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Can You Bring Shaving Cream On The Plane? Guide To Follow In 2023

There are guidelines about “can you bring shaving cream on the plane”? Shaving cream is sprayed into your palm, and you hear a soft “whoosh” that signals the beginning of a comfortable, smooth shave. However, if you’re flying, don’t plan on bringing a standard can of your preferred brand with you. The TSA liquids rule, which also applies to aerosols, is more than double the capacity of the average-sized shaving cream on your bathroom shelf. Not to worry. When you make an adjustment with solutions that pass inspection at the TSA security screening checkpoint, you won’t be forced to travel looking unkempt and unwashed.

The answer to the question can you bring shaving cream on the plane is yes. Technically, but make sure to read the small print.

Shaving foam isn’t inherently harmful, and the majority of airport security agencies don’t have an issue with shaving cream in a carry-on. The amount itself is the problem.

Airports do not want you to bring containers, bottles, or jars with excessive amounts of liquid since these liquids might be hazardous in large quantities. The amount to keep in mind is 3.4. A 3.4oz (100ml) bottle can hold a small volume of shaving cream. So the answer to the question, can you bring shaving cream on the plane is yes but with a restricted amount? 

Contrast this with 3.4oz total. It’s the toothpaste incident, I guess. I’ll explain.

You’ve been looking forward to your family vacation all year and are, therefore really excited about your trip. All you need to do is make it through the airport. Well, there it is—the TSA checkpoint. The man at airport security is instructing you to throw your toothpaste away as you go through security.

You try to explain that there is barely enough for single usage, but he just shakes his head and gestures toward the trash can while wearing sunglasses and gelling up his hair.

Although I made up that last bit, you get the point: airport security is a pain!

Can you bring shaving cream on the plane? TSA guidelines

Is Shaving Cream Allowed In Carry-On Baggage

There are no TSA restrictions on packing a full-size aerosol can of shaving cream in your checked luggage. However, the aerosol in your carry-on must adhere to the 3-1-1 rule, which is another useful name for the TSA liquids restriction. The aerosol container may hold a maximum of 100 milliliters or 3.4 ounces. Small, travel-size cans made by a number of foaming shaving cream producers are sold at well-known stores and online.

Non-aerosol shaving gels, aftershave lotions, liquids, and balms all have a 3.4-ounce maximum. Put the necessary quantity in a small plastic container with a flip-top or screw-on closure if your preferred brand isn’t offered in suitable travel-size containers. For your travel toiletries, you can either purchase travel-size containers or reuse old pill bottles or other small containers.

How to pack shaving cream

The 3-1-1 rule stipulates that all liquids, lotions, gels, and creams in your carry-on must be contained in a 1-quart plastic bag in addition to capacity limitations. You’re only permitted one bag, so everything that counts as a liquid, including your shaving supplies, toothpaste, and shampoo, must fit within. To make it simple to remove the plastic bag for inspection at the TSA security checkpoint, always place it on top of your carry-on.

The following are clever solutions to the carry-on baggage restrictions, particularly if your 1-quart bag becomes too full to seal:

Use a brush and a firm shaving soap bar to create a frothy lather before shaving. Both don’t need to be placed in the plastic bag after usage because they can be fully dried.

Save the sample packets of aftershave that are distributed in various lifestyle magazines and the men’s toiletry area of department stores. When traveling, the compact, space-saving packets can be thrown away after use.

Use the limitations as a good justification for not shaving at all. Even while going to Chicago for business meetings might not be an option, skiing in Utah or surfing in Kauai are exciting alternatives.

TSA regulations are in place to protect your safety and security when flying. Avoid attempting to avoid them, as doing so may result in delays and fines. Instead, make use of savvy planning and packing to travel with style.

Is Shaving Cream Allowed In Carry-On Baggage?

Shaving cream, shaving foam, shaving oil, shaving butter, and shaving gel are all regarded by the TSA as liquids.

As you are aware, there are limitations on carrying liquids on a flight.

Any material that can be spread, smeared, sprayed, pumped, squeezed, or spilled must adhere to the TSA liquids regulation in carry-on luggage.

This signifies that the container can only hold 3.4 oz. or less (100 ml). Also, shaving cream must be included in the quart-size liquids bag.

Shaving Cream Allowed in Checked Baggage?

Shaving cream is acceptable in checked baggage.

Shaving cream is allowed since it is considered toiletry, whereas aerosols are frequently prohibited from checked baggage.

But there is a size restriction. Shaving cream containers larger than 18 ounces are not permitted. You won’t have to worry about that because standard shaving cream comes in 7 oz cans!

Reasons Not To Bring Shaving Cream On A Plane

As was already mentioned, shaving oil will take up the least amount of room in your toiletries bag if you’re going to include a liquid shaving cream.

There is another choice that you may not have considered.

Shaving soap bars do not require to be placed within the toiletries bag because they are solid and do not violate the TSA liquids regulation.

The ideal choice for long-term travelers is solid shaving soap and a portable soap dish.

Shaving soap can be used for six months from one bar.

You won’t have to worry about any TSA limits and can just throw it anywhere in your bag.

You also get to utilize a traditional shaving brush!


Shaving cream can be brought on an airplane, but the TSA considers it to be a liquid, so carry-on packages should be no larger than 3.4 ounces.

It is acceptable to include shaving cream in checked bags, but it must be in containers that are smaller than 18 oz.


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