A Guide To Know Umpqua Hot Springs In 2023

One reason I always go back to nature is that without uttering a single word it says so much. Take for example water, it is the best traveler because when it travels it becomes the path itself.

Umpqua hot springs are geothermal springs located along the North Umpqua river in the U.S. the state of Oregon. Its stated in the wild environment and the best part is it isn’t manned so it is nice. Hot springs draw the attention of hikers as well.

It is a short hike but kinda steep for those who have time with elevation. There is no cost to attend this epic Umpqua hot springs and it is not maintained by anyone but the mother earth itself.

Umpqua Hot Springs Oregon

The temperature of the water of the hot springs gets colder from top to the bottom which means the pools at the top are warmest and as we see other pools one below other they get cooler and cooler. The range of the top pool is 105-100 and the bottom range is 97-80.

Umpqua hot spring holds the sharing concept, as you share it with your friends, family or the other people enjoying the pool water. The water here has some kina natures smell which is obviously pleasant and bearable. The road to the Umpqua fall is very rocky and rooty, also the way leading to the trail is closed till spring.

Season All(access road closed during winter)
Elevation 2,600 ft
Fee $5 or Northwest Forest Pass
Type Roadside/Hike

How to get to Umpqua Hot Springs

From Roseburg travel to east along Highway 138 then turn to the north onto Road 34, AKA the west entrance to Toketee Ranger Station. At the bottom of the hill turn left across the two concrete bridges.

Go through 2.2 miles and turn right side onto Forest Road 3401. Follow another 0.7 miles to a parking area on the left side. Now cross the footbridge over the North Umpqua River to the trail. Then at the Last turn right, go through 0.1 miles to reach the location.

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Now turn to the right and start to tracking a steep trail for 0.2 miles. At the next fork turn right side and climb a narrow trail for 0.2 miles. At the last, take the path leading uphill and to the left. Find the shelter.

Some Important Tips For You  

  1. Whatever you take in along with you, get them out as well.
  2. Camps at campground only.
  3. Get good quality of shoes for hiking.
  4. Be respectful to other visitors.
  5. Bring a garbage bag for your trash.
  6.  Ensure the capacity of the hot spring.
  7.  Follow the hot springs etiquette


The weather at Umpqua hot springs is 8*F/-2*C it is cloudy. The humidity level is 90 % and precip  0%. wind speed is 2 Km /hr. the water clarity of glass shaped pool is little murky also the temperature of the pools differs from top to bottom, the top-level pools are warmer and bottom ones are cooler. The elevation is 2600 ft.

Umpqua Hot Springs Oregon

If you ever visit southern Oregon, you must visit the most loved Umpqua hot spring in the state. Its the collection of the geothermal pools which settle right on the edge of a rock face.  Many of them mention this hot springs in their must-do bucket list, as it refreshes and re-energizes the person’s soul in a true sense.

Distance From Nearby Cities

  • Distance from Bend to Oregon is 121 miles.
  • Distance from Eugene to Oregon is 232 miles.
  • Distance from Portland to Oregon is 282 miles.

Umpqua Hot Springs Camping

Southern Oregon’s main natural attraction is ever so popular hot springs, it is located in the center of Umpqua national forest. The hot springs are open to hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riding at the 79-mile North Umpqua trail day visitors like friends and family can also access the springs via a 0.3-mile trail from the day-use parking space. A hot bath do so much to our body and soul it makes your body relaxed and fresh.

Umpqua Hot Springs Camping

The feeling of soaking your entire body in the natural which is surrounded by greenery is so mesmerizing. As campers it’s our duty to maintain the place the same way as the mother earth has gifted us, responsible camping is much needed in today’s hectic modern world. By doing this we assure you that we and our loved ones can enjoy the natural place.


So, it is done and dusted; I completed every kind of information that you can ask about it. In case you have any queries that can fit with this hot spring and its experience, then please ask about that in the comment section because I want to deliver the best data to the people. 

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