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Can You Take Toothpaste On A Plane

Can you take toothpaste on a plane? Definitely, yes! Toothpaste is the most essential part of our daily lives. Toothpaste makes that smile glow brighter every-day. We want that freshness for all day long and toothpaste does it all. We love to keep our oral hygiene. Nobody would compromise over oral hygiene, then why to compromise while traveling by plane? So don’t worry we are here to help you answer can you take toothpaste on a plane?

What if you don’t get time to buy your favorite toothpaste in your destination place? You might not find that exquisitely flavored toothpaste in the stores there. And now you are thinking of taking it with you. So, can you take toothpaste on a plane? Let’s discuss further.

Can you take toothpaste on a plane in carry-on bags?

Yes, you can. Imagine if you have too many lay-overs during your entire journey, you would want your mouth to feel fresh and smell fresh. Then why not take your toothpaste in your handbag or purse? Don’t worry, TSA allows travelers to carry your favorite flavored toothpaste in your carry-on bags. Now coming to a precautionary point, you would think about the ounces of toothpaste you are allowed to carry. Let us clear it.

Toothpaste comes under liquid and gel products classification given by the TSA. There are special 3-1-1 liquid rules to be followed if you are taking toothpaste in carry-on bags. If you ask any TSA officer how many ounces of toothpaste you can take on a plane, they would generally reply 3.4oz/ 100ml. Toothpaste quantity more than 3.4oz/ 100ml would not be allowed and can be confiscated. So check your toothpaste quantity before putting them in your bag. 

Can you take more than one toothpaste tube in your carry-on? Yes, you can until and unless they are in limits of 3.4oz/100ml. But it is advisable to carry only what is required in the journey. It will make your journey hassle-free.

Can you take toothpaste on a plane in checked baggage?

Imagine you are traveling to a country with a one month stay in that country. So you are planning to take more quantity of toothpaste with you. The TSA has allowed passengers to take toothpaste in checked baggage. The authorities have no issue if you carry your favorite toothpaste in your checked bags.

Now you would think what size toothpaste can you take on a plane? You can keep your full tube toothpaste along with your other stuff in your checked bags. There is no such limit over quantity of the toothpaste you are bringing it in checked bags. So, if someone asks Can you take toothpaste on a plane in checked baggage? Do tell them without hesitating that they can!

Can You Take Toothpaste On A Plane in carry-on bags

Can you take prescribed toothpaste on a plane?

There could be some of you having gum problems or cavity issues. Some might have gone through dental surgeries or some might just have bad breath. Dentists recommend us certain toothpaste and we certainly should follow the prescribed toothpaste. For all those having dental issues, do not worry. You can bring your doctor’s prescribed toothpaste. For avoiding any issue at the checkpoint do carry the prescription note or a letter from a doctor regarding the medical necessity for carrying the toothpaste. 

If you are carrying it in a carry-on bag then ask your doctor for a 3.4oz/100 ml toothpaste tube. If you are carrying it in your checked-in bag then there is no limit. You can freely bring in full-sized toothpaste. Never compromise on your dental hygiene. 

If you are still unsure about what is to be done, there are special check-in lines for people who need medical assistance or are medically ill. You can inquire about your prescribed toothpaste with the officer there.

Now you know everything about can you take toothpaste on a plane? Let’s discuss another essential toiletry that most of us love. It’s our beloved Shampoo!

Can you take shampoo on a plane?

The secret of shiny and long hair is your shampoo. Of course, no one would keep it aside while traveling. You would always want to flaunt that hair be it be on a vacation or some program you wish to attend. Caring for your hair is the ultimate goal and we want you to care more during your travel. 

So, can you take shampoo on a plane? Certainly, you can! If you are having lay-overs or going for small vacays, then put your favorite shampoos in your carry-on bags. Just keep in mind that the container must be 3.4oz/100ml only. You even get travel-size shampoos in the general stores. Carrying them instead of full size would be better.

If you want to keep a full-size bottle of shampoo and conditioner then put them in checked-in bags to avoid confiscation. Checked in a bag is always the best option if you want to travel with more quantity of shampoos, conditioners, and toothpaste. There are certain guidelines to be followed for packing your shampoos. Do check out tips for carrying shampoo

Tips for carrying Toothpaste Tube

Things to keep in mind while carrying toothpaste in carry-on bags.

  1. The toothpaste tube is 3.4oz/100 ml or less.
  2. Transfer full tube toothpaste in smaller containers of 3.4oz.
  3. Toothpaste tube has to be put in 1 single-quart plastic bag (this is mandatory). 
  4. This plastic bag should be a zip-closed see-through bag and should be removed from the carry-on bag for inspection.
  5. Only 1 plastic bag is allowed per person. Hence do not bring many plastic bags with all your toiletries in it.
  6. You are not allowed to take the full tube with little leftover paste in it. So we suggest you buy a travel size toothpaste tube.
  7. You can use refillable toothpaste tubes.
  8. You can carry toothpaste tablets. 
  9. Try to get an unopened tube so that there won’t be any risk of spreading or spoilage.
  10. Do not add too many products in your plastic bag. It must be easy to check and carry.

Tips for carrying Shampoo

Things to keep in mind while carrying shampoo/ conditioner in carry-on bags.

  1. Shampoo/conditioner must be in a container of 3.4oz/100ml or less.
  2. Put the shampoo in a 1-quart plastic bag along with other toiletries.
  3. Try to bring travel-size shampoos.
  4. Tightly close the lid of the bottle or prefer a new/ unopened bottle to avoid spillage.
  5. Do not bring too many shampoos. They can get confiscated by the authorities.
  6. You can opt for a dry shampoo that can be carried in 3.4oz limits only.  
  7. Put your full-sized bottle in the checked-in bag.


In this article we answered your question; can you take toothpaste on a plane? And it is of course yes. You can keep your oral hygiene intact and have a fresh smile while traveling.

Also for those who have dental issues, you don’t have to worry. You can freely carry your prescribed toothpaste but do carry the doctor’s letter.

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It is great to know that the TSA has allowed shampoo and conditioner in carry-on as well as checked-in bags. So flaunt your hair in confidence and enjoy your journey. If you have any queries about this article, do comment below. We are here to help you happily. Thank you and visit again.

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