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How much Does It Cost to Mail a Postcard ? A Complete Guide

POSTCARD:- A great way to express your thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas is to send a ‘POSTCARD.’ Postcards are as versatile as your imagination. All your creativity, ideas, visions can be displayed on a postcard. Any business idea can be converted into a postcard. In this article we will find out How much Does It Cost to Mail a Postcard, with detailed information on postage rates and envelope cost.

The Dictionary defines Postcards as Follows –

  • A card on which a message is written for mailing, where envelope can be used or not, and on which sender must affix a stamp
  • A postcard is a piece of thin card, often with a picture or photograph on one side, which you can write on and send to people by affixing a stamp.

According to US units, it weighs an average of 39 lb to 105 lb, and as per Indian units, it weighs around 145 gsm to 390 gsm.
Postcards are 6 inches long with 4.25 inches high by 0.16 inches thick on a standard basis.

how much to mail a postcard

Creating Postcard –

If you are part of the ‘Do It Yourself’ house, you can design your Postcard rather than buying it in readymade form.

Steps to create a postcard are as follows –

  • Choose your favorite postcard template
  • Upload your photos, graphics, logos, figures, texts, or any other elements
  • Upload the main text to your Postcard
  • Customize colors, shapes, font style
  • Download the ready Postcard
  • Print it as per your required size
  • After printing, add any extra artwork if required
  • Finally, your DIY postcard is ready to send

How to address a postcard –

  • The detailing of the Postcard should be done as follows –
  • Use the back of the Postcard to address the recipient.
  • Write the recipient’s address on the right-hand side of the Postcard.
  • Address the person you are sending your card to; on the left side of a postcard, you can use words like hello, dear, respected.
  • Write the date
  • Write your handwritten letter or message.
  • Sign your Postcard
  • Add a stamp
  • Post by using online mode or offline mode

Postcard Stamps –

A stamp is a small piece of paper of specified value issued by the Post Office. It has to be affixed on a postcard to indicate the amount of postage paid. The stamp goes in the upper right corner of the Postcard near the recipient’s mailing address. One stamp is enough for one Postcard.
Postcard Stamps are available for purchase in sheets of 20 containing 100 stamps.
As per US units, stamps cost around $ 0.35
As per Indian units, stamps rage between 2 to 5

Based on the reply system, postcards can be classified as follows –

* Single Postcard –
No reply is required from the recipient.
* Reply Postcard –
The reply is expected or, by default, required from the recipient.
In the case of reply postcards, a return address is required; you should write the return address in the upper left-hand corner of your Postcard. No return address is required in a single postcard.

Variations –

Different varieties of elements can be used on postcards –

Photo Postcard –

A layer of continuous tone photographic image can be printed on postcards. One or more images can be affixed to it. The photos can be printed initially on them, or you can print them off your own choice.

Digital Postcard –

This Postcard is similar to a regular postcard, but it comes in digital format. These postcards can be distributed through emails, text, and social media. Video postcard is one of the types of digital Postcard. This is a step towards modern technology with old roots.

Other Elements Postcard –

This Postcard contains graphics, drawings, stickers, graphs, figures, headlines. This helps in branding and is generally used by business organizations. These elements are considered powerful and have a significant impact on users.

Standard Postcard Size and Cost –

The first step while creating a postcard is to decide which size is right for your work. Considering the information you want to include in the Postcard will help you choose the correct Postcard.
Standard Size –
4 * 6
4.25 * 5.5
4.25 * 6

Bigger size –
5 * 7
5.5 * 8.5
6 * 9
11 * 6

How much does it cost to mail a postcard?

After reading the above article, all you beautiful readers might be excited to mail a postcard, but how much to mail a postcard?
The solution for this will be explained in further article –
Standard size postcard qualifies at first-class mailing with an average cost
Bigger size postcard qualifies at letter pricing which is equal to normal cost plus additional cost
On average 50 paisa postcards cost Rs. 7 to mail
Inland print of postcard cost between ranges of 0.75 paise to Rs. 1, envelope charges Rs. 1 or Rs. 2 and registration of letter ranges from Rs. 7 to Rs. 10
After considering the relevant postage and stamp charges, the total cost may be around Rs. 25 to Rs. 30.

How much to mail a postcard in the United States?

The standard size in the US is considered as A6, which is equivalent to 5.8 * 4.2 (14.8cm * 10.5 cm), and the cost for the same begins from $ 0.35
Cost for bigger size postcard runs at normal cost plus $ 0.20
As per recent reports, the normal cost and additional cost for mailing a postcard differ from country to country. As per their rules and requirements, every country has set the cost for mailing.

How much is to mail a 5 * 7 postcard?

As mentioned before, the cost of mailing depends on the size and shape of the Postcard. The price for every Postcard varies, but the larger-sized postcards are on average $ 0.20 more expensive per piece than the standard size.
Here cost to mail 5 * 7 postcards runs at normal price plus $ 0.20

Cost for different size postcards –

Regular Postcard –
Runs at $ 0.52 cost with first-class mailing

Jumbo Postcard –
Runs at $ 0.68 cost with first-class mailing and letter pricing

Block Postcard –
Runs at $ 0.70 cost with first-class mailing and letter pricing

Panoramic Postcard –
Runs at $ 0.75 cost with first-class mailing and letter pricing

Giant Postcard –
Runs at $ 0.81 cost with first-class mailing and letter pricing

What can be shared on Postcard?

  • Following things can be added on a postcard –
    Business Idea
  • Advertisements
  • Offer or sale
  • Travel notes
  • City you have visited
  • Any recipe
  • Weather
  • Share story or any fun facts
  • Marketing campaign
  • Announcement of new products or services
  • Invitation to tradeshow
  • Seminar or event details
  • Drive traffics of a website
  • Serve as a coupon

Benefits of Postcard –

  • Coefficient
  • Extremely personal
  • High impact
  • Measurable
  • High readership
  • Versatile
  • Tangible
  • Marketing weapon
  • Easy to track

Conclusion –

Using postcards, you can promote business, get the word about events, symbolize passion, express fondness or enjoyment, and share illuminations.
If you want to maintain a classic essence and warmth, sending a postcard to family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, customers, or any other person is a sweet gesture.


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