbrella in the carry on luggage. However, they have a restriction of carrying as much as less and compact luggage possible. So make sure you stand as per their policies and rules. You might like to hang out with a little small folding umbrella, don’t you?

Remember to register the guidelines in your little notebook corner lying empty in your brain. Enjoy your ride with or without an umbrella but make sure you coordinate with the airlines also. 


We provide all the useful information that you are looking for question Can I take an umbrella on a plane. You get all the information related to this query. Also, we try to give you parallel information about what size of umbrella allowed in the plane.  Although you find that something is missing then please let us know in comment section.

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