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Why Students Choose to Live a Life of Travel and Education

Traveling at any stage of life is an enriching experience. When you’re a young student, it can make even more of an impact because you still have so much growth potential. You can grow as a person and become more of a global thinker. You will learn about different cultures, have new experiences, develop your communication skills and meet new friends. Here are some benefits of traveling for students and why it can be such a life-changing experience.

You experience personal growth

Travel and education are both important when you’re young because you are constantly changing and evolving. Travel can open your eyes and expose you to new cultures, languages and fresh experiences. When you travel, what you do, and the people you meet can help to transform you. You will face challenges as you move out of your comfort zones. You need to find accommodation, meals and ways to travel. This can actively play a role in building your character. 

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The world becomes your classroom

When you study and travel, the world becomes your classroom. You can put what you learn into practice. For example, studying a new language and conversing with native speakers is the best way to learn. Learning through travel can help you to understand the world’s most pressing global issues. 

When you learn about political systems from books, it’s very different from seeing how they operate in real life. You will get more understanding by talking to people who live under them. 

As a history student, you can immerse yourself in the past when you travel. You can visit museums, temples, cathedrals, and medieval cities. This can teach you more about history than you can learn from books alone. 

If you’re a law student, it will be interesting for you to see how the law operates in different countries. You may develop more appreciation for the legal systems in your own country or realize that they are lacking. 

You become more socially aware

Exposure to different people and their lifestyles makes you more socially aware. You may have to talk to strangers when you try to navigate through a new city. If you don’t speak their language, you need to pay attention to their body language and non-verbal cues when asking for directions. 

You will start to understand more about the ways different cultures communicate when you travel. In some cultures, people tend to speak loudly and use hand gestures. This doesn’t mean they are angry or upset – it’s their normal communication style. Some cultures, like the British, are far more reserved than others. Once you realize this, you aren’t put off by the fact that they won’t spontaneously hug you or easily talk about emotions. 

You may have to deal with difficult emotions, such as homesickness and anxiety, when you travel. This can make you more resilient and help you to develop more appreciation for family and friends. 

It can help you with a future career

Traveling gives you the opportunity to experience much more of the world. This can influence your career choices. For example, you may discover a passion that you could turn into a career. Sampling the food of many different cultures could make you decide to be a chef. 

When you study from abroad, it shows future employers that you can handle different environments and take the initiative. Intercultural communication, adaptability, and problem-solving are some of the skills you gain while traveling. These are skills that any future employer will appreciate. They are much in demand today due to globalization. For example, knowing a foreign language could just land you a great job. In a connected world, open-mindedness and knowledge of another culture is a boon. 

You can also expand your network by traveling. You may form connections that can help you with future job opportunities. 


Education and travel go hand in hand. What you can’t learn from books, you can learn by making the world your classroom. Travel can help you to grow as a person because it forces you to move out of your comfort zones. You will tend to stretch yourself socially, try out activities you wouldn’t try at home, and develop a more enriching life. You may even discover a passion that leads to a future career. 

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