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How to Keep the Luggage Dry in a Truck Bed? A Complete Guide

We all feel the need to travel! Traveling is the best way to procure happiness. You may feel the need to head cross country for a family vacation. It’s worth making a quick trip plan. 

An open bed is fine for many people, especially those who do not take their trucks on road trips or use the space for luggage. If you are wondering how to keep the luggage dry in a truck bed, then here is a perfect article for you! We advise you to go through the article thoroughly. 

A family trip is the best thing to happen! If you are planning a family trip where you need multiple bags for multiple people, it is not usually an option to put everything in the backseat. Some trucks are pretty big and roomy in the cab, but no car can take multiple suitcases or everything else you take along with you on vacation! Your family members, too, will be there in the cab; it’s just not feasible. 

How to Keep the Luggage Dry in a Truck Bed follow these best options:

How to Keep the Luggage Dry in a Truck Bed

1. A Tonneau Cover

This is an inexpensive cover (if you buy the right soft bed cover); it will surely keep your stuff dry. It also makes your truck look cool. Using this, you can safely put groceries and luggage in the bed of the car! Protective truck bed covers called tonneau covers are designed to custom fit your truck’s specifications. They ensure a dry and safe ride for your cargo! They are available in a variety of styles. This makes it challenging to choose the best cover that will go with your truck or best suit your truck. We suggest you be sure, take your time, research the perfect body that not only suits your vehicle but suits your budget as well! 

2. A waterproof truck bed cargo bag

Here comes another solid option for you! It is a durable, waterproof large, zippable bag that goes in your bed. There are a few advantages of having this over a bed cover. It rolls up for easy storage when not in use; it generally costs a little less. It takes up only a portion of your bed space. Truck Bags are crafted out of non-breathable PVC, which is heavy-duty and water repellent. The bag’s seams are sealed tight through a process of heat fusion and epoxy.

This provides maximum protection against the elements. The bags are lightweight and can be rolled up to stow when not used. This makes them an ideal accessory to have on the go or if your truck’s space is limited. Truck cargo bags provide an excellent option to keep the luggage dry or anything else you need to protect from the elements. 

3. Tarps, Contractor bags, Storage bins

We recommend the above ones, especially the tonneau option. Get an old Tarp; most of us have one lying around! You can purchase it if you don’t have one as it is pretty cheap. Find some bungees and get to work wrapping your luggage up in a neat little package or just covering your truck bed with the tarp and strapping it down tight. This is a quick way to save your luggage from the elements on the trip if you are in a pinch, but make sure it will look like crap! 

When working last minute or on a limited budget, contractor trash bags (and some resourceful use of duct tape) can provide a durable, single-use solution to keep the luggage dry. These heavy-duty bags are made out of 3mm polyethylene. At most local hardware stores, you can find them! Before hitting the open road, be sure to secure and seal your bags tightly.

After tightly sealing one bag, cover with a second bag in the opposing direction to provide a dual-barrier against leakage. Ensure the first bag’s tape side faces the bottom of the second bag to ensure each end of the luggage is protected by one enclosed bag and one taped end. 

Extra-large storage bins are a decent option if you can get storage bins big enough to fit your luggage in! 

4. Make a Truck Bed Riser

Protecting your luggage from the above rain, you also want to keep it elevated above water that will collect and pool within the truck bed itself. For this purpose, wooden shipping pallets work pretty well. If you cannot get a hold of one, cut a few pieces of 2×4 to length. You can stack your luggage on top and space them evenly across the bed. This will create a riser for your bags and help protect them from any water sloshing around in the truck bed. 

5. The Old Tarp and Bungee Method

For quick payment and securing your payload, the tarp and Bungee solution can prove to be reasonably practical. It would help if you tried starting with two large tarps placed on top of each other and laid flat on the bed. Fold all four sides of the top tarp up to cover the contents, and load your luggage into the center. Fasten the first tarp ends with bungee cords or strong rope.

Take your bundle roll into the second tarp, which looks much like a burrito. To provide the most watertight defense against snow or rain, tightly bind the tarp. To prevent leakage, seal the ends of your package with duct tape. A tarp makes an excellent supplement to the contractor bag method mentioned above! 

Wrap up

This is the last thing which has to be chosen by you! You have to decide what is best for you. Quality truck bed covers or tonneau covers can be bought for so cheap! If you do not have the money for one, then save up because it is just the best option. We hope that this will be helpful for you to keep your luggage dry and nice in the bed of your truck.

Here are some of the options we have provided you, which will help you in keeping your stuff dry at all times while travelling, despite how harsh the weather is outside. Thus, the answer to your question of how to keep the luggage dry in a truck bed has been discussed in detail! We hope that these tips will benefit your adventures on the open road. 

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