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Can You Take Perfume On A Plane In 2023

Can you take perfume on a plane? It’s absolutely a Yes! An incredible invention of Man is the invention of perfumes and deodorants. Some keep it sweet; some like sour, going through a flight? Can you live without it for an hour? It’s pretty obvious that you would want your favorite perfume with you throughout the journey. You really don’t want to get stinky and sweaty by the time you reach your destination. 

If you have your meeting just after your arrival or you are going on a summer vacation, you probably don’t want to leave behind your perfumes and lotions. But as usual, you would ask, can you take perfume on a plane? Yeah, you can. Here we are again to help you and answer your questions. Read more to know more. 

Can you take perfume on a plane?

By all means, you can take your favorite perfume with you in your hand luggage. But hey! You can take only up to 3.4oz/ 100 ml or less than that in 1 single quart plastic bag. It is advisable to put the perfumes in a zip-close plastic bag. Liquids, gels, and aerosols that are more than 3.4oz or 100 ml are not permitted under 3-1-1 TSA guidelines on liquids and would not be allowed through the checkpoint. Now you know how many ml of perfumes can you take on a plane!

Let me tell you how TSA describes liquid and gel products. If any of your items are bound to be spilled, sprayed, pumped or poured, then it is considered as a liquid, gel, or aerosol. 

Can you take perfume on a plane in checked-in bags?

As you have seen, there are restrictions for the quantity of perfume in carry-on bags. But here’s good news. You can surely take your perfume in checked-in bags. Can you take large amounts of perfume on a plane? YES! Do not worry about the quantity; you can carry large amounts of it. The sky is the limit. 

Can you take glass perfume bottles on a plane?

You surely can take perfume bottles on a plane. If you are carrying it in carry-on bags then make sure, the bottles are smaller in size with the amount of liquid written on it. It should also be less than 3.4oz/100ml. Also, try to pack it the way it won’t break or spoil your other bag materials. Keep your souvenir safe. For package tips, read more.

For large bottles of perfumes, it is mandatory to put them in checked-in bags. This is required because you won’t be allowed to bring those huge bottles in carry-on luggage. TSA authorities might seize them and you don’t want it to happen. So please pack them safely and keep them in checked-in luggage. Here we answer can you take perfume on a plane? Now let’s find out the ways you can carry the perfume safely.

Can you take perfume on a plane in hand luggage

How to pack a perfume bottle?

You have got answers of can you take perfume on a plane? Now, you are wondering how to safely put that awesome smelling perfume rightly, so that you can spray it on anytime. Here are some tips on how to pack a perfume bottle?

If you are carrying the perfume in a carry-on bag, then 

  1. Put them safely in containers of up to 3.4 ounces. These containers could be glass bottles or plastic bottles. 
  2. Place these containers in a single 1-quart plastic bag.
  3. Try to bring only a few containers in the plastic bag in order to avoid rechecking of your bag by the authorities. Let’s not make it clumsy.
  4. One person must bring only one plastic bag in their carry-on luggage.
  5. It should be kept in such a way that it is feasible for you to take it out for screening.

As said above, TSA has no such limits of quantity for checked-in bags. You can carry full-size bottles in checked in. 

  1. While placing glass bottles in your suitcase wrap them in bubble sheets or give them a cushioning of a thick cloth so that they don’t break.
  2. Place them in the middle of your clothes or books where they won’t move easily.
  3. Check the lids of the glass before placing them. Tightly pack the lids.
  4. If possible go completely nonglass. Get stick perfumes.

These tips can be used in order to safely carry your perfumes.

Till now you have got all the answers regarding can you bring perfume on the plane? Next time if you’re on summer vacation with family, carry your favorite perfumes to avoid that sweaty smell and feel that freshness till the destination. Just flaunt your Eau de cologne and enjoy your journey.

Now let’s talk more about other stuff you would want to carry. What if you are fond of deodorants rather than perfumes? So can you take deodorants on a plane? Let us answer your questions. 

 Can you take deodorants on a plane?

These days, we talk more about Deodorants. Deos is very portable. You can definitely take deodorants on the plane. So there are three types of deodorants- aerosol, spray and stick deodorants. If you are carrying aerosol deodorant, spray deodorant, gel, and roll-ons then make sure you adhere to 3-1-1 liquid guidelines of TSA that allow only 3.4 ounces/ 100 ml of deodorants in a carry-on. Toiletry-type aerosols placed in checked bags must not exceed 70 oz. (68 fl. oz.) total and each container must be 18 oz. (16 fl. oz.) or less. 

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Stick and solid deodorants are allowed in any sizes. Just check that it doesn’t get clumsy in your bag. You are free to carry stick deodorants as much as you want. All the spray and aerosol Deos can go into those checked-in bags without any restrictions. So pick up those deos and unravel the paths.

Can you take lotion on a plane?

To all the body lotion lovers, you can bring those fragrant body lotions on a plane. Yes, you hear me right!! The bottled lotion of 3.4oz/ 100 ml is absolutely okay to carry in your hand luggage. And nobody would ask how much you carry in your checked-in bags. Yeah as I said, the sky is the limit for checked-in bags.

If you are traveling in summer, do take your sunscreen and suntan lotion as well. All the rules applied to body lotions are applied to sunscreen lotions as well. Sunscreen lotion is a must to protect you from sun rays. Don’t hesitate and bring that favorite sunscreen lotion along with you. Don’t forget to put them in the zip-close single quart plastic bags along with deo/perfume! So you got your answer to can you take a lotion on a plane?


Perfumes, lotions, and deodorants are very essential. The authorities have made it easier for us to carry them for our comfort. Let us just stick to their rules and enjoy those sunny vacations. Put that perfume on and attend your meeting just after your arrival. To all the ladies, flaunt that Eau de cologne and mesmerize everyone with the fragrance.

To all the gentlemen, put up your Deos and refresh yourself. Oh, wait! Just don’t make another person uncomfortable by putting on too much. Jokes apart, I hope you have got all the answers regarding can you take perfume on a plane? If you have any doubts, ask us in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates and enjoy your journey.

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